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900 Global - Fresh Start
« on: January 07, 2019, 08:57:48 AM »
Hey friends!

Over the weekend I won a tournament sponsored by 900 Global which included a prize of a 900 Global amateur staff contract. I'm very excited, but this means recreating my entire arsenal.

I'm fairly familiar with their lineup, but there is much research to be done! I'll probably start with 4-5 pieces.

-White Hot
-Tactical Ops

What's everyone's favorite ball at the moment?



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Re: 900 Global - Fresh Start
« Reply #16 on: January 08, 2019, 08:12:38 PM »
Nick, as mentioned with Joe today.... Black Ops! This is the ball that got me rolling 900 Global 1st game out of the bag was a 300.

I used a lot of Motiv suff when I bowled at Riviera with you guys. Even though the Graffiti Tag is a solid I found the After Dark Pearl to roll most like it. The After Dark Solid is more like a Roto Grip Hustle Ink.

Still pretty limited with the 900 lineup. Let me know what you think of the other new equipment if you drill it up.   

Congrats again!
Just an unbiased bowling enthusiast trying too enjoy the game with each set.


Sam Capizzi Jr

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Re: 900 Global - Fresh Start
« Reply #17 on: January 10, 2019, 09:59:55 PM »
Congrats on your win.  I would start with the 3 new releases.   White Hot Badger, EON Infinite and Space Time... those 3 will give you 3 different reactions and you can add balls to fit in.   Tac Ops, Respect and Claw are also great choices

Sam Capizzi Jr

900Global Regional Staff



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Re: 900 Global - Fresh Start
« Reply #18 on: January 14, 2019, 08:39:31 AM »
Thanks everyone!

I ended up ordering:
Eon Infinite
Black Ops
White Hot Badger

I'm hoping to have them drilled for the weekend, but we will see. I can add either a Boost or After Dark Pearl as I see fit  :)


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Re: 900 Global - Fresh Start
« Reply #19 on: January 15, 2019, 06:35:19 PM »
Great stuff! Welcome aboard! You'll find that our line is as complete and versatile as most brands if not more. I strongly urge you to get into some of the entry level equipment (i.e. Boost and After Darks). That's not to say they are entry level by any means. You will find they have more performance than a lot of high end equipment. Good luck and I no doubt imagine you will quickly become a huge fan of 900 Global!
Hans Schell
900 Global Staff