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Author Topic: Attn: Luke Rosdahl-Help/Input Drier option (Read 2704 times)


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Attn: Luke Rosdahl-Help/Input Drier option
on: February 02, 2018, 06:13:58 AM
Looking at a Drier option for when the lanes get burnt, 2nd to 3rd game ball recently on the 5 man league I bowl on(not putting a lot of oil out). Looking at either Hustle POW or Matchup Hybrid (both Higher RG , low diff). I feel the ink may be too strong, do you agree?


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Re: Attn: Luke Rosdahl-Help/Input Drier option
Reply #16 on: March 09, 2018, 09:33:02 AM
Exactly my thought is below from Alonzo. the Ink, I Love it, but once I have to move in too far I switch to something stronger at the end of the pattern.

So here's my issue recommending the Ink for light condition/burn. It is decently strong and once the track is burned in or it starts light, you can't play on top of it. When you chase the oil left, you eventually hit a point where you need a little more diff to carry the back row and there's just better options for playing that angle.

I think it's a great ball and would recommend it to almost anyone to have in their bag, just not the first choice for this particular spot you're filling. My favorite shot with the ball so far is a fresh medium house shot. Only sport patterns I've got to try it on so far were Bear on wood and a Reverse block on wood. I didn't quite get lined up with it right, but could have honestly been all me.
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