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Author Topic: Darkness review by Andrew Jensen 900 Global/AMF Staff  (Read 1292 times)


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Darkness review by Andrew Jensen 900 Global/AMF Staff
« on: February 18, 2014, 11:46:31 AM »
The Darkness is due out on 2/20/2014

I have to say this is the smoothest most continuous ball I have EVER thrown! I can't believe the amount of recovery this ball has when you squeak one to the right a little to much! And HARD, MAN does this ball hit HARD!

I drilled mine a bit more stacked with pin up and the CG kicked out just enough to throw without putting a weight hole in it. It has 7/8 finger weight and 3/4 side weight.

I have thrown mine at Chops and Mockingbird in Omaha NE. as well as at city in Rockford Illinois and wow does this ball roll phenomenal! I can play up the lane wih it around eight board and also move in with it around third arrow and farther!

It seemed like the farther left I had to go the better my look became. I would say this is the best compliment to the 900 Global Network! I can break them down with the AMF Darkness and then switch to the 900 Global Network! Man is 900 Global/AMF are making some awesome stuff!

I have never been as excited about bowling than I am right now! If you don't own a 900Global or AMF ball you should! Ask your local pro shop today how to get your hands on the best balls on the planet!

Andrew Jensen
900 Global/AMF Staff