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Zen Soul Review
« on: May 16, 2022, 03:33:29 PM »
Layout 60 x 4.75 x 70
Surface:  Box Surface

I was pretty excited for this new Zen Soul since I like many others really love the original Zen.  I decided to do a pin down drilling on this one because of how well my original Zen works for me with the same drilling and surface prep on both house and sport conditions.  The Soul did not disappoint.  It's cleaner through the front of the lane then the Zen Master but digs in digs into the lane as much as the Master while still giving that great continuation found in the entire line.

On the typical house shot, I saw a lot of great continuation which was great for me when the lanes were fresh.  If your league shot does not have a lot of oil, it could be a piece that's a little tougher to use without a surface change.  What I loved about the motion, was that the ball didn't stop continuing through the pins from all angles on the lane.  I was able to be a little straighter in game 1 and by game 3, even though I was sliding around 30 with my feet, the ball still had no issues continuing down lane and getting the corner pins out which is a great thing to see on a dull ball.

When reviewing on a 41ft, 25ml sport pattern, I saw a lot of the same characteristics as on the house pattern.  Strong midlane read with a lot of continuation through the pins made the ball reaction almost perfect for the pattern I was on.  I really didn't fear that the ball would hook down lane because of the solid part of the coverstock and I saw just as much hold in the middle part of the lane due to the pearl of the coverstock. 

For tournament players that tend to bowl on patterns on less then desirable lane surfaces will really like this ball.  It will also be a great step down from the Zen Master when that becomes too slow in the back part of the lane or too early rolling.

For league players, this will be the first ball out of your bag on most nights.  The amount of control and continuation it has will give you great ball reaction to start out with and based on the conditions, it could easily be usable for all games of league.  If the Zen is a little too lengthy or sensitive to the lanes, the Zen Soul is a great answer to this problem.

Adam Chase
Storm Staff
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Rick K

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Re: Zen Soul Review
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2022, 10:12:43 PM »
Zen Soul • Prime 800 Series
Core • Meditate Core
Coverstock • S77 Response Hybrid • Finish 4000 Grit Abralon
Weight • 15 lbs. RG • 2.49 Differential • .051
Layout • 4 x 4 ½ x 2 Ό
Tester PAP • 5" R, 5/8" D Tester Axis Tilt • 11° Testers Rev Rate • 325
Test Pattern • 42' THS (Typical House Shot) • Modified, Kegel Stone Street

900 Global continues their "Zen" dynasty with the release of the Zen Soul! And they have accomplished this mastery by taking their proven Meditate symmetric core and wrapping it with their all-new, brilliantly developed S77 Response Hybrid Coverstock. The Zen Soul produced outstanding results from the first shot off my hand, and I was thrilled with its performance! So, let's take a closer look at how the Zen Soul destroyed a THS!

The Meditate symmetric core made its debut with the release of the original Zen, and it is a proven workhorse for straighter players like me. I love how this core revs in the mid-lane and provides a smooth, well-rounded motion when playing straight-up second arrow. But more poignantly, because of its huge size and shape, it builds a strong momentum as it rolls down the lane. And that unrelenting, rolling thunder delivers a powerful blow when it strikes the pins. Low rev and down and in players will love the Meditate core's ability to keep the pins low, giving us a more swirling and mixing pin reaction we like to see and count on!

Now, let's talk about the amazing S77 Response Hybrid Coverstock! As 900 Global seriously did their homework with this fantastic mixture! On a fresh THS, I loved how this cover was crisp through the front part of the lane. And by crisp, I mean from the moment the Zen Soul hits the lane, the S77 Response Hybrid doesn't hesitate to do what it wants to do. It cuts cleanly and decisively as it makes a path through the front part of the lane. Then the S77 Hybrid reads the mid-lane with a smooth gripping traction without being overbearing like a solid can tend to be. And when the Zen Soul makes its turn to the pocket, I loved how the S77 had a stable and steady motion in response to friction. 

As the THS pattern began to break down, I liked how the S77 Response Hybrid handled the carry-down and spotty conditions you see in regular league play. I enjoyed confidently moving inside, knowing the S77 Response Hybrid Cover wouldn't overcompensate or be "jumpy" off the pattern. In fact, the S77 Hybrid actually blended the over-under reaction smoothly with a fluid motion I could depend on while playing in those broken-down conditions. And for a straighter player to move his target to 16-17 and still make the pocket with power to spare. That speaks volumes about the capabilities of the S77 Hybrid! And all of this with the out-of-box 4000 grit Abralon finish! It doesn't get much better!

In conclusion, the Zen Soul is another masterly crafted ball from 900 Global. And it is an excellent choice for down and in players like me. Further, I have been a huge fan of the Meditate core since the release of the original Zen. And now, with the S77 Response Hybrid Coverstock, the Zen Soul will become the "must-have" for any straighter or rev challenged player's arsenal! So talk to your local Pro Shop operator and have your Zen Soul drilled up today! And enjoy the results!

Rick Klimowicz
Storm Products Pro Shop Staff
Roll the Ball Pro shop
Penndel, PA


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Zen Soul Review
« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2022, 09:59:01 AM »
The 900 Global Zen Soul features the S77 response hybrid reactive cover and the Mediate core. When I saw this ball was a hybrid, I was hoping this ball would fit in between the Zen Master and the Zen. I can say that I was not disappointed and it fits right between them. The Zen Soul is not as early as the Zen Master but has more shape down the lane off the friction. Compared to the Zen, the Zen Soul is not as quick off the friction but is a bit earlier and smoother than the Zen. The Zen Soul allows me to control the lane which will allow me to use it on a wide range of lane conditions. I also think the Zen Soul is going to pair well with the Storm Nova. When the Zen Soul gets a little lazy down lane, I can move into the Nova for a little extra pop from the cover/core. 900 Global has hit another home run with the Zen Soul!!

Tobias Myers


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Re: Zen Soul Review
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2022, 09:21:48 PM »
Zen Soul - Ball Specs
Cover Stock: S77 Response Hybrid
Finish: 4000 Grit
Core: Meditate Symmetric
Color: Teal/Fuchsia/Black
Layout: 65 x 5 x 45
RG: 2.49
Differential: 0.051
Intermediate Diff: N/A

The Prime 800 Series Zen Soul offers the S77 response cover in a hybrid form with the Medtiate Symmetric core, which is the biggest core 900 Global has ever put into a bowling ball. The Zen Soul fits right in between the Zen and Zen Master, which gives the bowler the best of both worlds. The Zen Soul is cleaner through the fronts than the Zen Master and smoother on the backend than the Zen. I tested this ball on 44 feet typical house pattern. As a mid to low rev player, I was able to move left of 20 and open the lanes up. I was also able to stand right of 20, play the track area and swing it outside of five with great success. My ball’s layout is 65 x 5 x 45. This is a great ball for all levels of bowlers. Order one from your local pro shop today! My ball review videos are posted on YouTube channel Stanley Waite.

Stanley Waite
900 Global Staff Member
Dover, DE


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Zen Soul
« Reply #4 on: May 20, 2022, 08:08:26 PM »
Almost every serious bowler has owned either the Zen or Zen Master and now with the addition of the Zen Soul into the line to bridge the gap between the other Zens. I drilled mine the same way as I drilled my favorite Zen Master, 5 x 5 x 3. After throwing the Soul for awhile I was in total awe of this ball. Now the Zen Master has been my most trusted ball in my bag since I drilled it, I can throw it on the fresh and in transition and now with this 2 part pearl and 1 part solid hybrid the Zen Soul will add even more depth into my arsenal. The Zen Soul is a little cleaner than the Zen Master and offers more backend motion, it is almost a clean as the Zen but it’s backend motions are almost identical to me. I can see myself using the Zen Soul in a wide range of conditions and different times in blocks. This is ball might be a bigger hit than both of the other ones combined !