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Title: Little Boy
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
LITTLE BOY is the only bowling ball with the revolutionary "Twin-Pin Weight System”, which dramatically improves both the accuracy tracking and efficiency of your hook or straight ball. Suggested List: $179.00

A powerful gyroscopic action is created by the Twin-Pin Weight System, which produces the technical efficiency to deliver a disruptive, explosive, pin-killing force at the critical point of impact.

Even more amazing... no matter what your current bowling ball speed... the LITTLE BOY bowling ball will maximize its striking power and knockdown efficiency! We’ve all spun a gyroscope and marveled at the difficulty of moving it off its axis, or turning it to the side... it seems to have a power and force of its own that goes on and on. LITTLE BOY harnesses this gyroscopic force in every ball.

Bowling balls typically loose striking power as they divert some of your initial energy to maintain a track line down the lane. Imagine what your score would be if the dynamics of the ball itself kept it on track, delivering maximum force at impact!

The first and only bowling ball with the dynamics of a gyro and the uniform pre-stressed cover of Nitrothane is the LITTLE BOY... the power-ball you’ve been looking for.

Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: BowlPro on February 13, 2002, 10:54:24 PM
The AZO Little Boy Rocks!!!!

This ball is not New!, it was released at the begining of last summer.
but we are here to let you know that we have put more than 2 dozen of
theses balls on the lanes with great success!!!

The Little Boy features the Twin-Pin weight block design that was originally
used in the "Fat-Man" from AZO.

The "Little-Boy" gets down the lane and hangs a BIG LEFT TURN!!!
the hitting power is great! as it explodes the pocket!

The Pearlized coverstock is called Nitrothane Reactive, and this cover
is strong! We found that this ball worked best on medium to dry lane conditions
or lane conditions where you have strong backends.
For the average release player, you will find this ball smooth and strong.

But, if you are a cranker, or one of those bowlers who can "Turn & Burn"
you will find the "Little-Boy" to be even stronger!
Our Crankers Love this ball!!!
We have developed a strong following with many of Our
Customers for this Ball!
If you want a ball that Gets down the lane and has a
strong back-end, then the AZO Little-Boy is for you!

We will offer this additional word of caution!
Make sure that who ever drills this ball for you KNOWS
the technical drilling information and suggested drilling patterns
for this ball!

This ball DOES NOT drill like any other bowling ball! Traditional drilling
patterns DO NOT apply!!!! If this ball is drilled incorrectly, you may find that
it will perform in a "Funky" manner! and or even thump the fingers or thumb,

If drilled correctly!  This ball is a Screamer!!!!

We Highly recommend this ball to Our Customers and all Bowlers!

Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: UKBALLEXPERT on March 10, 2002, 11:29:30 AM
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Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: joebar on March 21, 2002, 04:46:48 AM
I'm a player from Holland, and I like it to try somthing new or something not everyone uses.
I found the little boy saw it's specs, and wanted it . Bill Bauer's pro shop was so nice to sent it to me, and if I may say so .... It hits like a atomic bomb. And I do have some balls, Trauma- speedzone - el nino - surge - ripetide - rotogrip sd- and more  
But this ball is so save to play, never surprises you, and wenn it comes it comes HARD  OH DO I LOVE THIS BALL.
AZO is not common in EUROPE,and if you should see how the people look and ask about the ball , they are all amazed by it
A super ball.
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: bluesquest on April 15, 2002, 10:41:48 AM
I am a bowler and pro shop worker from the Midwest and drill all of my own equipment.  I like to try equipment from lesser know companies because I have found that these small, unknown outfits often have some of the best, state of the art, balls.  I found AZO on the Internet at and ordered two of their balls to try.  I have nothing negative to say about the ball but the one drawback I found was in dealing with the company trying to get some of their equipment.  They are kind of a flaky company to deal with and apparently they do not update their own web page very often.  All the balls I requested off of their web page, one of which was listed as “NEW” they don’t even make anymore, including the Little Boy.  I was able to finally obtain a Little Boy and it was well worth the efforts to get.  I have used this ball in league play and open play and with roughly 20 games I am averaging around 230 with it; (I bowl on a very easy house shot).  The most remarkable thing about the ball is the carry!  Coming in light behind the head pin still blows the rack and a high shot still carries out the 4-pin.  The ball does not over react at all and thus far I have only been truly tapped once and that was an 8 pin.  The ball has a smooth consistent arc and I was somewhat surprised with the fact that it hooks far less that I anticipated.  Both of the local centers where I bowl have plenty of dry outside boards so I don’t know for sure how the Little Boy would work on heavy oil but I suspect it would not hook much at all and may not be suitable for that type of shot.  In short if you can get one of the Little Boys I would say go for it!  It’s a good ball and worth having in your arsenal.
Jay Lamb
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: towrofstgh on December 09, 2002, 01:46:10 AM
I had this ball drilled LH:  one pin at 10:30 and the other pin (closest to the CG) at 4:30 for max hook.  I tried it out on a 33' medium oil with tight backends.  I cannot believe how many 7 pins I left tonight!  When I finally did get a strike, it was absolutely explosive.  I got alot of practice on that 7 pin though...JEEZE!  I purchased an AZO Optimum and an AZO Apex.  I'm going to try the Optimum next week and drill it for skid/snap.  I'll tell you how that goes next week.
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: Mark French on April 01, 2003, 01:52:55 AM
HAHA all I have to say about this ball is 7-pin city! I liked the reaction, but it hit VERY flat. Not a bad ball for drier conditions at a center where the pins fly.
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: A_P_K on June 18, 2003, 02:06:25 PM
Drilled the weakest way possibly allowed by AZO.  Top pin over my ring finger at 1pm, and bottom pin over my thumb at 6pm.  This gave me a skid snap type reaction good for medium conditions.  

I read alot of reviews that this ball was all about over under so I wanted to stay away from any aggressive drill.  Needless to say the out of box condition, still is about over under anyway.

I used it out of box condition, as well as polished, and scotchbrited up.  Polished give you great length with sharp hockey stick reaction in the backs, while dulled you basically get the same reaction, only stronger and earlier.

In the original condition, this ball chewed up drier lanes, and swam on the oilier ones.  The scotchbrited condition was too strong period, I was playing deeper than I ever wanted too.  The good thing though, was that it still made it back to the pocket with little energy loss.  So that leaves me where I am now, I polished the scotchbrited cover to see what I get.  What do you know, this ball gets through the heads effortlessly, and makes a great arc towards the pocket.  The Littleboy's huge backend rips the pocket to pieces, and RARELY ever leaves corners standing.

I have played every line possible with this ball from way inside to way outside, and haven't had any trouble getting the job done using the Littleboy.  I have also used it on both lane surfaces shooting the same lines and areas.

I went from no good on oil and dry wondering where can I use this ball, to being able to use it whenever the rest of my equipment doesn't carry.  Most of my main arsenal has huge backend, so all I do is adjust my speed accordingly and I'm in business.

Overall this is a very unique ball, but once the user figures out how the Littleboy wants to be thrown, ( should do what it tells you to do) this ball is just down right lethal.
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Post by: Tha One on April 24, 2005, 11:28:48 PM
Oh My God! Through utter and shock i have learned to throw a hook ball with this ball. i got in my first league and i bought this ball used. fortunately i didn't have to change any thing except i was discourageD with the thumb whole placement so for now, i bowl without using my thumb to control it.

So now imp high on this ball because unlike other good bowlers who have 2 and 3 bowlers for different situations i have learned to pick up different spares with it and even adjust my ball for a higher strike percentage which is probably only about 40-50%. But yea this ball does come with some power ONLY IF YOU THROW IT PERFECTLY. I will be moving on to the hybrid from the hot rod line of storm pretty soon and i will post my review for that.

Thank you
Tha One
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: Tha One on April 25, 2005, 12:42:01 AM
to add, this ball sometimes doesn't hook so that could help the ppl that balls slip off their hand like it does to me often. like it'll have the spin as if to hook but then surprisingly it'll stay straight and strike for me. but then sometimes i'll release it wrong and it will hook from the middle and curve off a cliff into the channel so as you can see every good player has their bad moments. I'm through now. lol
Tha One
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: Tha One on July 20, 2005, 02:48:28 PM
WOW! MAN i did not get the hybrid and my liitle boy has been trippin. its been inconsistent.i moved arrows. i moved boards but no matter wut i do i cant hit it on a consistancy. but it turns out wen i took it in tothe proshop to get it redrilled. my specs were all wrong and the ball wuz drilled for a lefty. and i bowl right so i think thats wut tha problem wuz but its in the shop as it gets redrilled,sanded, and smoothed out all the chips, and sanded some. thanks for listenin.
Tha One
Title: Re: Little Boy
Post by: ¬å˜´ ¡ ˆß ©å¥ on December 25, 2010, 01:18:30 AM
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