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Author Topic: Mega Recovery  (Read 4205 times)


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Mega Recovery
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
High Performance
- Coverstock: F75 Reactive (AMF uses a numeric rating system designed to differentiate our coverstock strengths. F10 least aggressive - F90 most aggressive. Note: Core dynamics must be taken into account with shell strength when selecting equipment.)
- Ball Color:Orange/Black All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Finish: 1000 Abralon
- RG Average: 2.45 (Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.8 Very low-High Break Point
- RG Differential: 0.054 (Medium) on a scale of .000-.080 Low-High Flare
- Recommended Lane Conditions: Heavy Oil
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- Description: Mega Recovery is the first extension to the popular Mega line and provides a cleaner look through the front of the lane, while providing the overall aggressiveness you’ve come to expect from the Mega line.


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Re: Mega Recovery
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2010, 10:26:29 AM »
Ball spec's 15.2 2" pin 2.7 top
My profile: speed 14-16mph, power stroker rt hand.

Lane surface, wood, overlays and synthetic.

Drilling: 5" from PAP, box, 2000 abralon, 4000 abralon

The AMF MEGA Recovery - where do we start here?!  Just an awesomely aggressive ball!  They took the 6% particle out of the MEGA Friction and here's what you get - lots of hook, lots of continuation and lots of strikes!  Drilled it over the label 5" from PAP, no hole.  It was a shorter pin and label stuff stores more energy for me.  Tried it at box and I'd need a flood to use it in this condition.  If you're looking for that oil ball this is it in this state.  Now took it to 2000 and I could use it on fresh.  Here's where I saw - just a real continuous monster!  Just revs and charges.  Not a skid/flip but all the hook you need.  Carry is excellent.  Ball is excellent!  Tried it at 4000 abralon and saw even better reaction for my style.  More skid up front, I could go straighter and saw a more flip reaction off the dry.  The best thing about this ball is you see no roll-out/flat 10 reaction on shots missed right of target - it will just keep coming.  I can get deep and let it go on medium's and I can square up on heavy.  Both ways it just keeps coming!

290's a 300 numerous 770, 780's and a 790 so far with this gem.  I imagine polished you'd open this ball up to more drier conditions.  This is a winner - worth a look, put it in your bag!

Joe Arvai
900 Global Amateur Staff


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Re: Mega Recovery
« Reply #2 on: March 19, 2010, 09:24:54 AM »
i have done only a few reviews so bare with me. Drilled with a 4 inch pin ,ended up being right and up from ring finger,pin in ball. I am a slower speed minimum rev player that was disgruntled about some purchases i had made so i decided to try amf. I was looking for something to handle a ths shots,that for some reason,I cant find anything to move on. I purchased a mission and a mutant before i bought this piece.
    This ball is a good 10 boards stronger than my mission,not as strong as the mutant ,but more versatile. The ball will give you recovery and forgiveness,without expending much effort. Clean thru the heads with amazing recovery and carry. This has become my first game ball on the house shot. If you are struggling getting something to read the midlane and finish strong in oil,that will allow to move as the lanes change and recover this might be worth a try.
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Re: Mega Recovery
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2010, 08:20:44 AM »
May 2010 Review

Layout: 70°x4.5"x42°
Surface: 1000

Another great piece from AMF, a strong, predictable, smooth rolling rock. Able to handle the med/med heavy conditions. The Mega Recovery is drilled weaker than my other heavy pieces, was trying to get a very different roll on the ball. It reminds me of a strong hooking urethane, very smooth and predictable. The Mega doesn't overreact like some strong balls. Really clean through the heads and strong rolly motion to the pocket. I haven't changed the surface on it so don't know how it will handle surface changes. I did notice that the hard Anvilane surface does "shine" up the surface of the Mega Recovery more than it does other balls. After 3 games it gives it a very clean sheen to it. Overall, a very good pill from AMF.


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Re: Mega Recovery
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2011, 01:45:11 PM »




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):







 I used my Mega Recovery for the 4th game so far and the ball does hook just as the comments claim. I was bowling on Med/Oily lanes and I was throwing the ball out to the 8 board  and my left foot was 3 boards to the left of center and the ball came back to the pocket every time. I throw between 15-16 mph. My ball is drilled with the pin 1" to the right of my ring finger and at the bottom edge of the finger hole. When the ball hits a dry part of the lane if I miss my mark the ball will take off to the left so you need to be conscious of it's ability. I've tried it on heavily oiled lanes and the ball needs to be thrown straight down the first arrow to come back. I don't have the wrist strength to throw the ball cross lane and hope for a good return but the line I play works well for me. Overall the ball is a winner for me.