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Author Topic: Berserk (Read 996 times)


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on: November 08, 2012, 03:57:17 PM
Its hard to believe this strange colored ball is rated at HP-3. The Hybred Reactive cover is stronger than my Outlaw . Closer to HP-1 or HP-2 out of the Box.. My 1st try with the ball was on a end lane before leagues & had a lot of use. As a LH Senior Stroker I could'nt keep on left side even moving 15 right of center. After a Head Run on another lane I could go up 10-12 in the heaver oil & get the ball down the lane with a strong smooth roll to the pocket. I had to stay behind the ball for it to react on this condition..Pocket hits where in the pit, but, most of all I was amazed at the light hit carries, just like the cranker kids do..My drilling has the 3 inch pin 1 inch below the ring finger with X-hole. My Shatter & Defiant Edge are great in my leagues now, so will be saving the Box surface Berserk for some use at the Senior HR later this month.This is another low end priced ball with High End results for RG...Larry Hoffman, RG Staff.