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Author Topic: Drilling Suggestions For Wrecker & Hypercell (Read 1153 times)


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Drilling Suggestions For Wrecker & Hypercell
on: February 02, 2014, 04:04:31 PM
Just got myself a Wrecker and Hypercell, but before drilling them up i wanted some suggestions on how too. My stats are a tweener, 300-350 revs, axis rotation is in between, average speed (14-16mph) and a high track. My aresnal right now is a Totally Defiant pin down and a Distrubed pin up. I really want to set this 2 new toys to compliment my TD and Distrubed. I bowl on synethic lane with medium to high volumes of oil. However i really wanted to set up the Hypercell for nationals in Reno.

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