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Welcome to a new Reality
« on: February 11, 2021, 09:22:05 AM »
I was able to move into 4th arrow and really open up my angles. I positioned myself trying to throw the ball to the right of the three pin where the range finders would be. When I got it going to the middle of the three pin, it went light swisher; a pinch right of that went flush. Iím not very technical but the entry angle wasnít very steep because the ball was going forward off the end of the pattern. That entry angle allowed me to carry most of the off hits. Strong balls like this also have downfalls. One downfall that I noticed is that when I got the ball to the right of the three pin too early, unlike our UFOís and Gravity Evolves, the Reality didnít lose enough energy to stop. Instead, it dead checked off of the dry and went through the nose. I think this ball is similar to Stormís Proton Physix. For most players, youíll use this ball on heavier conditions. I anticipate this ball to be really good on longer patterns when I need to keep my angles tight and towards the 1-3. The reality is one of the stronger balls in SPIís lineup. If youíre bowling on low volume patterns or are a rev dominant player, you wonít throw this ball all the time because of its strength. For players who are speed dominant or those who bowl on heavier volume house conditions, the Reality will be good to start tournaments or league with.