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Another ball request
« on: January 19, 2004, 04:13:37 AM »
Hi all. I am brand new to the board and have yet another request for a ball recommendation. I have read the other posts and replies covering the same subject and am hope to get a little more personalized guidance.

I am 41 years old,6' 3", 165lbs., and am left handed. I have recently started bowling again after years of not. I am currently playing with any house ball that fits in a weight range of 14-16lbs though most comfortable with the 14 lb. My right foot is positioned 2 boards to the left of the center dot on the back most row (5 step approach) and I aim two boards to the left of the first left (of center) arrow. The ball seems to travel a pretty straight line with a mild hook that seems more gradual than abrupt. I am medium speed/low rev bowler that would like to move my game forward by having a consistent fitting/weighing ball that will also let me develop a bit more of a hook.

After talking to a man at the pro shop I am thinking about a Storm Hotwire. Does this sound correct? Thank you for your time and replies.