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Burner Solid - Thoughts
« on: July 26, 2021, 01:08:02 PM »
I drilled my Burner Solid with a 4.25 X 75 layout, as pin down layouts tend to just work better for me, yes even on symmetric balls! This is exactly what you’d expect out of a ball at this price point through the front part of the lane, but there’s a surprising amount of shape and continuation through the pins down lane. The solid cover helps it not completely miss the mid-lane, even with the factory shine. To me, this looks like it will be a house condition monster from game 1 to game 3. You won’t be forced to play massive steep angles and transition should be a little more subtle and not an arrow in either direction once it begins. Being a moderate rev rate player, I was able to start a little right of the track area pretty close to the friction zone in my center, and make small moves as I progressed through the night. Very predictable and surprisingly powerful ball, a GREAT value for your money!
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Re: Burner Solid - Thoughts
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2021, 06:40:08 PM »
I saw Trevor Roberts review of this ball. He threw it against a Hy-Road as a comparison. I guess he wanted to illustrate its length on a broken down house shot. To me, its definitely a keeper. In fact, I was more impressed with the Burner than I was with the RAW series. After watching all of the RAW series go down lane, I immediately wanted to take them to my spinner and hit'em with a 2000 pad! Yeah....the Burner could be that House Shot Killer!
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