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900 Global Reality and vid
« on: January 29, 2021, 10:05:05 AM »

All and all I think this ball is really special, one of the easiest Heavy Oil Asyms Iíve thrown in sometime.

I threw the Volatility to compare.
The Volatility had a stronger pin and seemed to rev up earlier which isnt a problem if you are bowling on heavier volume. Immediately I saw the Reality wanted to roll forward a bit more which made it smoother/slower off of the pattern. (Atleast for me) Out of box I think the Reality will make a great ball to use on fresh, and medium patterns. With the forward rolling characteristics you will definitely be able to square up and keep your angles tight or open your angles and feed it right with no doubt of  recovery.

I truly think anyone could benefit from the Reality if youíre looking for an Asym heavy oil ball for the tournament/league season.