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Author Topic: Update on my bowling journey  (Read 1313 times)


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Update on my bowling journey
« on: August 29, 2010, 07:39:09 PM »
Hi guys, this is just a little update on my progress on my bowling.

I started back at bowling after a 6 year break this January. So, 8months and 2 coaches later this is what i got,

Jan to March
turns out that my first coach was kind of a douche, 9 lessons of 1step drills, i fired him. all i got from him was a slimmed down wallet. i still had all my bad habits and awkwardness with me. well in his defense,i did learn a fair bit on theory. some mental aspects on competitive bowling and ball dynamics, layout etc.

March till current
2nd coach corrected/changed/enhanced the following

5 step approach
relaxed swing
cup wrist
clean thumb exit
sitting the ball
chicken wing eliminated, much higher track
eliminated pulling my back swing

it was an amazing journey. i could not recognize myself from the videos he took.

it was so much more fluid. no awkwardness at all. id say i hit a milestone. right now the next step is to cement the physical game and after tat is done we can go into more technical bowling.

i was a low tracker because of my chicken wing swing. now i can stay behind the ball all the way, appreciate the feel of cupping the wrist to facilitate a clean thumb exit and impart revs via fingers lifting the ball.

well... there is just one tiny problem i need to fix, that is i stay behind the ball so much that im rolling over my thumb hole. i need to impart a bit of side roll from my fingers after my thumb exits the ball. i should be able to get that in 1 or 2 lessons.

im not buying a lot of balls, actually i have become a bit of a used ball fan. i used a 3rd drill storm shift for most of my training sessions and a 2nd drill mutant cell that i was previously my coach's. but i cant seem to find enough oil to use. i dont think i will be buying first hand gear in a while.

im pretty sure i have help contribute to his coaching business. there were several occasions people approached him during my lessons after observing for a while.

so im going to continue our business relationship for a while longer and see how much more i can grow.

i reckon coaching is a much better way to spend money in bowling than buying new balls. however having said that, i do look forward to become a ball junkie someday.