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Author Topic: Starting Point (Read 700 times)


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Starting Point
on: March 27, 2018, 01:33:32 PM
After having mediocre ball reaction on and off all year, I think I might want to jump in to upgrading my equipment for first time ever really. My current lineup is as follows (no particular order):

Brunswick Edge (original one not the remake, used as spareball), Lane#1 Liberator, Visionary Crow, Track Heat Remake, Seismic Desperado TSE, and Brunswick Raging Red Fuze

I have had 1 Motiv ball previously (GT-1) and really liked the predictability it had. From conversations with people the Motiv lineup tends to have predictable equipment.

My thoughts were to get a Villain (top end, probably more aggressive than will need most times), Lethal Paranoia (angular), and the Venom Shock (benchmark).

Those three would most likely remove the Heat, Desperado, and Fuze.

Do this sound like a good starting point? Other suggestions?

For background, Left Handed, 400-425 rpm, 16-18 mph (on monitors not sure of off -the-hand speed), I like to play straight like typical left handers but my ball reaction typically dictates being closer to 25 with feet and swinging out to the track.


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Re: Starting Point
Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 01:57:50 PM
One piece of advice that I strongly suggest is to purchase just one ball and see how it fits your game before upgrading other balls in your arsenal. You may have certain expectations and then come to find out the ball shape and reactions differs from what you originally anticipated. It's easier then to determine which gaps within your arsenal exist and address accordingly. You may also find out that you love one ball and decide to buy another of the same ball with a different layout and surface adjustment for different lane conditions.

I think building an arsenal around one manufacturer makes sense, as it will make it easier to compare and contrast equipment going forward. If you prefer Motiv that's fine. Really all manufacturers make good equipment nowadays so it's hard to go wrong. I prefer Storm/Roto Grip myself. If you decide to just buy one ball and stick with Motiv I'd start with the Venom Shock. Middle of the road ball that can serve as your benchmark and be used on multiple conditions. Plus the low rg and box surface should align well with your speed and rev rate. You can always tweak the surface as well if you want to adjust the length and ball motion.


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Re: Starting Point
Reply #2 on: March 27, 2018, 03:02:40 PM
I second the above.

As someone who has used several Motiv balls, I too would recommend the Venom Shock to start and then go from there.  Also, I usually recommend drilling low differential balls on the strong side as to prevent making the ball too condition specific.  The Venom Shock does take surface changes well and does not absorb a lot of oil so maintenance isn't too bad.  Though for me, the coverstock seems to require more surface updating than some other balls.  The coverstock almost seems softer and more susceptible to wear from the lane bed.

As for the Villain specifically, I had trouble with the Sinister core in the past.  Ball stood up very quickly for me, but that was also before I had decent knowledge of drilling of asymmetrical balls. Until further usage from non-staffers of the Villain, I would lean toward the Trident Quest which I have heard several great things about.  But again, that would be later after usage of the Venom Shock.  You may find you don't need anything more than the Forza SS.


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Re: Starting Point
Reply #3 on: April 06, 2018, 01:50:01 AM
Just buy 1 ball. Get the Villian or Shock and work your way up or down. You need to acclimate to the covers and core first before drilling 3.
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