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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 80.00
- Coverstock: S73 Reactive
- Color: Black/Copper Pearl
- Finish: 4,000 Abralon
- Core Type: Asymmetric
- RG: 16#-2.465, 15#-2.481, 14#-2.506
- RG: Diff 16#-0.055, 15#-0.054, 14#-0.051
- Description: The Bank features our newest core design “Self Righting Core” (SRC). The SRC is both homogeneous in nature and also mono-monostatic. The unique core shape contains only one stable point. Unlike all other cores in the industry the SRC core will always move and twist to its stable position regardless of how or where it is placed. It will right it self!
Our testing indicated that when in rotation the core shape easily moves without resistance or hesitation in seeking the stable spot helping give the bank greater ease in transitioning through the phases of ball motion. Other cores on the market that have multiple stable, or flat spots, must expend additional energy to move off of that position and thus not efficiently and effectively optimize energy transfer to yield maximum ball reaction. The SRC, once in motion, does not need to expend additional energy to seek its sole stable position and therefore creates optimum ball reaction for the bowler.
An additional benefit of the SRC is the value of the “Moment Arm”. The moment arm measures the likelihood of a force to rotate an object about any given axis. The larger the moment arm the greater amount of loping and imbalance forces the core will have during rotation. This effect leads to increased energy retention. The SRC has the greatest moment arm available. The combination of having the greatest moment arm and only one stable point creating the least resistance gives The Bank a unique and powerful motion. (For a greater detailed explanation view the entire technical article location on our website).



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Re: Bank
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2010, 03:10:59 AM »
WOW!, this ball has been my best purchase in a while, i drilled this ball up last Wednesday, just putting the pin above my bridge and MB out inches, this ball is very smooth through the front and when it moves, its strong! the carry is amazing, i have thrown 4 sets with this ball, lowest being 702 and high being 753, If this ball is in your bag you are bound to make "Bank", Great Ball 900Global!


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Re: Bank
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2010, 01:04:51 AM »
I have the Bank drilled with the pin in the middle of my span.  The ball gets into a heavy roll and does not burn out. Great power going into the pocket. I find it to work best on moderate to heavy oil.  This is a wonderful piece that i'm sure to be favoring this season!
Jaime Cullen  AMF/900 Global Staff


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Re: Bank
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2010, 06:34:40 PM »
The Bank is the real deal. Just drilled mine up 30x3.5x20  my pap is 51/4 x 1/1/8 up, revs 190 and 18mph. So I am speed dominate. First game was 254 700 for 3 and 901 for the 4 game set.This ball all ways makes the turn and knows how to clear the deck.this ball replaced my Bounty Hunter and I loved that ball this is better.if you need a little help from the ball here it is!!


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Re: Bank
« Reply #4 on: August 18, 2010, 03:27:33 AM »
Like someone said, in a past review . THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!! I punch this up today , and all I can say is wow!! I drill this with the pin out, with cg about 36deg With the mb about 3ins to the right . The lanes I played on had 45 ft of buff to 48ft . My first ball was about 12 out to 7, with very good reaction, 2nd ball I moved 17 to 5 and it and it ran up high but still struck. 3rd shot I moved more left and hit 25 to 7 and left a 6/10. So I moved more left , 33 to 5 and that was the best move, off the sheet!  I have thrown heavy oil ball by global and this is the best. This well be the first ball out of my bag! I will be getting another one, and drill it with a higher pin over my ring finger.                                                                                                                                                                   Bowl 900 global they are number one in my book!


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Re: Bank
« Reply #5 on: August 28, 2010, 01:05:45 PM »
I had my Bank drilled very close to the (medium 4000-Total 5-7) Layout on 900 Global's drill sheet.  I practiced 5-6 games or so previous, and last night rolled it on our freshly oiled 41' house shot (medium volume). I am right handed, 13 to mid 13 mph or so, kind of between stroker and tweener.  This ball is quite strong. It does get down the lane very well, but you have to stay firm and on target, otherwise it will too much on the backend.  I put a dab of Legends factory polish (by hand) on this, and it helped not reading too early.  Very strong midlane with nice pop (continuance) at the pins.  I noticed after first game, ball started to burn up a bit (10 pins) - next 2 games moved left total 7 boards or so, and the ball evened out again - 188-246-216 - might try a little more polish, overall SO FAR I'm impressed and like what I see.


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Re: Bank
« Reply #6 on: September 13, 2010, 10:06:18 AM »
My Bank is drilled 50x4x40 with a 3/4" wide and 3" deep weight hole at P3.

All I can say is WOW! Give this ball a good amount of oil in the front and the middle part of the lane and it will give you a very strong arc in the backend and will continue trough the pins with excellent carry!
The most remarkable about this ball, is, that for a extremely high flaring ball (4-5" in the oil last track line right next to the weight hole O_o) it keeps enormous amounts of energy to release at the backend and the pins.

Compared to my Break Out, it is a lot more ball, but due to the energy retention i can use it even longer throughout the night!

All that is left to say, is that this ball lives up to the hype and the Global crew did a perfect job on this one. I cant wait to see the next releases with this new core.


Just shot a 300 and 802 with the Bank! I am going to get another one to store it away! What a ball!!!


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Re: Bank
« Reply #7 on: October 15, 2010, 10:59:05 AM »
Age: 20

Average: 219

Style: 2 Handed/Right

Ball Speed: 21-22 Mph

RPM: 600-650

Layout: 50 x 4" x 40

Shots Thrown On:
Route 66
Route 66 (Shortened)
Earl Anthony
Sunset Strip
Sunset Strip (Shortened)

My first ball by 900 Global. First Impression of the bowling ball on the lane is the move this ball gives in the mid lane and the back end. What intrigued me the most was this hype about this SRC (Self Righting Core). So i had to try it out.
Supposedly this ball was supposed to be aggresive just by itself. so i tried to tame it down a bit by giving it a smooth layout. But that didnt work at all
This ball hits hard when it finds the pocket though.

For the Patterns i played on, it only worked well on the Route 66 for League Play. Other then that, this ball died and i had to put it back into the bag after the first game.

If your looking for a ball that will turn without a doubt and hit hard in the pocket. The Bank is for you. For me, and on the patterns im bowling on, its just not a ball that fits in there. Im just waiting for a pattern here in hawaii to use this ball more frequently at the moment.

But Very Good Bowling Ball "900 Global"

Rating: 9/10

-Keene Inafuku
Just started 2 Handed in August.
6 300 Games and 2 800 Series so far.

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Re: Bank
« Reply #8 on: October 26, 2010, 11:48:34 AM »
Ball spec's 15.4 .5" pin 2.5 top
My profile: speed 14-16mph, power stroker rt hand.

Lane surface overlays and synthetic.

Drilling: Pin down over label, box finish.

The Bank - the NEW headliner from 900 Global is a unique design.  Brand new "self righting" core, a first of it's kind, supposed to give the bowler optimum reaction.  It does just that.  A very rolly, easy to read ball that seems to find the hole.  I was limited in what I could do as far as drilling with a 1/2" pin but what I got is a fast revving, easy read oily condition ball.  OOB was tough for me to use, just too much early hook.  Polished I got a ball I can use it on fresh with ease.  Doesn't wow you on the backend but it always get there and the carry was good.  I believe another layout with a longer pin to PAP would work well and increase my playability with the ball.

If you're looking for consistent reaction/hook on oil the Bank is one you need.

Joe Arvai
900 Global Amateur Staff


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Re: Bank
« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2010, 09:13:05 PM »

Pin Placement = Above Bridge

Pin > PAP = 5 1/8

MB > PAP = 5

DUAL ANGLE = 65 x 40


Broken Down House Shot

Mark = 17 @ the arrows

BreakPoint = 12


The BANK is a step up from the Break Out. The core gives this ball the ability, in my opinion, to rev harder than any other ball in the 900 Global lines. The coverstock can easily be modified to various grits in order to achieve desired reaction.

I bowled with this ball on broken down house shot conditions where the track area had some play but the volume inside was heavy enough to allow me to clear the front and mid part of the lane.

I chose this layout because I wanted to compare it to one of my Break Outs. What I've determined is the BANK needs a little more help clearing the fronts and mids which can easily be done by hand position or coverstock change.

The reaction was everything I expected with this layout. The pin up and longer pin to pap placement allowed me to dictate how the ball got to the breakpoint. (If you're not a hand position person, small surface changes can also help lengthen or shorten how the ball reads the lane).

Because this ball revs as hard as it does, I caution folks that this ball could have a tendency to hook and set if it is drilled too strong or encounters friction too soon on the lane.

What I've also noticed is that in the oil, speed can be a factor with this layout which is why I'm contemplating drilling one stronger, probably 4 1/4 Pin to PAP (right of ring finger) with a little more kick to the right with the MB so that speed on heavier conditions wouldn't be such a factor.

Overall, if you're looking for more reaction this is the ball for you. Understanding its purpose, you will need oil in the fronts and mids for this ball to really show its strength.

Hope this helps and if you have questions, please send me a private message.



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Re: Bank
« Reply #10 on: January 02, 2011, 02:39:16 AM »

Length:44 ft.

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):


Likes:this ball is great for oil and house shots deep inside. this ball is very versatile I have three for try out balls and everyone seems to like it gets down the lane and carries pins like crazy. I used it in a sports shot tournament against some of the best bowlers around and finished 13 and in the money only 2 pins from the 10 player cut.

Dislikes: i can't say that i have any it works for oil when i need it.


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Re: Bank
« Reply #11 on: January 21, 2011, 01:50:09 PM »

Pin Length:  3 1/2    

Starting Top Weight: 3

Ball Weight:  15.3



45 x 4 x 35  


Rev Rate:   350

Ball Speed:  17 mph


PAP/Track:  6 1/8 over 3/4 up



Grit:  OOB

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded):  4000 grit



Length:  40 feet


Volume: 26 ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):  THS



Length:   Good length through the heads

Back End:  Great continuation, wouldn't really call it a snap, but once it picks up it keeps going.


Overall Hook:  Overall hook is pretty good, not as much hook as my Mission, but good enough to play in the oil and recover enough to carry

Midlane Read:  this is where the ball picks up and really shines, the ball really picks up in the midlane and then never stops

Breakpoint Shape:  more of a hard arc



Likes:  I really like the continuation in this ball and will be trying it out on a sport shot this weekend and hopefully will see this continuation from the midlane.

Dislikes:  None yet with this ball, been very consistent for me.





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Re: Bank
« Reply #12 on: January 24, 2011, 09:24:18 AM »

Pin Length: 3
Starting Top Weight: 2.5 ounces

Ball Weight: 15



Dual Angle:  50x4x35

- weight hole on pap-7/8 drill bit 


Ball Speed:15-17


PAP: 3 3/8 over 1 1/4 up



Grit: 4000

Type: Matte 


-Usable on most house conditions and medium and medium heavy sport patterns


Length: Mine reads midlane, bowlers looking for length i would suggest long pins or polish(if looking for length please check the profit or bank pearl).

Back End: Very strong and continous on the backend. I rarely see any attempt to roll or burn out with mine.


Overall Hook: On a scale of 1 to 50 i would rate it at 45 which is impressive because i get alot of total hook out of mine while still seeing a very clean ball thru the front of the lanes even when the heads are burnt.
Midlane Read: Very strong yet still easy to control.

Breakpoint Shape:Mine is in between what most bowlers would call an arc and a hockey stick shape motion. This allows my ball to still read early but provide plenty of entry angle to the pocket when I desire to open a lane up which is what this ball is great at.



-Clears the front of the lane very well.
-Handles alot of oil.

-Doesnt roll or burn out very often.

-None so far, has been very easy to drill for myself and customers.






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Re: Bank
« Reply #13 on: January 25, 2011, 08:30:45 PM »
I absolutely LOVE my Bank. I have drilled two of them now and the picture below is the latest. I think this is one of the most versatile balls on the market, as far as making adjustments with surfaces and seeing a HUGE difference in ball reaction.


I have used the ball on a wide variety of patterns, lengths, lane surfaces, etc. From house shots to sport shots and PBA patterns to international events, this ball has been a HUGE asset to my bag!


If you use the ball out of the box or with a dull surface, it definitely needs some oil. It rolls early and has a strong backend motion. Using the ball with this surface would be good for people with HIGH speed, lower rev rates or people that are struggling with seeing their ball go too long on oily conditions.


However if you shine the ball up, you can also use the ball on medium to dry patterns. It becomes a little more skid/flippy and the shine allows the ball to get further down the lane and not loose any energy. This is the ball I used at the beginning rounds of the Tournament of Champions, in order to make it into the Elite field.


We've drilled a lot of Banks for our pro shop customers and everyone has loved this ball! 









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Re: Bank
« Reply #14 on: May 11, 2011, 12:53:57 PM »

Length:40" ths
Volume:medium heavy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):

Likes:  I like this ball a lot.  It's rated for a big back end but mine is drilled with a controlled layout and I see a very big move down lane that's very controllable.  You can tell when it's ready for the transition to move toward the pocket and is very easy to predict and adjust for.  I haven't seen oil yet that is too heavy for this ball but the pba league starts very soon and I'll give it a run there.  I will do another post after getting on that shot. 

Dislikes:   Well my dislikes are very low.  This ball is a solid and needs head oil to work great as does most solids.  The bank pearl would be better for that but I have not tried that one. 


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