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Author Topic: 300 game recognition?  (Read 1206 times)


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300 game recognition?
« on: February 04, 2007, 08:43:30 PM »
Hi guys,
Last Sunday, I joined a twelve game straight 9 Pin tournament. Somewhere in the 5th game, a veteran player (mid 40s, avg 186, played hook since his teens)got his 300 game with original strike (remember,this is in a 9 pin tournament) and was celebrated by other players in the area. People took his pictures and praised him as being the best player in the tournament. And the game goes on....
Suddenly on the 9th game I also got a 300 game with an original strike too. You know what the reaction was? People just clapped their hands and went on their game as usual, no one even took my pictures, no praises and thats it. Hmnnn... considering I just bowled for almost 2 years, with 165 avg, and this was my first 3oo game, erm.. i just dont know what o write next.... Ummm....maybe they dont like  a newbie with 300 game lol...
What do you guys think?

For your information that veteran emerged as Champion and I just ended in 5th position from 40+ players. There was also no rewards for the perfect game (300 with original strike). There was never a 300 game from othervplayers in the 9 pin tourney too.. lol.



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Re: 300 game recognition?
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2007, 07:33:29 AM »
Sorry you got kinda screwed out of the recognition, especially since you average 165.  Some no-tap tournaments are sanctioned, and if you threw an honest 300 (no 9-counts), you can at least get a ring for it.