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Author Topic: Freestyle Rush  (Read 632 times)


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Freestyle Rush
« on: May 18, 2017, 02:05:59 PM »

COVERSTOCK - Agility™ LFP Pearl
FINISH - 5500 Grit LSP
RG RATING - 2.60 (15 lbs)
RG DIFFERENTIAL - 0.30 (15 lbs)


The Freestyle Rush is a significant improvement over previous entry level Motiv equipment. The core has been tweaked to have a higher RG and diff which gives the Rush more length and bite on the back end compared to it's predecessors. For the first time since I started throwing Motiv equipment, this is the first entry level ball that actually gets down lane. I was expecting the Rush to have a smooth arc type of reaction which is usually the norm with entry level balls. It doesn't. The Freestyle Rush is best suited for medium to longer patterns with lighter oil. 



For the Freestyle Rush, I compared it to the original Freestyle, Graffiti Tag, and the Octane Carbon. The layout is 60 x 4.5" x 75. What I found during filming was the Rush had a motion that was comparable to the Octane Carbon while being about 5 boards weaker. The original Freestyle was weaker with a much rounder shape, while the Tag is a bit stronger and sharper off the spot. I have been successful going from the Octane Carbon to the Freestyle when the lanes transition and force me out of the zone I am playing. I was able to move back to my original line, change to the Rush, and continue striking. 


In my honest opinion, the Freestyle Rush is not an entry level ball. I have relayed my opinion on the matter to the higher ups at Motiv as well. This ball gets down lane and is fast off the spot. It has the motion of equipment at a much higher price point, it just lacks the overall hook potential which is why we sell the Rush as an entry level ball. When the lanes start to break down, I have zero hesitations when it comes to using the Freestyle Rush. Truth be told, I used it the back half of a tournament last weekend and ended up getting the win. The performance you get for the price is unmatched. If you are looking to fill out your arsenal with something for lighter oil conditions, you cannot go wrong with the Motiv Freestyle Rush 


Doug Anderson