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Eternity PI Review
« on: October 04, 2023, 11:15:17 AM »
Layout:  30 x 4.5 x 30
Surface: 2000 Abralon

The Eternity PI brings back the Epoch core with the new 901 Reserve Solid Coverstock finished at 2000 abralon.  When I drilled the ball, it looked very dull out of the box.  I expected the shape to be very early and smooth but I was quite surprised when I threw the ball for the first time.  I got to try this on a 44ft Typical House Pattern and the 40ft PBA Don Johnson pattern. 

On the House pattern, I was really surprised how clean the ball really was.  I saw strong midlane with smooth, yet continuous backend motion.  The PI is great for the fresh as described.  The smooth reaction helps blend out the lanes better for me than a hybrid or pearl.  My house pattern tends to like asymmetrical balls more than symmetric for the fresh due to the longer length of the pattern.  Compared to a Reality, I saw a little cleaner and overall weaker shape.  My reality hooked about 4 boards more in the backend but hooked 1-2 foot sooner on the lane.  If you are looking for a new solid asymmetrical ball that is strong but not too strong, I would go with the Eternity PI.  If you are looking for a smoother version of the Eternity Pearl, I would go with the PI.

On the Don Johnson Pattern, I saw a lot of early hook and continuation again.  The PI allowed me to play straighter on the lanes than I would typically do on many patterns.  This reaction helped me keep my angles more in front of me and allowed me to control the pattern easier.  Compared to the Reality, I saw a similar ball motion that was overall weaker.  The higher amount of oil volume was really good for the PI as it still read the midlane strong.  Bringing the coverstock surface up will allow the PI to work better on patterns with less oil volume or those on older lane surfaces.  The PI really takes well to surface changes.  I also tried the PI at 3000 abralon surface to have less early hook.  It gave me more energy for the back part of the lane which gave me more overall angle.

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