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Author Topic: Any advice for a youth on WTBA Paris? (Read 681 times)


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Any advice for a youth on WTBA Paris?
on: February 18, 2014, 02:16:42 PM
I was wondering if anybody could help with some advice for WTBA Paris. I have formed a general idea of what to do, based off of things Ive heard from friends who have bowled on it and videos seen online, but I need more than that. I know the 31 rule and that hasn't always worked to my advantage on other sport shots. I also should include that I throw the ball between 13 and 15.5 mph, measured by Qubica camera and, since Im not in an area with coaches or pro shops that like to give advice, have a rev rate in the medium to low spectrum. Axis tilt and all that other stuff I have no clue of.
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