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Author Topic: Cure (Read 5212 times)


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on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
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A completely redesigned weight block features an inverted tri-stack design with 4" flip blocks on top and bottom for tremendous flare potential (7" plus), surrounding the weight block is a light density 7 1/2" core lowering the RG (2.47) and increasing the rev rate, providing increased read in the mid-lane and dynamic backend power.
Encompassing the core is the new EGT (Enhanced Gripping Technology) particle coverstock for increased traction in the heaviest oil. The surface of the EGT coverstock can be easily adjusted with polishes, sandpaper or Scotchbrite for a specfic reaction on most lane surfaces.


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Re: Cure
Reply #1 on: January 01, 2002, 01:11:39 PM
*Another Great Ball from Dynothane/Storm Ball Company!

The Cure is your answer to Heavy Oil!!! The New EGT cover stock
is very friendly and yet Powerful!!! It will cut threw the oil with No
Problem and yet it maintains good energy for a great Hit and Carry!

The ball also features a New Modified TRI-Stack weight block design
with power ball technology. The Cure Hit's with authority!

We drilled Our ball with 4X4 pin and no weight hole.

The ball is TOO strong of cover unless you have a good amount of lane
oil to get it to the pocket. We were able to play deep inside and
still turn the corner with this one and get back to the pocket.

The ball explodes the pins on impact! Tremendous Carry!!!
The Cover is also very friendly and shines up nice!

Those of you who bowl on Plastic Lanes will love this ball!
Very strong yet friendly! And able to get threw the heavest of Oil!

We highly recommend this ball to all bowlers!


BuddiesProShopcom - Bill

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Re: Cure
Reply #2 on: January 25, 2002, 09:56:14 AM
We received one of these balls from Hank at Dyno-Thane and laid it out for one of the pro shop staff.

We have received so many phone calls and emails on this ball we immediately wanted to see what this ball was going to do.

Wow...With the standard 5" X 5" stacked drilling, this ball was a monster on the lanes.  We left it in box condition to see how much it really hooked.

The Shop guy that we drilled it for has struggle to hook a lot of the newer particle ball, but this ball, he had no problem.  He has thrown this on a variety of shots, fresh oil, league, and open bowling.  

The Cure has the ability to get through the heads without much problem, as long as you have some decent head oil you shouldn't have a problem.  With the 5 by 5 drilling the ball gets down to about 40 feet, then makes a strong sweeping move back to the pocket.  With the normal heavy build up in the middle, he was able to move inside and not have a problem with the ball holding the line from deep inside, nor did he have a problem with losing hit when standing inside.

This is going to be a ball that will make bowlers take more notice of the Dyno-Thane name.

If you have any questions, please email me at

"The Place All Bowlers Shop"
"The Place All Bowlers Shop"


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Re: Cure
Reply #3 on: January 28, 2002, 12:20:40 PM
The Cure is a strong ball for medium heavy to heavy oil.  Slower speeds may need length drillings for medium conditions or they will experience rollout.  However, even with rollout the core is strong enough to still carry the five pin.  I think the Cure falls in the same category as Columbia's reaction roll.

The test ball was 15 lb with a 3.5 inch pin and 4.5 top weight.  The ball was plugged and redrilled.  Original drilling rolled too soon.

Me - righthanded, medium or medium slow speed.  Medium revs.  End over end roll.  Can increase side rotation.

Drilling 2 - Pin above the ring finger middle and cg in the middle of span and to the right.  Drill pattern 4 X 4.  Static weight before balance hole 3 5/8 top, 1 side, 0 finger.  Deep 7/8 inch balance hole 2 inches below PAP.  Static weight after balance hole 3 top side, finger.

Oil pattern-medium heavy oil 8 to 8 about 35 feet medium backends.  I got on the lane after a couple of hours of bumper bowling.  With a old Thunder Road, semi polished, I was swinging 10 out to 8.  Switch to the Cure and was swinging 15 to outside the 10.  Before the balance hole, the ball would to 40 feet and get strong arc almost flip back to the pocket.  After the balance hole and playing the same line, the ball rev sooner in the midlane and I got an arc into the pocket. Total hook is about the same.  I prefer the reaction after the balance hole because the ball did not seem to rev that well in the midlane before the hole.  On heavy oil this could be problem. I was able to go 20 out to 10 if I Increase the side rotation and reduced the speed.  The ball still finish and carried.

Drilling 1 - Pin below the ring finger and cg near the thumb and to the right.  Drill pattern 4 X 3 .  Static weight about 1 top, 0 side and 3/4 thumb.  Deep 1 1/4 balance hole 2 inches below PAP.

Oil pattern 8 to 8 heavy oil 35 feet good backends.  On fresh oil, I was able to 10 out to the 7/8.  The ball arc back to the pocket.  I compared it to an Elixer drilled stacked leverage.  The Cure out hooked the Elixer by 2 boards.  The Cure turned in the midlane while the Elixer skidded in the midlane.  The Elixer crossed boards in the backend while the Cure arc.  On the second shift playing 15 out to 7/8, the Cure hook set.  I was still able to carry, but it looked like it was rolling out.

Warning for ball drillers.  Once you get past the coverstock the outer core has a very low density. There is a high density inner core.  Because of the low density outer core, you need bigger and deeper balance holes to adjust static weights.  My guess is that you need and 3/16 to 1/4 bigger drill bit to take out the same amount of weight.  If you work out a gripping hole, the core works out faster that the coverstock.  This can result in the bottom of the hole being bigger than the top.


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Re: Cure
Reply #4 on: March 06, 2002, 08:57:47 PM
Amazing Ball, This ball Really Hook Even In Heavy Oil, you Can Polish it for Med. lanes & Still Get The Same Pin action. Try it You'll Love It.

david w clenna jr

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Re: Cure
Reply #5 on: April 10, 2002, 10:12:19 AM
   i drilled this ball 12:00 leverage 1"pin out cg under wasna toss between the trauma response and the cure,so i picked the cure and it was a good choice for me..left the box finish to see how much hook this ball can do.well,after fresh oil laid out 38ft big backends i was ready to see if the cure would solve my troubles...this ball just explodes the rack scouts left and right you name it the cure had an answer left 2 10pins but a whole lot of 4 pins..nice and smooth through the heads and you can this ball start to make it's move towards the pocket and put on the left turn signal...i believe the cure maybe just a little stronger than the response as far as backend and about 3-5 more boards hook!!!dynothane is on the right path with this ball if you don't have this ball yet you will not be dissapointed very vesatile ball like it's the new version of elnino x-it but better...209-236-267 sunday nite league ....great ball by dynothane (10)...


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Re: Cure
Reply #6 on: May 30, 2002, 07:31:53 PM
I love this ball. Ball is drilled for max hook and
that is what it does. Bites through the heavy oil with no problem.
This ball absolutely destroys the pocket.The cure also is mistake friendly as well,where if I miss my mark outside, it still finds its way to the pocket.I am finding that get this ball near the pocket(light or brooklyn)and you are looking at a X. Amazing pin action everytime.


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Re: Cure
Reply #7 on: July 11, 2002, 09:00:13 PM
drilled this one up with the pin under/between the fingers(5 in.) and the CG about 4 in. (down beside the thumb) at a 10:30 drill.. outta the box i ran my hand over the ball and was amazed of how rough the surface was.. so i added a lil quik kut polish and it didnt do anything.. still the same surface.. so i threw it and its a great ball to play the inside with as long as there is plenty of oil in the has a very strong midlane reaction.. so after 4-5 games with it, i put it in the ball polisher for 2 minutes.. and whatta change.. now it goes long with a strong arc at the backend.. i did start leagues with a Trauma drilled rev leverage.. but now this ball is 1st outta my bag.. nice ball Dynothane..


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Re: Cure
Reply #8 on: September 19, 2002, 01:10:16 AM

hey i just bought and recieved my dynothane cure, it was a toss up between the cure, the element, and the shock trauma. i decide to go with dynothane since i did throw my 300 with one and why not go back and try it out. i have an eraser now and it doesnt move with head oil and the ball is getting tired.  the ball still needs to be drilled hopefully i have time this week to get that done, then ill let you guys know how i like it. im also deciding on getting a medium/dry ball to replace my eraser so if you guys have any suggestions let me know.  right now im thinking about the crisis, but still unsure.



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Re: Cure
Reply #9 on: September 24, 2002, 09:23:31 AM
I've got the Remedy, so I had to have the Cure (bad joke)

15 lb.
2 1/2" pin
1 1/2 oz. TW

Drill Specs:
4 1/2 X 3 (pin by ring finger) weight hole on axis
1/2 positive side
Box finish
Tested on a fresh house shot (36' 10 to 10 with 50 units in the middle)

BTM said that this was a notch above the Remedy in hook and backend, I have to agree.  The Remeday, for me, is a pattern tester (first out of the bag).  It gives me a solid read of what I'm getting ready to bowl on.  The Cure has a similar look to it, reads the front well with a strong reaction off the breakpoint.  

However, there is a distinct difference, the Cure is a big bunch of ball.  The midlane read (box finish) is definitive and if you don't have the oil up front, you will have a marshmallow at the pins.  On the other hand, if you're on a fresh heads, watch out, the Cure will impress.  The backend shape is a hard curve and is punishing at the pindeck.  I was impressed at how hard this ball hit as long as there was head oil.  

Given the look of this ball down the lane, I could see this as a great selection as a heavy condition ball or tough, longer conditions.  The Cure is strong, but not flippy.  I don't see this ball being used to open up something on a deep shot, but I do see it playing well on tougher, slicker conditions.

Overall, an excellent ball.  Highly recommend it to those who like balls that curve, but don't snap.
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Re: Cure
Reply #10 on: September 25, 2002, 10:50:51 AM
ok guys finally got my cure drilled up yesterday and i must say i was impressed.  hits harder than anything i've seen or threw. every shot was just loud.  the hook didnt impress me at first cause it being a particle coverstock i understood i needed to throw a few games before it was to full potential by the 3rd game i was swinging 20 out to 6 and it came screaming back.


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Re: Cure
Reply #11 on: December 04, 2002, 01:20:48 AM
Had this one for a while now. Drilled strong 3 3/8 pin, strong MB. Works on a variety of conditions. From a sport pattern, to a normal house. It has a strong mid-lane with a strong continuation to the pocket. Doesn't over react at the breakpoint and is always a consistent read at the break. If you can get your hands on one, drill it.


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Re: Cure
Reply #12 on: December 21, 2002, 07:01:45 PM
It was a toss up between storm trauma or the cure. I'm happy I chose the cure.
The best damn ball ever made...................... till the next generation
drilled using LAYOUT 3 and rolled out of box condition.


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Re: Cure
Reply #13 on: March 27, 2003, 10:44:29 AM
Will submit 3 reviews for the Cure
1. Flip Lev: From PAP: 5.5 Pin X 3.5 CG, Pin above fingers, 4" Pin, 1/2oz finger, 1/2 oz positive
2. Label: From PAP 5.5 Pin X 3.5 CG, Pin below fingers, 2" pin, 3/4 oz thumb, 1/2 oz positive

Righty (bro's ball)
Flip Lev: From PAP: 5.5 Pin X 3.5 CG, Pin above fingers, 5" Pin, 1/2oz finger, 5/8 oz positive

General comments:
Mellow arc, hits like typical particle, keeps pin low, coefficient of restitution (pin flying capability) average.

Carries very high hits exceptionally well, half pocket carry is average, light hit carry is inconsistent (sometimes it'll throw pins all over, other times it'll leave a solid bucket, I guess it depends on entry angle and power saved).  

For me, the balls were surprisingly straight and very mellow even with the aggressive drill.

I like it though and I am confident enough with it to save a spot in the tourney bag for it.

Interesting texture when I scuffed it with 600 scotch brite, the ball feels like suede.

Brother had a very nice go long then smooth moderately strong arc with exceptional carry.  It was used on Synthetics with medium/strong flip.

Caress it, enjoy it, these balls want to be played with...yeah baby!


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Re: Cure
Reply #14 on: April 04, 2003, 10:08:21 AM
I just got my Cure about a week ago. It's a 16lbs with only 2 1/2oz top weight and pin 2 inches out. I usually use a Fuze Igniter and Shock Zone. I usually stand on the right and through up the 7 board. I got this ball as an experiment and wanted a ball that goes through the oil,hooks hard and might be able to swing it more. MAN OH MAN...that's just what this ball does. Used it on synthetics that were freshly oiled and it hit harder than all my other balls. I could stand more torwards the middle and swing it out to the 5 board. It came screaming back. This is a great ball from Dynothane and would compliment any bowlers arsenal.