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adjusting advice
« on: August 09, 2010, 03:35:07 AM »
I'm a lefty and looking for advice on adjust while playing it straight up
I'm not 100% good with the terms but I'll do the best I can. Went bowling last night with some friend and the lanes were horrible when looking just to have some fun. The lanes were dry mainly dry, but the outside (about 7 and left) was really oily. If the ball hit anywhere in the area, it would roll into the gutter to just trap and glide down the lane.
I normally play around the 12-13 board and break around 5-10, but it was hard keeping anything on the left of the head pin. The best way to play for me is to roll it straight down the at the 4 board.
I just didn't know how to adjust as the lanes were breaking down. I would step a little right to adjust, but I step so much right that when aiming at the 1st arrow I couldn't throw it straight down.

What other ways can I adjust when playing this style as the lanes break down?
Let me know if I need any more details.