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Staying behind the ball
« on: December 12, 2006, 05:02:52 AM »
Im preatty new to the sport of bowling and need some help as i get to the end of my approch and start my throw right as the ball is even with my left leg (Right handed bowler) i have a tendancy to turn my wrist and end up throwing the ball like a briefcase and not getting any forward roll on the ball what are some tips that i can get so i can stay behind the ball and get somemore revs out of it and more forward roll im throwing a hammer blackwidow and when i throw it down the lane it acts like a house ball with little to no hook but if i take my thumb out i can get it to crank really good and i have some video of this so im not just making it up any help would be greatly appereciated

                            Thanks Josh



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Re: Staying behind the ball
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2006, 03:12:33 AM »
Josh, it can be the result of a general release or even a timing flaw. Do you know your PAP or style (high/low tracker)?

However, make sure you get the thumb out of the ball in your ankle area, do not wait longer to release the ball. As an additional tip, I can only tell you to try to "drive" through the ball with your ring finger, as if you were grabbing out towards your target on the lane, upper body help upright and not bent from the waist.

You might accellerate the swing a little once the thumb is free. Side roll and hook should come by itself - do not force the issue. The ball is designed to hook through its core and drilling, and it will gladly do if you let it do its job. That's why you paid so much money fo it!

Additionally, it could also be a drilling mistake. The BW is a high MB ball, and setting it up properly for a player is more critical than with a symmetric core and a low mass bias.
I am not sure why you bought this ball, or if you were taled into it - but I'd only recommend it to a player with a clean and stable style, drilled by a pro shop who knows your game and has watched you play. A bad setup can screw up the ball reaction, and you might try as you might but never get a decent ball reaction and exploit its potential.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps a bit...


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