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Author Topic: XXXL finally had a time to use it and was glad I brought it along. (Read 842 times)

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I have finally used this ball in a tournament situation. Bowling in local association tournament this past weekend. Get to the final 3 game set. Condition is toast. Pulled out my highly polished Urethane Ball (Columbia300 Scout High-Flare) and it went left as soon as it hit the lane. So I went to my last option, the Lane#1 XXXL.  


Took a while to line up, but once I did, this ball was the right choice for me. I was able to play my A game.  I had one bowler on my pair commenting that it looked like I was throwing a reactive ball.  


Usually when the lanes are toast, I am trying to throw faster which causes many problems. Bad timing, poor release, and most of all a sore left leg after I am done.


Well with this ball I was able to play at my comfortable pace. Make quality shots, focus and adjust. Best thing of all, my left leg felt great the rest of day.


Thank you Lane#1 for making this rare gem of a ball.
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