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Author Topic: For Sale - AMF Balls - New & NIB Different Weights  (Read 3973 times)


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For Sale - AMF Balls - New & NIB Different Weights
« on: August 13, 2021, 11:27:24 AM »
MadMax here,
Hi, its been awhile, many years and probably over a decade.
A few old timers may remember me from around 20 years ago.
I'll be posting some balls for sale on just about every board so
if your interested in anything then drop me a message with the
ball and your zip code, thanks MadMax.

15lb Slam Power Up Series 15lb 8.8oz - No Original Box
14lb Triumph Amp
16lb Encore - 2 balls available
16lb Decimate - 2 balls available
16lb Justice Pearl - New On The List
15lb Villain Original
15lb Radar Alert
16lb Titan Pearl - 2nd
16lb The Heist - Original
15lb The Heist Burgundy Pearl - Never Released By AMF - USBC Approved
14lb Justice Pearl