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Freight Train The Look Sure Thing
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:12:37 PM »
Right handed 450 revs 17 mph

Freight Train - drilled 35 X 5 X 50
          Freight Train is a touch longer than the Train my guess is the higher RG.  Freight Train finishes stronger on the back end.  Ball is too strong for me on THS.  Used this ball on a 43 foot flat pattern.  Ball worked well, even better after heads were chewed up by sanded equipment.  Smooth on the front end with plenty of power in the pocket.

Sure Thing - drilled 70 X 4 1/2 X 30
          Sure Thing is stronger than expected.  This ball revs up early,  Used on a THS, had to play inside around 12 to keep the ball in the oil to keep the ball from rolling up too early.  Great ball for the money.  Would be great for short patterns and wet/dry conditions.

The Look - drilled 35 X 4 X 50
           This is my new favorite ball.  I can see this ball being used on a variety of patterns with slight surface changes.  On a THS pretty much played 15 out to 5 and watched the ball walk to the pocket.  This was with an OOB finish.  Hit the ball with an "N" pad and used on same 43 foot pattern mentioned earlier.  Ball was smooth through the midlane.  Ball set up earlier than the Freight Train.  The Look allowed me a little error room to the right.  This ball is just plain AWESOME.