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Author Topic: Code X Review w/ Video (Read 667 times)


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Code X Review w/ Video
on: March 02, 2018, 12:23:11 PM
For fans of the Code series the Code X will be a great compliment to the previous releases in that line. With the Code Black and Code Red getting a little length we now have the Code X which will be the ball of choice on the fresh heavy oil conditions.

I was very impressed with how this ball rolled. I could see it pick up extremely well in the midlane and the continuation through the pins was something to be marveled at. The Code X had pins flying all over the deck if I got the ball anywhere near the pocket. I like how smooth and controllable this ball is, as well. The Code X features the highest differential value in the current Storm lineup, which could be seen in the video as the ball transitioned off the spot downlane and made it's move through the pins.

With the previous releases in this line (Black and Red) we saw angularity with both balls. The Red conspicuously picked up sooner than the Black due to its hybrid nature. Both those balls, in my arsenal, usually saw action somewhere around game 2 or after when the lanes began to transition. With the Code X, we now have a ball that we can use right away The Code X will bring predictability when getting lined in.

The Code X will definitely find a spot in my arsenal when I am looking to bowl on sport or modified conditions.

Video Review:


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Re: Code X Review w/ Video
Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 11:41:57 AM
The Code-X is storms newest premier line ball. The Code-X uses the same Rad-4 core found in all the previous Code series balls, but is now wrapped in R2S Solid. For anyone that was a fan of the Alpha Crux, this ball is a must have. It's slightly cleaner, and a touch more downlane, but is by far the closest thing I have ever thrown to it. When compared to the IQTS, the Code-X provides similar traction front to back, but is much more in the midlane and slows down quicker due to the core being much stronger. I personally can see myself using this ball on fresh more difficult patterns, when controlling the front to back of the lane is a must. Head over to your local pro shop and preorder your own for the March 9th release date! #StormNation

Review Video: