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Author Topic: Anyone else superglue their fingers together installing grips? (Read 458 times)


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Guilty as charged.  Used a straight pin to poke a hole in the seal on the end of the tube but unknowingly went too far a punctured the side of the tube as well.

So, when when dispensing a couple drops to hold the grips in place the glue oozed out the side of the tube.   Two fingers bonded together as well as too the tube itself.

Fun.... no acetone or nail polish remover to dissolve the glue.

Tore some skin off separating everything. OW!!!!

Actually now using a 180 abralon pad to sand the dried glue off my fingers now.

Yeah... I'm a dumb***.   

Laugh at my expense, but anyone reading this please learn from my mistake.

Cheers.   (may later upload a picture of how raw my fingers are now, LOL!)

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I'll one up you. A long time ago, I was working at a very busy shop, and was gluing in grips like crazy, and I rubbed my eyes a bit, I went to blink, and caught my lashes about to fuse together. So I held my eye open with my other hand, and ran to the bathroom and rinsed my eye for like 15 minutes.
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Yup, but usually I wind up gluing myself to either the ball, or the insert I'm installing.
One of the hazards of working in the shop, especially if you're in a hurry or distracted, or worse, both.



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Like others, I have left a little skin on the ball when gluing inserts, but I haven't glued fingers together... yet!

A few years back one of my teammates had put some super glue on her thumb to seal off a cut or something.  The problem she had is it hadn't dried when she inserted her thumb into the ball.  The ball was literally glued to her thumb!

Finally we took her into the shop and poured more acetone on it than a person should ever have in their lifetime and within about 15 seconds she got her thumb out. So far she hasn't had any side effects from the acetone exposure.  Hopefully she won't.

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