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Author Topic: Octane Carbon (Read 346 times)


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Octane Carbon
on: April 20, 2017, 03:37:01 PM
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
The Octane Carbon from Motiv was designed for light to medium oil lanes and offers length with a continuous backend motion. This ball has the Agitator MXR (MaXimum energy Retention) Pearl Reactive coverstock and is finished with a 5500 grit LSP. The Injector core has a higher RG which helps the ball go further down the lane before breaking and the coverstock helps retain the balls energy. The core utilizes a dual-density design along with a moderate differential to produce a responsive backend reaction. Bottom line is that the Red Fire Pearl Octane Carbon creates easy length down the lane with continuous backend motion that powers through the pin deck.

Color: Red Fire Pearl (Black/Orange Pearl NeoMark)
Core: Injector
Coverstock: Agitator MXR Pearl
Finish: 5500-grit LSP
RG: 2.56 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.042 (15# ball)
Reaction: Length with strong backend
Recommended Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil


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Re: Octane Carbon
Reply #1 on: April 21, 2017, 10:19:32 AM

Name: Will Schnack
Rev Rate: 350 rpms
Ball Speed: 17.5 mph
PAP: 4 5/8" over 1/2" up
Right Handed


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Agitator MXR Pearl
5500 Grit LSP
RG: 2.56 (15# ball)
DIFF: 0.042 (15# ball)

The Octane Carbon would be a great ball for any bowler to add to their arsenal.  It is a very versatile ball that is good for many different lane conditions and many different layouts.  For me the ball provides the necessary length when I need it and picks up nicely on the backend to give it that great continuous motion through the pins.  I find myself going back to this ball again and again when I begin to struggle on the lanes.

Will Schnack
Bowlersmart Cherry Valley inside Cherry Bowl
Motiv Staffer
Will Schnack
Motiv Staffer


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Re: Octane Carbon
Reply #2 on: April 24, 2017, 08:49:45 AM

The Octane Carbon is the latest release from MOTIV Bowling. The new Carbon brings together a new core and cover combo that will just strike at will that I believe MOTIV fans will absolutely will love. The Octane Carbon introduces the new dual-density Injector Core. This core gives the Carbon a higher RG to give it much needed length down lane and then add the new Agitator MXR Pearl Reactive cover stock the Octane Carbon has retainable energy that we have never seen in MOTIV products. This combo makes the Octane Carbon one of the longest and most angular bowling ball on the market.

INNER CORE         Injector
COVER STOCK      Agitator MXR Pearl
FINISH                5500 Grit LSP


Im currently on my 5th year as a MOTIV staffer player and during that time I have thrown some of the best equipment there is. A few of the have left me speechless on how well the performance is and the Octane Carbon is the one that have left me speechless the longest. First game after putting holes in it I shot a 300 game. The devastation through the pins is something I have never seen in a bowling ball in a very long time. During that game I through multiple angles and even through off balance shots and the Carbon just kept on coming back with authority. This by far is one of the best bowling balls MOTIV has ever made. The more I move left, the stronger it comes back. The retained energy it has through the pins I feel I can strike at will. This ball is a must for bowlers to have in their bags hands down. This ball will destroy house shots and will be a great for tournament conditions both on fresh and during transition if you need something down lane without losing performance.

Likes: Strong Length; angular backend; retainable energy through the pins.
Dislikes: None

I recommend the Octane Carbon for all types of bowlers.

MOTIV Staff Player,
John Robertson


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Re: Octane Carbon
Reply #3 on: Today at 10:29:05 AM
This ball blows my mind away. There is nothing on the market that gives me such a clean look through the fronts with a controllable hard motion down lane when I need it.

This ball is perfect for those medium to dry conditions when the lanes transition and you need to start getting deeper on the lane. This ball never quits coming around the corner.

This is an immediate ball down from the Primal Fear for me and gives me a perfect transition ball on all of the medium length house shots and sport patterns out there. My personal preference with the ball was to hit it with a 4000 pad and give it a little bit more mid lane read as I do have a higher axis rotation. This cover and core combination give this ball the ability to look great for power players when they want to get left while also giving the straighter players more entry angle going up the lane.

You need this one in your bag!

Cody Shoemaker

MOTIV Staff Member
Pure It Pro Shop




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Reply #4 on: Today at 11:47:50 AM
75 x 4 x 40

When the lanes start to dry out and you need some added performance in your game, get #firedup with the Octane Carbon. Motiv has brought two new pieces of technology to the Octane line to provide a truly high-rev piece: the Agitator MXR Pearl shell (5500LSP) wrapped around the duly density Injector core (2.56RG, .042Diff). The intention of my layout was to provide a slightly stronger compliment to my Venom Cobra between those second and third transitions and that is exactly what this ball provides. The pearl shell/high RG core combination provides easy projection through the heads. Given that I put a 4in pin placement on it I start to see the Carbon read the midlane yet it does not react early; it still glides down the lanes even though it is showing it is already reaction to the surface. Once at the breakpoint this ball unleashes a powerful move to the pocket which greatly helps when my launch angles widen (which they always do as the day progresses). Watching others throw their Carbons with longer pin placements reveals a backend that is even more dramatic. I have been able to throw mine on the fresh since our house shots are medium volume and even then it impressed. While I had to square up the lane I did not see any over reaction on the crisp, new backends. The ball read the mids well before making a quick motion to the pocket which carried through to the pit. This may be one of the more versatile balls I have in my bag right now.

Trent Overbey
In the Zone Pro Shop
Motiv Staff