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Author Topic: My First Outing With The Griips Glove  (Read 10698 times)


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My First Outing With The Griips Glove
« on: August 19, 2010, 06:21:02 AM »
Tried the glove out today for the first time. Ended up bowling 4 games. This is certainly a different feel from what one is used to, but I was suprised that it only felt "weird" for about a game or so--I thought It would take longer for me anyways. The fact that I'll be able to get the same feel in the fingers from ball to ball is huge. I am sure that consistency of release will be there as I use it more---that's just not the reason I bought it-----  What I like most about the glove is that even though you felt the "grip" part of the glove on my fingers, I didn't feel my fingers at all--pretty much no wear & tear or strain on the fingers that I can tell--the fingers felt comfy. I use a robbys revs when I bowl....and like the company says , the grips glove works with it just fine. After 3 games I took the griips glove off and was going to throw one of my other balls with the grips still in it-----as soon as I tried to put my hand in that ball I felt the back of my fingers---I have two knots on one side of both of my fingers, and they tend to swell at times when I bowl, especially more than a few games at a time--the skin gets ripped up at times on them and I end up having to put skin protector on them just so I won'
t rip up the skin any further and I can bowl somewhat comfortably without that kind of pain.

Right away I went back to the griips glove, didn't even want to throw a ball with grips at that point. Sometimes my finger get sore when I bowl and also afterward--but I had none of that today--didnt feel a thing in my fingers while I was bowling or afterward. It looks like I will have sonsistent feel from ball to ball, and no wear & tear whatsoever on my finger--which those 2 things are enough for me to be sold on it--if I end up getting more consistency in the release like they mention on the promo video that will simply be a plus for me. It may still be too soon to tell, but we may have a winner here.