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A couple questions
« on: April 18, 2008, 12:19:41 PM »
1: Would I be correct in saying that a lower rev player would need a ball made for heavier oil, than a high rev player? For example: On medium oil someone with average speed and low revs would need a "Black Widow Bite" while someone with high revs and average speed could use a "Raw Hammer Doom"?

The Line would be standing 5 boards left of the center and swinging out to the 2nd arrow.

and my 2nd question:

I have 2 balls both drilled for length. At my current house it just seems like the balls never make a strong turn to the pocket, and even with my xfactor I can only play inside. Since both balls dont seem to be doing well could the issue be that I need a ball that moves sooner? Or should these balls be working on a house shot?



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Re: A couple questions
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2008, 07:32:31 AM »
You cannot generalize, and most of the time it is a relative thing. Additionally, try a different perspective: low revs are not that problematic if there is still a proper match in speed. But overall, ball choive, setup and surface prep also play a major role if you want an "effective" ball on the lane.

A low RG ball can help get the ball into an early roll and make it respond quickly to dry areas on the lane. A matte surface, solid and/or particle coverstock and a rolly setup will enhance the effect - and can easily become "too much" for a low rev/low speed player. The overall package has to match the style - and reducing this task on just an OOB ball is ridicolous (or just a lack of imagination). While the statement is in so far true, that higher revs call for less surface, be careful with it. It is less than half of the truth.

If you face long oil (and playing  a slight swing shot like you mentioned keeps the ball pretty well in the head oil, even on a THS), maybe combined with carrydown, a polished ball will have trouble at the breakpoint. A high/weak pin position will also have the ball skid too far before it breaks and gets into its roll - that's what you want to achieve if you want to exploit a ball's potential. I'd suggest sanding the ball, and see what happens - 1.000 grit (white or grey 3M pad) is IMHO a good basis. The earlier friction should make the ball grip and break earlier.

Alternatively, do not insist on your line. Be more flexible - even though a lane can be that tight that nothing works. If the lane does not yield results with your ball at hand, either use a release with less side rotation/more forward roll, and/or move closer to the gutter for a straighter down-and-in shot. Does not look as fancy as a bellied shot, but it works, and that's what finally counts
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