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Angle Evolution
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
The "Top Secret" that you have been hearing about is out of the bag. This is the first ball to feature Double Power Ring Technology. By creating a dual mass bias, AMF has added an extra kick to the legendary Night Hawk
core that promises to deliver a stronger, more continuous motion on the back end than any particle ball to date.

The Angle Evolution also features SPT II cover stock, the most versatile, aggressive particle shell in bowling. SPT II can be shined or sanded easily by using any of your favorite products. By combining the viciousness of a Double Power Ring Core with the aggressive and controllable cover stock of SPT II, the result is a ball that provides more area and better carry which are the two elements needed for higher scores in today's game. Simply put, a ball that is worthy of the Angle name.

The specifications are: Core: Double Power Ring Multi Density; Cover stock:
SPT II; RG: 2.50; Flare Potential: 6.5" (differential .048); Hook: 9 BTM;
Length: 4.5 BTM; Finish: 1500 wet sanded; Weights: 12, 14-16 lbs.; Color:
Red and Black with Gold logo fill.


Dwight Albrecht

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2000, 02:00:00 AM »
Thanks to Bill Monce from AMF for allowing me to try the "Top Secret" which is now the Angle Evolution. This Black/Red 1500 grit Proactive is a quite impressive ball. It has a dual weight block with a offset mass bias which gives us the drillers tremondous versatility when laying out this ball. I drilled this ball with the intent to use it on oil and still allow me to get it through the heads. I drilled the pin 3 3/4 form my PAP and marked the mass bias at a 75 degree angle. This ball has power. This ball is at least 4-6 boards more hook than the AMF Revenge and the most impressive factor with this ball is the way it hits. It hits with authority, yet it yeilds good length through the first 15 feet. Overall I am very impressed with this ball for medium to oily lanes. Good skid, hard hook and tremondous hit makes this latest AMF Ball a fantastic choice for oily lanes. Remember, it can be polished for dry if need be, I personally would leave it factory sanded just because it is one of the few balls factory sanded that still skids well initially, and turns hard on the back end. Thank you again to Bill Monce from AMF and Thank you for reading this review.


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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2000, 02:00:00 AM »
AMF has done it again with the new Angle.  I put AMF's leverage/strong pin drilling with the PRI in the strong position and I was very impressed with this ball. This ball just creates tons of area and is just nonstop through the pindeck.  I love the motion this ball makes, midlane roll and strong throgh the pins.  I was throwing this ball next to my silencer and while I'm the biggest fan of track equipment out there the Evolution was more impressive with the hook, and carry.  AMF has another winner on their hands


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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2000, 02:00:00 AM »
There is only one one way to make a great versitile bowling ball and this is it.  Really strong core with a controllable coverstock. Power w/control. Not many balls can say that.

I got several last week compliments of the designer Del Warren.  I drilled the first one and coudn't wait to drill the others.  The first was to compliment the Torque and it did just that. Stronger motion and a lot more hit. The quote from the bowler I gave it too, "Geez, its my Torque on Steroids."

I had to drill the next one for myself I couldn't wait.  Same thing it got to the breakpoint very clean then rev'd up and went.  With this and my Labyrinth I'm covered for the night. The AE goes slightly longer then the Labyrinth and turned the corner a little harder.  

(Since I test many balls I try to drill the first ball of each the same...4" pin from PAP and a Mass Bias 2 3/4-3" from the VAL. This drilling gives me a good read, for my release, of most bowling balls.)

I have to say that this is just what AMF needed...Another, ball that is better then the last. Nice Progression, Nighthawk, Pearl Nighthawk, Menace, Torque and Now this.  AMF(Del) has done a great job of putting out winners.  People need to get over the AMF stigma, and get over it quick, to pass on this ball would be like passing on the original Angle because you thought it was a fad, or passing on the Sumo because it "flared."

Kelly Beasley

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2000, 10:38:41 PM »
This is definately the best product that AMF has put out to date.  This ball displays all the characteristics of balls that are what we call day in day out balls.  I have found some of the recent high performance balls to be very "conditional" where this ball is a great all around performer.  This ball is useable out of the box without all the early hook characteristics that some of the newer particle balls have shown.  I would give this ball a very solid 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 for all around versatility.

Christopher Marchand

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2000, 08:03:21 AM »
I received one of the Top Secret seed balls and drilled it different, 1x2. The first set out of the box in league was 734. I have been using AMF equipment since January of 1999 and this is probably the best hitting and percentage of carry when around the pocket is impressive. I look forward to trying out the Angle Evolution Tour and Reactive when I return from my current obligation overseas, deployed. This is another outstanding brainstorm that works great.

Old Coach

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #6 on: December 15, 2000, 04:31:01 PM »
Recently had a plugged Top Secret (Angle Evolution)drilled to the max for reaction.  Used it in a top hat 50/10 oil pattern.  I am in the 17-18 mph range with average rev on a 45 degree axis. Usually play down and in. Was able to move inside and play from 22 to 10 Was surprised by the hitting power and pin carry of this ball. Was clean through the heads with a hard sharp turn on the back end.  Didn't seem to have a problem with carry down as long as you have good speed control. First set 194-251-242=687  (Slowed the speed down after the 194.)  I am looking forward to trying the Evolution tour and Evolution Reactive.  

matt smith

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #7 on: January 16, 2001, 11:50:52 PM »

got this ball drilled with the pin directly above my fingers, with a small weight hole. i have had many of the night hawks and i can say definately that amf have taken a step up in the ball world with  this ball. i was bowling on a league condition; 5 units outside 5 on both sides and 25 units everywhere else. this ball was rocketing back to the hole everytime. i bowl at 25km/h and with above average revs. to play the line 20 over 10 i was staying as far behind the ball as possible. definately an oil ball. like no other amf ball i have had this one carries 90% of the time. this ball is a very consistant performer. it is also easily shined and dulled. i got itdulled when i got it, and the other day i got is shined up so i could use it at my local house. i have tries many different releases with this ball so far and all bar one of them have worked well. forward roll worked excellently, but if i put excess side revolutions on the ball it seemed to use to much of its energy in the front of the lane and lose hitting power.

great ball. with my drilling i would suggest this ball for everyone that does not put alot of exess side revs on the ball. 8 out of 10!!
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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #8 on: September 03, 2001, 05:49:42 PM »
I took a few balls to the alley that I had listed for sale.
Just to make sure that they were duplications in my arsenal.

This one I never had really fitting right nor did I ever practice with it.  Just tried it on a league shot that had frustrated me all spring.

Today with a new thumb insert I gave it a thorough test.  On a 35 foot medium oil shot 10 to 10 with huge backends I matched it up aganinst an HPH too early,
reactive 4D very big,(see my review), and this!  This drilled unusually for me
5 inch pin mass bias on the VAL.  A 5 X 2.

This ball was perfect for this condition.  Sanded to 1000 and polished with Black Magic this ball was smooth through the heads and made a very smooth move but powerful and really cracks the pins and flings them around.  Light, flush,
and hi all carry.

This ball compares very favorably to the Crimson Red Sledgehammer the move is round, smooth, and continues making strong progress to the hole.  Ideal for oil
in the heads and fresh in the back.  The difference is this ball has a 5 inch pin my Sledgehammer has a 3 3/8 inch pin to PAP also mass bias on the VAL.  This is one strong core!

I don't know how strong this ball would have been if I used more of its flare potential ie 3 to 4 inch pin to PAP and had stacked the thing.  Probably this thing would either burn too early or be almost uncontrollable if stacked except for the high speed player.

Again this may actually be a slightly stronger version of my super smooth sledgehammer even with this weaker drilling.  I'm interested to see how versatile it is on more light medium heads that the sledgehammer could also handle due to it being a no particle reactive.  I'm concerned this may check up earlier on this condition.  If not this could easily be a keeper.

PS.  I threw 9 in a row missed with this and then threw 6 in a row with the stronger backend reacting(4 X 5 drilled) 4D reactive from hammer.  Two strong hitting balls!  One smooth one flippy!


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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #9 on: October 01, 2001, 11:28:57 AM »
Even though this an aggressive ball, I went with the Pin above the ring finger with a 3 in Pin at 2'oclock. Did not want a lot of flare so the weight hole was moved closer. This ball works great when the heads are going away and the back-ends are still there or if you need to go straighter down the lane. Surface was changed to 1200 and Ebonite Partial and Extender were applied.

Rick Smith

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #10 on: November 14, 2001, 09:16:58 PM »
I've had this ball for a little under a year ( I know, I know.... every man and his dog, woman and her cat has reviewed this ball four times by now but...) and it's performance doesn't fade. Strong through the heads, great for medium oil lanes... keeps the pins low and let's talk about pin action!!! I can completely botch up my release and this thing will strike on a high or low pocket. I used to have problems with strong tens leaving me wanting but with this ball if I don't get strikes I have easy spares. Easy to control when lanes start moving.  Not the kind of ball I'd suggest for someone with less than my average , as some time it's too aggresive (left a lot of standing 8 pins....) but I'm a stubborn boy!...

Terry Lashley

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2001, 01:54:51 PM »
Just had to write this ball up.  Got it about 3 months ago and I am still shocked at how hard this ball hits.  INCREDIBLE!!!!  It has a 2 to 3 inch pin and 3 1/2 oz. top weight.  Goes through the heads clean, sets up and drives through the pocket like nothing I've ever seen.  Pins are flying everywhere, and it keeps them very low.  I have a Nighthawk Menace, Nighthawk SPT, Nu-Line Gauntlet, RPM Ultra C and a Hammer Reaper and not one of these can compare to this ball.  When I had it drilled, the pro shop manager told me this was the best AMF ball ever.  Boy was he right.  Watch ebay!! They come up sometimes.  Get one and you'll never look back.


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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #12 on: January 12, 2002, 09:16:59 PM »
I bought this ball used from my pro shop guy who plugged the fingers and just shortened it to my span.  3" pin, drilled with the pin right between the fingers and slightly above them, with the CG just to the righ of my grip center.

At first I was a little shaky wih this ball.  I really needed something for heavy oil, so I made the investment after good and convincing reviews from my pro shop(also a close personal friend of mine) I tried to swing this ball like I can my fire hawk, but then I quickly realized I didn't have enough hand to swing it.  So I decided to move outside and play straight up 10.  2nd arrow was the key for me, once I got my lin down and I was turnd on for score, I shot 192, 176, 213.  (I'm a 181 average)  This ball hit hard as hell, but what Ifound mot impression was it's ablity to finish.  This ball just kept on truckin along after it's initial hook and rolled right through thedeck.  normally I leave alot of 10 pins with the other bals in my bag(usually 6 or 7 er series)  I left 2 10 pins that series.  Tomorrow will be my second week on that league shot, and I will try and post 1 more follow up review on the ball.  Thanks for reading, good luckand good bowling!


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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #13 on: March 06, 2002, 04:03:49 AM »
AMF is starting to push my Storm equipment out of my bag slowly but surely. Got the Angle used from my buddy cause he basically didnt want it anymore so I put my grips and thumb slug in and went to town. I am a lefty, he was righty, so the ball is still drilled negative weight, so we put a small balance hole in it to even the weight out, so I can control the backend better. I play right around 4th arrow with it, getting it out to about 5-7 and when it hits the breakpoint......smash! 10 in the pit. Needless to say, this ball hooks a ton, no matter where it is drilled at. Havent put a big series together yet with it, simply because I am struggling lately, but this ball has gotten me several high 600's in practice. Havent really used it in league or tournament play yet, cause I have several balls I can use on several conditions. Ball carries corners well, but with all the hook, I tend leave the big 4 when I hit it or pull it. All in all though, another great ball from AMF, even though it is a year and a half old, it doesnt matter as long as the pins all fall.


Striking FX

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Re: Angle Evolution
« Reply #14 on: April 04, 2002, 03:43:58 PM »
  I received my ball from Bowler's Depot in San Diego. I live
in Hawaii, and the ball in the box condition was too strong, even
playing the deep inside line. Pin is under the ring finger with
the cg kicked right and the MB to the right of the thumb-hole.
Polished it with COLUMBIA Degree 1200 grit.. that was the ticket.
Ball clears the heads and leaves nothing but splinters when hits
the pocket. Works best on fresher conditons with hold area.

 This is my first AMF particle loaded ball and I am very satisfied.