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Author Topic: History or story of the IQ Tour Nano (Read 1232 times)


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History or story of the IQ Tour Nano
on: September 03, 2017, 05:20:41 PM
I remember when the IQ Tour came out. My friends were excited about it and rolled high scores with them.  Then The IQ Tour Gold, the Fusion and the the Nano.

My good bowling friends said I didn't have the hand for rolling the IQ's and told me to get a Modern Marvel instead.

So I'm flashing back to 2014 when One of my friends sold me his Nano within a week of release with about 5 games on it. Not sure what happened but it went on ice not to be seen but once a year for thawing and a few shots.

I thawed it out 3 weeks ago and it rolled great and the carry was amazing. Been using it in league as well. I get funny looks from people that can't believe I have one that looks new out of the box.

 So I know the original IQ is still in production. What happened to the Nano version? Was it that different, or the original that much better? Was it that bad?

Just curious what the history of it was.
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Re: History or story of the IQ Tour Nano
Reply #16 on: September 07, 2017, 04:39:38 PM
As I said, never threw the Nano, but I still have the Solid, and the IQ 30.  I also tried the gold.  Here is what I found and may explain the vastly contradicting opinions on the solid IQ.  The IQ with its low diff and low rg is a very good control ball for playing direct angles from outside. Not many bowlers can get a strong reaction going away from the pocket much inside second arrow.  I think it is actually better for straighter low rev guys to play similar to urethane but on slightly longer , higher volumes than urethane can carry on. 

Bottom line it is a niche ball for flatter short to medium length patterns.  Most bowlers will have something better in their bag for typical house shots.  Also, as an added point my Phase 2 is much more versatile than an IQ  because of its strength, but also has a unique roll that works well on flatter patterns

Well said.  I can definitely see why the !Q solid is a valuable tournament or sport league ball.  Still when I want smooth urethane roll on heavier oil my go to is my Burgundy Hammer remake.  May still pick up an !Q at some point as good to have another look overall not as strong as the Burgundy but stronger off the spot so say an in between the Hy-Road and the Burgundy on the back end.
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Re: History or story of the IQ Tour Nano
Reply #17 on: September 11, 2017, 06:46:32 PM
Thanks for the responses, was a good read and picked up some info.

I rolled my IQTN last Friday night for the League Championship and what a disaster. Carry on the right, 10 pin on the left. Moved in more and more and the same thing on the left. I left nothing but 10 pins on the left and missed a few. To me they were great dead flush pocket hits. Scratched my head on it while having a smoke, and moved in even farther with feet and eyes in the next game for 2 frames, same thing.

So I balled down to the Octane Carbon and pretty much went off the sheet. Still had plenty of room left so I kept using it for Game 3 for the Win and plastic trophy.

Anyways, I was really fooled by the ball. I didn't see it burning up, or some other factor that may of been involved in kicking out that 10 pin. Maybe the pin setter, my team mate pointed out 5 pin being right of the 1 in game 3.

Thanks for the comments on the Phase II.
Use the strongest ball possible and stay as far right as you can. Advice given to me from a pro bowler.


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Re: History or story of the IQ Tour Nano
Reply #18 on: September 12, 2017, 03:06:21 PM
I think the iQ Nano was the best of the iQ series.  I still use mine quite often.  It gives the same shape as the iQ Tour, just more of it.  If you have a iQ Tour and like the shape, the iQ Nano is a PERFECT ball for the same shape on more oil.