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Title: Absolute Inferno
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Think you can handle Absolute Power?

Find out with the new Absolute Inferno from Brunswick. Combining the red-hot performance of the original Inferno's Ultra-Low RG core with the aggressiveness of a rough-buff, pearlized Activator+ coverstock, the Absolute Inferno sets a new standard for traction that leaves other balls behind. For improved hook potential, a more angular breakpoint, and better mid-lane recovery and forgiveness, there’s only one absolute you can count on – Absolute Inferno.

Brunswick’s Activator® overstock has quickly established a reputation for excellence in ball reaction, durability and longevity of ball reaction. On the lanes, Activator coverstock balls are clean through the heads with excellent mid-lane recovery and strong arcing back-end reactions that create powerful pin action. Owners of the original Inferno have reported that it requires less frequent resurfacing and/or rejuvenation and is more resistant to cracking than other reactive coverstock balls.

Activator ® + is a more aggressive version of the original Activator coverstock formulation that maintains the durability and longevity of ball reaction that are characteristic of the Activator coverstock family. The rough-buff, pearlized version of Activator + coverstock used on the Absolute Inferno creates more traction in the oil, increasing the ball’s mid-lane and backend hooking action, while still being clean through the front end. When combined with the more angular breakpoint of the Activator + coverstock, this creates a ball with excellent mid-lane recovery and strong back-end power that is very forgiving, allowing the bowler more room for error.

Out of the box: The Absolute Inferno is an ideal ball for medium-dry to medium-oily lane conditions.
When shined: Using Brunswick’s Factory Finish High Gloss Polish the total hooking action of the Absolute Inferno can be reduced and the arc made more skid/snap.
When dulled: The hooking action of the Absolute Inferno will increase providing a better match-up for oily lane conditions.

Reaction Setup
The Absolute Inferno can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for two-piece balls, see the included drilling instructions for reaction characteristics and layout details.

The Absolute Inferno is finished with a new rough-buff compound finish. To bring your Absolute Inferno back to its original factory finish use Brunswick’s new Factory Finish Rough Buff. Available from your local Pro Shop.

Blue Pearl/Orange Pearl
Hardness: 76-78
Glow Engraving
Factory Finish
Rough Buff
More Information

Core Dynamics
Symmetrical core
RG Max: 2.513”  
RG Min: 2.463”
RG Diff: 0.050”
RG Avg: 2.6 out of 10
Hook Potential 130
Length 100
Breakpoint Shape 85
Available Weights
12-16 Pounds
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: BrunsGarbage on February 04, 2005, 12:24:12 AM
This ball is horrible!
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: gtghm on February 11, 2005, 04:40:30 AM
I got mine and had it drilled 5-1/4"X4" Pin 1-1/2" up with the Axis 5-7/16 and zero. X-hole located 2-1/4 from the Axis for increased track flair.

I am a right handed high track with medium to high revs player with a ball speed in the 16-1/2 to 17mph range.

After bowling with it for a few leagues I have to say I like the ball a lot.

It took a few surface adjustments to get it right for me; I settled on 400 wet sand and then polished it to a high gloss with Brunswick factory polish. That allowed the ball to get through the heads and read the mids correctly for me, at 220 ruff buff the ball wanted to go too early in the heads.

With this drilling, for me, the ball gets into a nice strong roll and makes a definite arcing turn to the pocket at the breakpoint but not a jump. It hits like all new B'balls do, throwing the pins around and carrying just about the world, however on pure shots the ball stays clean in the pocket and blows the whole rack into the pit.

Brunswick rep said that the Absolute would be close to the original Inferno but a with little more length and a little more angular. I would have to agree.

As I see it, definitely a good complement to the Ultimate.

If you liked the original Inferno then you will like this one when you are ready to replace it.

Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: RDHHH on February 20, 2005, 08:08:25 PM

    Here is my review. I'm 14 years of age and I average 191, before I bought this ball i was looking for a back ball. So I was thinking of purchasing the Storm Hot Rod Pro Stock, since its a good ball for the price. While I debating on getting this ball Mike Clement (couch / driller) told me that, that the ball wouldn't hook enough for me on those slick conditions since my average ball speed is about 16.5, So he drilled the Absolute Inferno. He drilled the ball to go long then break at the end. I got the ball last thursday (2/17/05) since then I cant seem to put the ball down. It holds its line then at the last it breaks for the pocket hitting it HARD!!! and nearly caring everything. when I throw the ball out it comes in. when I use the same line and throw it inside it HOLDS its line then goes for the pocket. No matter what the ball DOES NOT burn it self out. It stores all of its energy for the last then hits the pocket SO HARD.


reasons why I LOVE this ball

2. SHATTERS the pocket
3. Doesn't burn it's self out EVER
4. Holds it's line. It doesn't skid all over the place before breaking toward the pocket.
5. Carries Light, Carries Flush, Carries Heavy
6. Very controllable

Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: bowlitup on February 20, 2005, 09:18:53 PM
Got this one drilled up on friday 2/18 and tried it in league. I thought it was going to give me some kind of crazy long skid/flip reaction, but I have come to realiize that it simply wasn't drilled that way. GOOD. That's not my style anyhow. I play straight up 10 most of the time 16-17 mph, med revs. That is my "A" game.I wanted to belly the ball a little more and get some more backend(a "B" game), but my driller talked me out of it. He used a leverage drilling on a ball with a 1-2" pin. This didn't give me the desired "B" game. However what it DID do was it took my "A" game to another level. My hits were stronger, my carry was greater and the arc was SO strong. The strikes were SO loud. The loudest i've ever heard. And I don't throw it that hard. The cover grabbed at the breakpoint and never let go. The AI went straight through the deck. No taps all night. If I hit the head pin- 10 in the pit. No doubt. Even brooklyn. I had 6 Brooklyn shots all night. All down, every time. 1st game 234,2nd- 188 3rd- 176. Current avg. 169. If I put it there they all went down. Ten out of Ten. Fantastic. It worked for my game. *FOR ME*
Ben W.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: smaglik on February 21, 2005, 02:12:46 AM
I got this ball out at the Mini. My specs:

Med-High rev rate
16-17mph at delivery
PAP 5 7/16 x 5/8

Ray Edwards laid this ball out.  I have an Intense Inferno with a 4.75" pin, 45 degree pattern, and while I liked the reaction it gave me, it tended to be over under.  My request was for something similar, but a tad bit more predictable.  The end result was a 5" pin with a 70 degree pattern.  The pin is placed under the ring finger.

My first experiences with the ball were that of over / under.  The patterns I attempted to use the ball on (mostly the brunswick shootout and mini) were thick and medium to long, and with the box surface, even though it is polish on a low grit, I had problems controlling it with my slower ball speed and high rev rate.  After talking to one of their product reps, i used gray scotchbrite on the ball simply to even out the reaction.  After about 2 games, the ball settled in to about a 600 matte finish.

To compare, this ball seems to have the predictability of the original Fire & Smoke, the late revving characteristics of the Ultimate, and the back-end traction of the Intense.  Across product lines, I get a similar look out of my Bully, but with a more angular break (drill pattern is very similar).  I have to believe that they tweaked the Activator+ coverstock for this ball, because it seems to come off the end of the pattern a lot smoother than my Intenses did.  The success I've had with this ball has been down the lane, as the ball reads the mid lane fairly well but doesnt bounce off the track, storing enough energy for a strong finish.  I have seen guys wheel this rock, but I have yet to match up with it that way.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

bowl well

Ed Smaglik
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: ball boy on March 01, 2005, 10:40:46 AM
This is, by far the BEST Inferno to date!

#15 lb
Medium/high rev rate
15-16 mph at release

Drilled it simple, pin right thru the ring finger on a 2-3" pin with 3.3 oz of top wt.  Small weight hole, left it in box condition.

Threw it for the first time in a AMF sythetic house.  Oil pattern is 42 feet with the new Brunswick oil.  Had to get used to the ball at first, it hooked more than anything I'd thrown in some time.  Back end move just had no quit, VERY continuous.  Shot 212, 244 with the first 6 and 299 on the end with a stone 8 on the 12th shot!!  Ball just does the same thing every shot.  Rolls in the midlane and has a hard, continuous flip thru the pins.  Comes back from anywhere.  Carry is outstanding!!  No ten pins all night.  Leaves 4 pins easy.  If you get lined up with this one watch out cause it's like cheating!!  A buddy picked one up the same night and shot 300 the second game right next to me and another guy got one the week before and had 300 with it too!!!

Go get this one it's got to be one of the best of all time!!  Great job Brunswick!!!
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: recognize_talent on March 02, 2005, 02:54:22 AM
Weight: 15.3lbs.
Top: 3.2oz
Pin: 3-4”
Drill: Since this was my 1st one I wanted the ball to do what big B said it would so I stacked off the ring
Lane Condition: Day 1>>> med oil syntheds, broken down shot
           Day 2>>> med oil syntheds, fresh shot
           Day 3>>> med-heavy, broken in but not down
Bowler: Right handed tweener, med high revs, speed is questionable

So here I am once again looking to tell all you looky-loos the truth about a ball. Today’s class will convene on the subject of the Absolute Inferno.

I wanted something to replace my Storm Flash Point, something stronger in the back and of the same basic cover, but outside of Storm. Into play came the o g Inferno, V2 Sweet, Rule and Xception. Then about a week later when I was sure I was going to go ahead and replace it, the A I was then up on the Bruns site and since I was leaning towards the O G Inferno, I decided then I would get this one based on its stronger cover. Also because this ball would be a replacement I drilled it just like my F P.

Day 1
Like most people when they get a ball they hit the lanes to try it out and sometimes they returned disappointed, at least until the ball gets a track. But this was not the case with this ball at least for me. I put 4 games on this ball first time around and in the first game I was just goofing off, but even then the ball was showing an impressive read and a strong break. But when I saddled up and when full in, I really got a show. The shot was a broken down medium shot. With that nothing inside of third arrow was good. So I was forced out to stand 35, set it down round 28-30, going through just outside third arrow, and riding out on 8. Now this I have never been able to accomplish. The ball rode and revved and then smashed back to the deck.

Day 2
Figured that this would be the shot to play on seeing how day 1 was untamable. Well I was wrong I quickly found myself back out at 35 and playing that same shot. I ran into a lot of problems though so I had to put the ball away and go with something tamer. Needless to say the ball needs oil.

Day 3
Went to an oil house and the end of the night and by golly did this ball show off. It took me a game to see where I needed to shot and turned out to be my basic shot. Stood 24 and rode over the fourth dot, sliding to about five and recovering like no other. Went for some high scoring and a whole lot of smooth strikes. So I guess the ball really needs some oil to do its thing.

Not a whole lot to say other than beware of this ball. It is a beautiful ball and it still has not settled in that I even have this ball due to its aggressiveness. The ball carries well and can strike for you. But it does not have a mind of its own, if it catches too much dry it will take off on you and hard. I’ve seen this ball just shot past the head and carry Brooklyn due to a dry pin deck. The only time I've seen a single pin standing was when the carrier didn’t clean the deck or when I received some solid fours, don’t ask me how it was just like that. I think depending on the house the carry will differ anyway. All in all this would be a great buy for anyone who loves to be aggressive on the lanes. Awesome ball but defiantly be aware!
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: jw300 on March 07, 2005, 02:29:43 PM
Absolutely Good!
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: 230-n-up-or-bust on March 16, 2005, 10:35:43 PM
For those who despise attention, look elsewhere.
Lane Conditions: Medium-Heavy Oil
Typical Conditions: House Shot
Type of Lane: All Wood
What part of the lane did you play? Third Arrow
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Factory/Box
What grit was the surface of the ball? 800
Likes: Uncompromising recovery capabilities. Insane hitting power. Evil pin-crushing brute.
Dislikes: Puts more power on a shot than I ever thought possible. With all of that power, comes 9-pins.....

15.5 pounds
2.75" pin
3 oz. TW
Drilled 4x4 w/ small, deep fourth hole 1/2" past my PAP to bring the ball back to legal.

Had a chance to receive one of these beauties from Ron Bragg at Brunswick Bowling. Aside from the fact that it took nearly two weeks to get here, wonderful people to work with. BTW, it's not his fault that Brunswick cannot keep up with production of their equipment, otherwise the ball would have gotten here sooner. I was a tad worried, to say the least, about this ball. I had just had the honor of being the fourth person in North America NOT to like their Zone Classic while tearing it up with a new Impulse Zone(nearly 245 for first six weeks of ownership) and was aprehensive about trying a new piece of equipment while performing so well with another. Hear this now, if you're not confident enough in your game or your ability to properly strategize a layout on a new ball, you'll may never find a new piece of equipment that you'll score better with. A motto that's seen me try an infinite amount of equipment while maintaining a solid average and tournament monies won over the past six or seven years. So, after seeing most Big B staffers push women and small children out of the way to throw these pills in the past two months, I simply had to place my faith in the product and put it to work. The 4x4 drilling is a favorite and it plays right into the ball's intended theory of use for my game. Drill strong equipment to hook, drill weak equipment mildly, etc. This drilling allows for just the right amount of bounce off of the cushion if I'm dialed in. If my speed is off, the ball with come back with a vengeance and bisects the head pin and leave a grocery list of pins to pick up. Not the ball's fault, by any means. This thing is still not "PBA player in a box". You're still responsible for the ball's performance. However, if you're an accurate and consistent player, strap in and hang on for the ride's about to start. Smooth through the heads, gentle midlane read, gathers momentum at the transition, then it's hide the aforementioned trampled women and children. The entry angles that are created with this ball are simply awesome. That's where your carry is established. When thrown correctly, Brunswick's Absolute Inferno freight trains through the hole and pulverizes everything in it's path. Sometimes, it is too powerful. Leaving a fair amount of 9-pins. I know, I know. Complain, complain, complain. I'm left with the hope that the USBC increases pin weight and our house puts out more oil so I can sweep every pot game and bracket I enter. My advice, get together with your local drilling guru, pony up the ching for this bling, and make it happen.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: B-Red Bowla on March 19, 2005, 10:03:23 PM
This ball HAS TO BE one of the best balls I've ever thrown.

-----*-   (*=pin)
-----.-   (.=CG)

That's basically what my layout looks like, pin above my ring finger and kicked outside a bit, with a 1 1/2 inch pin and CG kicked out a bit passed the pin.

This ball is totally insane. First time I went out and threw the ball was on my JOG Premiere League shot. The league changes the shots often, and the shot I so happened to bowl on that day was the PBA Viper Pattern. I took my Absolute and just revved it and let it run up 5 and have it charge REALLY hard back to pocket. The cool part was, was that I may have left 3 or 4 10 pins over the course of 4 games. Ended up shooting 214 237 215 201 for 4 games. Considering I'm only 15, and I can rev the ball pretty nice, that's not too bad.

If you're looking for a very aggressive ball, one that is VERY good on heavy oil, sport, and PBA shots, I recommend this ball to you. It's clean through the heads, not too skid, snappy, and it holds it's line very well. In the backends it just straight out makes a left turn and crushes pocket, one of the hardest hitting balls I've seen. Just be sure that when the lanes break down a bit, put the ball sense in burning up your coverstock on a nice ball like the Absolute
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: murph300 on March 23, 2005, 03:25:43 PM
I am a lefty cranker and I don't know a lot about ball drillings, but I'm starting to learn some of the weaker ones, simply because of the way I throw the ball. I ordered the Absolute Inferno and punched it up last night. I threw it on my league pattern, a 39 ft X-mas Tree. Ball specs are as follows:

3oz top
3in. pin
Drilled this thing with pin under my middle finger, cg kicked 90 degrees left, and a high axis hole.

I'm a low tracker, so I thought this drilling might be pretty good. It's a weaker drilling, and I thought it might give me a more mellow reaction on the back. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!!! This thing is one of the strongest balls I have ever thrown. What a boomerang off the dry! I have just the smallest bit of finger weight in this thing, and I'll be removing that tonight. I've never seen such a weak drilling give me such a strong reaction. I guess that goes to Brunswick's credit, creating an amazingly aggressive core and coverstock. This ball has immediately become my heavy oil/tournament ball. It rolls a little like the original Inferno did for me, which I also drilled farely weak. Wondering if anyone had any other drilling suggestions for a high speed, high rev, low track cranker who wants a more mellow ball reaction, besides buying a less aggressive ball. It gave me an extremely aggressive arc, too strong for what I need. Any suggestions to tame that down besides taking the finger weight out of it? Polishing didn't work, nor did sanding. Thanx a lot.

Joe Murphy
Yeah, I'll give you this ball..........For one MILLLLLLLLLLLLLLION DOLLARS.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Gene J Kanak on March 29, 2005, 12:40:25 PM
Specs: 15lbs
Pin 3-4"
Box finish
Drilled pin slightly under and right of ring, cg stacked in line. No weight hole needed

Well, this ball has certainly opened my eyes. I really didn't think that I needed another pearl reactive, but the chance to pick this used one up at a good price was too good to miss. I'm glad that I did.

Pros: Good length, better-than-average grab in oil for a pearl, creates a lot of room, excellent hit

Cons: The aggressive nature of the cover and core cause me to lose the midlane more quickly than with most pearls when the lanes begin transition, sometimes hits too hard--several 9-pins (RH)

Overall: This is just an excellent all-around ball. It delivers what it promises. It offers the same clean, smooth and predictable reaction as the original Inferno, but, in my opinion, with better midlane and read in the oil.

To me, the mark of a good ball is how "user friendly" it is. This one hits the mark in that category. I could easily see drilling and prepping 3 of these differently to cover all but the extremes of heavy and light. A great all around ball. At least a 9 out of 10.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: GordoJ52 on March 31, 2005, 05:07:15 PM
15 Pounds
RH, Pin near palm under ring
Box Finish

This ball is amazing.  Have completed two sets with this ball and here goes my review.

Set 1:
The lanes were extremely dry, and it kept burning the heads and coming in brooklyn.  Needless to say I had to go to a different ball, not a good judgement of the ball to say the least.

Set 2:
Lanes were medium wet to heavy.  Ball was amazing.  The ball read the lane perfectly, and it was just smashing the pocket time and time again. This is the type of ball that you would use for the first two games and then either make a major adjustment, or go to my intense.  Which by the way, is the next review I will be doing.  

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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: ajd6267 on April 01, 2005, 08:42:54 PM
ive had this ball for about 4 months now. its an awsome ball if u like throwing a huge hook. but sometimes i have 2 use a less aggressive ball because this ball is to strong 4 some lanes. but ya id recommend this ball to anyone whos kool. like me. jk. later
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Bob Hanson on April 06, 2005, 03:15:51 PM
I have thrown all of the Inferno line except the Blazing.  Prior to the Absolute, the Original provided the best combination of power and versatility for medium to low rev players of any ball I have thrown.  After throwing the Absolute, I believe it gives me just a bit more hitting power on the oily end of the scale while sacrificing little of the versatility that I found in the original.  All of the other Inferno balls have their place, but are much more niche balls compared to the Absolute and the original.  The Absolute is a ball that I will weaken my release with and still get more hit than from weaker equipment on more broken down conditions.    

For the record my Absolute came with a 3 inch pin that I set up in about a 5x4 stack with the pin just above and right of my ring finger.  Unlike my original which performed best with the aid of a light gray scotch bright touch up, the Absolute matched up well for me in box condition, even on heavier oil.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Tiddle on April 07, 2005, 05:32:06 AM
This ball wasnt short of amazing, Probably one of the best balls i have baught in a long time. I am a high rev bowlers and i throw it about 19 mph. i have been bowling for about 5 years and i average around 210. this ball comes back from anywhere for me, as well as holds its line very well. Out of the box i shoot 9 in a row, as well as a good 714 series. 2 days later i go to practice i shoot 244 300 279 268. It still hooks like the first time i baught the ball and i have probably already put about 75 games on it.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: UCFKnight300 on April 08, 2005, 12:00:48 AM
I have really fallin in love with this ball.  I seemed to have trouble finding a ball that would be super clean up front with a strong smooth turn in the back.  This ball has done it to the max.  My Classic was too hook set off the oil, and the time zone was too strong overall.  

I bowl on sport patterns a few times a week and this ball seems to always have the best look.  It allows me to have a true read down the entire lane and I can make small moves as the pattern developes and the pin carry just increases.  It's so solid through the deck.  

I have it drilled with pin right above the fingers cg, 2 in. pin half inch right of gripline.  

I definetly recommend it if anyone is looking for that first ball out of the bag that will give them all the control they want.

Mike Larsen
University of Central Florida + Brunswick = Collegiate Domination
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MSC2471 on April 22, 2005, 04:10:10 AM
Bowler Specs:
Style: Stroker
Speed: Between 17.53-18.18 MPH at hand release, 18.18 MPH at pin deck
Revs: between 232.5-247.5 RPM
PAP: 3 ¾ over, 7/8 up
Axis Tilt: 24 degrees
Axis Rotation: unknown to date
Weight (pre-drill): 15 lbs., 3 oz.
Top Weight (pre-drill): 2.5 oz
Pin to CG distance: 3”
Surface Prep: left in box condition

Pin to PAP distance: 4”, CG to PAP distance: 4”, pin above bridge.
Conditions bowled on:
1) 35 foot top hat on an all wood surface- heavier concentration inside of 10 (probably 65 units) than outside of 10 (probably 6 to 8 units) placed down with the latest Phoenix lane walker. Strong, clean back ends, strong side wall action.
2) 39 foot reverse block on an all wood surface- heavier concentration of oil 6 and out (probably 60 units) and lighter as you go inside (to probably 35 units at the lowest point). The oil is applied with an older Galaxy 300 machine, 2 passes at 15 feet buffed to 39 feet- a third pass merely going to 15 feet and back. Moderate movement at back ends, poor side wall action.

Description: Having not entered the Brunswick equipment market in a long long time (the Black Phantom would be the last time, my first resin offering) I was really looking forward to see how the Absolute Inferno would perform given my game as of late. I first was able to bowl with the Absolute on condition 2 for league the last few weeks of the season. Even with the warmer weather this ball was able to go for all 3 games, typically having to play 8 at the arrows out to 5 at the breakpoint with slower ball speed and more of an up the back release. The ball would make a slow but steady arc to the pocket, and I could actually open up the lane a little more as the night went on more so than with the Rule (my previous go to ball for this house). Very rarely would I leave corner pins (more 10 pins than 7 pins in this house…but that could be due to the side wall action) and even when carrydown entered the picture, the ball would adjust well to hand positions changes to still carry the pocket effectively. Condition number one is where this ball really shined from the get go. I was able to play deeper on this condition than I could with anything else in my bag- targeting 13 at the arrows out to 5 or 6 at the breakpoint. I had to make sure to put plenty of speed and more side turn on the ball to keep the ball online- if I got it out too early or threw the ball a mph or two slower, the ball would really make an aggressive turn at the end of the pattern and usually go through the face or Brooklyn. Typically on condition number one I’ve had to change equipment after a game because the heads dry out quickly and carrydown makes tough navigating for aggressive equipment- but not so with the Absolute Inferno. Once again I can make quicker moves and hand release changes and still be in business with this ball.

Overall I would rate the Absolute Inferno a 9 out of 10 on heavy oil and medium-heavy oil conditions. I can’t place any ratings on conditions below that as of yet because I haven’t seen lighter conditions in my league or tournament bowling to rate how this ball would do on those shots. I consider this ball a first ball out of the bag type of ball, a good indicator to see how the lanes are in a particular house and the Absolute provides awesome hit, carry potential and has given me a great look on the lanes when other people seem to be struggling around me. Makes me want to investigate other balls in the Inferno line now…


Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: wpbashouldcomeback on May 07, 2005, 11:34:46 PM
Im not to sure about all that pin alignment and size. But i will do my best. I got this ball about 3 Months ago. AMAZING, the other day i shoot a 876 series my games were 298, 298, 280. This ball can hit the pins. I threw the ball out around the 1 board and it came in and took out the pins like a demolition.

Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MajorHook on May 09, 2005, 12:32:24 AM
This ball is great. Another great ball by brunswick. It is a good ball if your other balls aren't hooking. It sould only be used on fresh patterns because this ball is VERY unpredictable. Its a great ball but leaves weird splits and a lot of ten pins. It seems like my monster bruiser has better pin action.

I only recomend this ball to bowlers that are experienced and know what there doing. If you are a 140 bowler looking for a ball that you know will get hook than don't get this one. This ball will hook but you won't be able to control it and it probably won't help you much. I am a 165 average bowler and i wish i got something less agressive because its really hard for me to control. It is usually just sitting in my bag. Try something like the Brunswick Monster Brusier. But if you think you can handle than be my guest and try it.

Lane Conditions: Heavy oil (fresh oil)
Lanes: Synthetic

Ratings Scale (1-10)
Drive 9
Hook potential: 10
Versaltility: 8
Recovery: 10
Pin Action: 9
Backend: 4
Length: 4
Overall: 9

Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: GateCityProShop on May 09, 2005, 11:59:46 PM
Layout # 1
4 1/2 by 55 degrees (using mass bias of 6 3/4 inches)
Pin below fingers
no weight hole
surface: changed to 1500 no polish

Layout # 2
5 1/4 by 35 degrees
Pin above
no weight hole
surface 800 (polished with ebonite particle)

Brunswick definitely hit the mark on this one.  The first layout that we used turned out to be the most versatile, especially once there was carrydown present.  Even with no polish on the ball, it still cleared the heads extremely well, and still conserved energy well.

The second layout was way more skid flippy but was still able to be thrown better on the fresher patterns.  It did not however handle carrydown as well.

I would definitely say this is best ball Brunswick has released in quite some time.  Any type of player can benefit from this bowling ball, and will fit into their arsenal.  

Bowl Great

Jimmy Martin
Gate City Pro Shop
Greesnboro NC
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: RaceBanner on May 12, 2005, 01:56:02 PM
After lurking this site for about 6 months the AI motivated me to finally register and post a review. I've only been bowling for a year now so I'll do the best with what I've learned. In that time I've thrown a Storm Super Charge, UI, Full Throttle, Richochet Rebound, Big Bully, A WD for spares and now the Absolute. I've had varying degrees of success with those balls but the AI has been the best, by far, up to this point. I knew it was going to be great even when I was throwing it like a hack my first set with it. I will preface this review by saying The AI is my first 14lber after starting at 16 and then to 15lb. I took the Ron C tip to heart and decided to try fourteen. I was throwing a decent ball at 15lbs but felt I could do better. He referred to it as a possible "sweet" weight for alot of people. So, the performance of this ball may have something to do with the weight change. I'm definitely throwing a much tighter, higher revving, controllable ball now. You might want to give it some serious consideration if you're in that medium/low rev range throwing fifteen. Believe me, fourteen will carry just fine, if not better. if it's your "sweet" weight too.

I'm not great with layouts so here is what I do know.....
3inch pin.
The pin is below and directly between the finger holes.
The little mark near the pin is about one inch directly over (right) and two inches above the right side of the thumb.
No weight holes.
The coverstock is in the factory finish.
The lanes I'm on are synthetic and medium, but leaning towards heavy, on the oil.
I'd say I'm probably a stroker but becoming more of a power stroker as my game improves.
I average between 182 and 187 in the 3 leagues I'm currently bowling.

Obviously, this ball revs up right out of the gate. After throwing this ball I think I'm beginning to better understand what it means for the ball to read the lane. This ball looks so smooth revving and skidding through the mids. When it  gets to the breakpoint it stays very smooth, not jumpy, and goes into a heavy, tight roll. The carry is ridiculous. If you flush the pocket it's an absolute explosion. This ball carries like nothing I've thrown so far. I've been amazed at some of the light hit, garbage I've thrown for strikes and nine counts I didn't deserve. With that in mind, this ball still makes a nice, smooth move if you miss outside (will roll-out slightly if you're too wide)and holds quite well if you miss in as long as the release is firm and true. If you miss in and get around it even a little, turn for the spare ball because she's taking off though you might be surprised when you turn around. If it touches the headpin you have a better chance than you might think. I've also pancaked the rack on a number of shots that are usually pure evil with other balls.

I am so pleased with this ball. That combined with my very first ball (UI) have me considering going strictly Brunswick, though the Ricohet has been a great long/skid/snap ball for me. The AI is the best piece of equipment I've bought. Again, I do think the switch to 14lbs has something to do with it but I can't imagine anything else performing any better. Tonight, practicing, the 5 games that weren't outright spare practice were 279, 236, 234, 217 and 178. That included 11 in a row over two games. My second best run ever other than a practice 300/14 straight, months ago. My first league set with this ball was horrid as I'd never thrown, even practiced, with 14lbs and was working the thumbhole between shots. Not to mention this ball had me farther inside than what I'd ever played before. Even then, I was quite pleased when I did hit it right. My second set was 645. Same day, same house. Which reminds me, not only was I able to use this ball second shift, I scored well and I usually struggle to find a line in that second league. The AI was consistent from a fresh shot to the lanes breaking down. I'm looking very forward to set #3.

I love this ball..... other than the fact it isn't real comfortable to sleep with.

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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: djmatt4 on May 17, 2005, 12:20:10 PM
Since my down fall from my intense I was a little leary on getting the absolute over the vertgio. One of my summer league bowlers who i talk to had purchased it and i watched him bowl a 289 with it. He recommended me to get it and i did. my local pro shop had a sale on it because of the state tourny.
Let me tell you WWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!! This ball cuts through synthetic like a hot knife through butter!!!!!! So much pin action... carries the 10 quite well. i have bowled one series in summer league and shot 591 the first time out with that ball!!!!!!!! For me thats goood!!!
i love it and around the house i bowl at im trying to get everyone to get it... the only thing i dont like is i tend to leave or almost leave 8's and 9's
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: nohand on May 20, 2005, 04:58:01 PM
I never thought I would say this but the absolute inferno makes my x-factor which i shot 2 800+ series with, the 2nd ball out of my bag.

I just got the absolute, bowled on a fresh medium oil league shot last night, was very inconsistent with my release.....and shot 300 the second game out of the box.  I have shot 2 300's previous to this one but was actually consistent in those games.

I give full credit to the ball on this 300 as it made all of the corrections for me.  It reads the lanes better and hits harder then any ball I have ever used before. AMAZING
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MoNsTeRBaLL on May 21, 2005, 04:38:48 PM
The Absolute Inferno is Absolutely AMAZING!

i got this ball drilled up yesterday to take the place of my hammer vicious so i could have a ball with a little stronger back end.I was a little worried it might not do the trick but it was great.The first game i threw, on heavey oil i was sending the ball all the way out to almost the 5 board and it was snapping back in just like i wanted it to. it was very consistent on the lanes i was on and i could pull it inside and it would hold or i could send it out and it would come back in like a tank and it carried every ten pin that any other ball in my bag would leave. This Ball is amazing. i also have a ultimate Inferno which is also a great ball but the Absolute was the best ball in the inferno line that i have used. Great job Brunswick and i cant wait for the next inferno to come out
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MajorHook on May 25, 2005, 12:37:47 AM
I reviewed this ball earlier and scratch what i said this ball is awesome. I might be unpredictable but it can get you some huge scores if the lanes are just right. I recently bowled my high game of 277 and my high series of 723. So everybody go out and get this ball if you think you can handle it.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: LwO1280 on May 25, 2005, 01:04:08 AM
I recently purchased an Absolute inferno and am very excited to try it out.  I have not gotten the ball drilled yet because it is almost summer and all the fat lazy ball drillers in the area are on their summer sabatical.  Unreal! (JR, Pull yourself away from the buffet for 5 min to drill my ball!)  
Anyway, I have been using an Ebonite Omega Lion (from the flintstone era,  it was actually fred's ball, its that old) and have been doing decent, so hopefully this ball will put me over that 200 ave.  I will update when i find a lazy slob to drill my ball, and hope this ball performs like everyone says that it does
[update]  I finally got this ball drilled and i stormed out of the box with a 112 game.  Then i rolled a 179,190,212...not bad for a ball that wasant drilled right for my hand! u know who u R..u made me get red inserts.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: kingpin268 on June 13, 2005, 08:08:00 PM
Well, having had this ball for well over a month, I feel that I can post an honest review. So here goes:

Had it drilled with pin above bridge 5 inches from PAP with the CG an inch up and an inch right of the center of grip. What that does I have no idea. Ball was left in factory/box. I wanted to see what it could do right out of the box, so I decided to wait for league night where I could test this baby out. Well for the first game, it showed its muscle and I shot a 279 first game. That's when things started to go downhill and ended up  606, wonder whose fault that is.

The thing that stands out for me, in this ball, is the late revving backend, drive and continuation through the pins. I must say I'm starting to like the Activator+ coverstock very much. This ball is very versatile with hand and release changes as the lanes break down while never losing hit and carry. I've never had a ball that drives the pins to the left as does this one since I dont have a ton of revs but this ball can make rev-impaired bowlers look like a strong handed.

Anybody who had the Ultimate which hooked very little, I'd give the Absolute a try as it hooks about 15 boards more than the UI(which is burning up) in my house. As I've made clear, the cream has risen to the top in a very short amount of games. Now that I've experienced the power of Brunswick's balls, you can be sure that this one won't be the last. Thanks Brunswick and BrunsRich for helping me choose a layout. Works just like you said.

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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Hammer3003 on June 15, 2005, 09:59:09 AM
Brunswick Absolute Inferno
Weight 15.1 lbs before drilling
Top Weight 3oz
Pin is two to three inches
Drilled pin next to the ring finger (pin slightly drilled into) and cg under it with a weight hole.

This was one of my friend’s balls, but he is moving to Cal and will not have time to bowl while he is out there. It has about thirty to forty games on it. I just plugged the thumb and moved it. This balls reaction is skid snap, very over under. I got this ball because this fall I am going adult and felt I needed to build up an arsenal a little bigger than six balls. I am going to ten to twelve. This ball gets a ton of length on shots I have trouble-getting length on.

32ft buffed to 40ft house shot
First, I started with normal grip pressure and getting side roll on the ball. At the arrows, it was hitting 15 out to 10 at break point. The ball did not even stay right of the head pin. I was surprised so I moved to 22 out to 10 board with normal grip pressure. This tended to work better, but this ball tended if you pulled it a little it would roll early and if you got it a little out it would not finish as well. Not as forgiving as publicized. I loved the reaction because it is something different then what I had. Next, I moved right, took hand out of it, and keep my hand up the back of the ball. I went to up 10. To my surprise this ball hooked way to much. I had to move to 15 to 10 to keep it right of the head pin.

Gets great length

Very touchy ball

Zack Pelton
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MelvinBrunsTrack on June 17, 2005, 05:16:48 PM
This is my first review on this ball . The ball is amazing . I had this ball drilled for Max Flare & medium condition w carrydown . Even though I am not sure about the carry down . But this is a good ball to have in arsenal . Today I was playing inside around 25 to 30 swinging it out . The ball is amazing coming off around 10 board and hard to the pocket . Some shot thrown good pin action messenger , some love taps to the 10 pin . One thing I notice about this ball , do not get it out too far , it might not come back . But overall I give this ball a 8.5 out of 10 rating .
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Sexy Beast on June 29, 2005, 08:30:40 PM
My Specs:
2 hander no thumber
High rev rate between 500-550 rpms
Ball Speed 17-20MPH

Ball Specs:
2 inch pin
3.5 top weight
label drill

  .cg     (no thumb hole)

(pattern c)
Tried this ball first of all on PBA pattern C
the breakpoint most people were playing to was about 10
most were about 15 to ten then 20 to 10 when the lanes broke down.
This ball allowed me to play from 25 and use 5 as my break point any farther
left and it was gone I don't belive this is the best ball for this pattern or pattern D for that matter. I belive this ball would be more at home on A or B as these seem to play like a more oily condition

(40 foot house shot)
This is where this ball really shines for me
on this pattern I use 5 as my break point and throw at it any where from
30-35 when the shot is fresh and as carry down builds up I usually end up moving right with my feet and using the same breakpoint.

Ball reaction:
This ball is clean through heads on all but the worst broken down crap
It isn't huge on the backend but if I had to describe the motin it would be
A long skid followed by a nice even hard arc to the pocket not as early as my fear factor but nothing close to my dirty bomb which is more of a 55 foot and side ways reaction. the carry is excellent only frequent leaves are 9 pins which are better than 10 pins.

This is always the first ball out of my bag
10-10 pins  

Sexy Beast
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Monster Stitch on July 11, 2005, 12:47:22 PM
Drilled: 4 x 5

This ball is amazing. I have tried it on a couple of conditions. It works well on all types of shots. I can use this when the lanes are fresh and when there is carrydown. I can see why many say this ball is so versatile. The cover is easy to change too. It might not be for Heavy oil but from Med Heavy to medium dry it's great.

Great job Brunswick.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: laner7pin on July 17, 2005, 05:24:35 PM
Had my Absoute since March and with about 30-40 games on it time for a review:

2 1/2" pin
2.7oz top to start
3 3/8 x 4 1/2
Weight hole almost on the PAP
Surface is 1200 sanded with Brunswick high Gloss polish

After deciding I needed a ball that would go a bit longer and be more angular than my Ultimate, Scott and I laid out this Absolute. After getting warmed up with my Ultimate, grabbed the Absolute, stood in the same spot, playing 12-5 on a THS and threw away. The first 5 balls I threw left 3 6 pins, 1 8 pin and a 6-8 split. Ball got down the lane very clean and at about 45 feet seemed like it made a very angular move towards the pocket going a bit high every time. Moved 3 left and opened up a bit more playing 15-7 and railed off about 10 shots in a row flush in the pocket leaving 1 7 pin and 1 9 pin. After trying it out in league found out that it (all lefties skip forward) was too much ball for our Thursday night league shot. Had to put it away or else play 4th arrow with it which at that time wasnt too sure about (carrydown causes the outsides to get sloppy). Used it a bit on my Friday league when my UI didnt turn up enough and worked out with great success. Used it this summer a lot in our sport league, playing anywhere from up 5 a few weeks ago (along with my UI) to last week playing 5th arrow throwing it at the gutter (got out to about 7-8 before it found dry and kicked right). Ball is very clean up front and smooth through the mids but once it hits the dry it makes a violent move to the pocket, most angle I have ever had out of a bowling ball. Overall a wonderful compliment to the UI and the entire Inferno line for that matter. Usually thrown in practice every night and depending on the shot depends on when it comes out (right away or during transition).

Have tried the surface at box condition, 1200 sanded, and currently at 1200 sanded with high gloss polish.

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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: E-Strong on July 20, 2005, 07:57:50 AM
A real quick word or two about the A.I.

14lbs, 3-4" pin, don't know the topweight, box finish.
Layout as follows. Pretty standard and laid out the same as my Original Inferno (O.I.) and Ultimate (U.I.) Pin above and in the middle of my fingers, CG kicked out to the right of the middle of my grip, weight hole even with the CG kicked out to what would be the side of the ball.

On a very easy house shot on good wood lanes went 246, 233, 212 and then a few 200somethings in match play in a sweeper first time out with this ball. Here's what it does. It goes longer than the O.I. and seems more continuous on the backends. Even though this ball still reved up in the midlane it really didn't want to hook until about 5 to 10 feet longer than the O.I. When it did come left it hit hard just like the rest of the Inferno's so no carry issues. Good hold on pulled shots, decent recovery on stuff pushed right. As the shot was burned up I had to move left or add speed. No surprises there. I'll add more as I go to another 2 houses that are completely different. All in all another good ball by Brunswick.

More Info, 11-1-2005.

Still using this ball. Depending on the house and how the shot is, I either use this ball first or my Impulse Zone. On some houses I have to put this away as it it TOO strong and go to my Original Inferno. On US Open, ABC Masters and other flat and heavy patterns, I can go straight up 5 or 10 and the ball will turn left HARD at 50 feet depending on my speed. As far as house shots go, I'm able to play 15 to 10, 20 to 10 or either of these to 5 when the shot allows. This ball will come back if you're not too fast for your revs. I can also play the oil line in some houses and as long as I don't pull the ball left and can find oil all night, I can use this ball for all 3 games.

All in all another very good ball from B-Wick. This one stays in my bag for a long time.

Original Inferno, Ultimate Inferno, Absolute Inferno, Impulse Zone.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: UCSBBowl on July 31, 2005, 03:50:04 AM
Me: Right handed power stroking ninja bowler (can't hear it hit the lane)

16lbs, pin above bridge 5' from PAP with 2" cg kicked slightly right, no hole

I have had the ball from 600 grit to highly polished with Storm X-tra shine and have had the best success with the ball at 1000 grit with a coat of the shiny stuff.  It is a great benchmark ball that will tell you ecaxtly how long an oil pattern is and how backend you've got.  

I have a medium 39' house shot here in Santa Barbara on newer Anvilane surfaces with a Kustodian + lane machine and get great recovery from our 'softer' backends.  With most of the house using some surface to get the ball to make the corner, I'm able to move a little left and skip out on the fun of adjusting to the shifting pattern all night.  Even bowling late at night (bowl open 24 hours) after 'comic' (cosmic) bowling I can still get this ball through the heads with enough energy to carry.  This is a great ball to build an arsenal around, as I did mine.

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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: xratedbowler on August 07, 2005, 12:26:56 AM
ball is awsome bowled 230 right out of the box drilled pin next to ring finger. ball has greeat pin action rarley left any corners. if your think about getting this ball i recommend it. i'd give it 5 out of 5.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: 9cline on August 08, 2005, 02:27:23 PM
Love It! Love It!
First brunswick ball I have bought in years, love the coverstock,and durability. Mine has the pin above fingers,and cg below ~1 inch. Aggressive ball,gets down the lane about 35-40 feet then make nice flip to the hole.Only hold back I have seen if you play with speed is in long oil.Cant get enough dry to flip over.But for most condtions you can play this one.

Nina Cline

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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: RUGAS-300 on August 09, 2005, 05:52:14 PM
I can't say anything else that hasn't already been said about this ball. I haven't use any Brunswick balls since the early Zone days, and decided to stay away from Brunswick after getting balls that hit like sponges. I got this one last night after reading some reviews here and had another guy shot his first 300 with one 2 weeks ago. I'm a cranker about 17 mph, had the pin above my ring finger and CG 2 inches below, box finish. On a 40 ft. oil 5-5, I lined up with the far left gutter and just swung this monster to the right gutter and crushed the pocket all night long. I carried almost everything. After 8 games, avg. around 245, I still had a good reaction without moving and the carry down didn't seem to bother it, still rolled up nicely. If I hit the pocket the strike % was at least 90-95. Best ball I've had in awhile. I'll write more after I experiment with it more and shot a few 300's with it.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: aznbowler brad on August 25, 2005, 07:51:45 PM
i agree i left a couple of 9s when i through it but it is a very aggressive ball shot 618 right out of the box may not be good for u but im a 12 year old and had a 130 avrage but its helped me raise it 25 pins
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: ebwkidvicious on September 13, 2005, 05:40:19 PM
Well, after 2 months sitting at home (recovering from surgery) searching for my perfect Benchmark ball, I decided to try out Brunswick with it's Absolute Inferno.  Had the ball drilled 4 1/4" from my axis, (pin ended up on the side of my ring finger) with the CG on my midline.  

After getting back into my normal routine and getting the feel for the game again, I started throwing the ball better than ever and really got a better read on my equipment.  My first comfortable 3 game set with this ball was for a career high 714.  The next was for a good showing of 675.  The following week on the first night of Winter League, I shot a career best 277 game for a total of 704 (first sanctioned 700).  In two weeks I shot two 700's, something I had previously done only once in two years of dedicated bowling.  

The ball is very clean through the heads, with an unbelievable reaction off the dry.  However, here's the catch, the reaction is more predictable than hard hooking balls ever have been.  One word to describe this ball:  VERSATILE.  I bought 2 other balls (Track Heat and a Storm Vertigo) just incase I needed another look on the lanes, and still haven't needed to use them.  Previously being a Storm fan, this ball alone has showed me that Brunswick has the goods to deliver a super-versatile hard hitting ball.  All you have to do is grab a bottle of Rough Buff, use it after every 6 games, and this baby will be your first out of the bag for a long time.  I give it a 9.5 out of 10, when it gives me a 300, I'll come back and make it a 10.  LOL
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Brunswickstaffer300 on September 16, 2005, 06:18:09 PM
Absolute inferno Absolutely the best... Most versatile inferno still on the market and i mean versatile on sport and house conditions i recently shot 719 on a 39 foot sport pattern.My Ai is drilled w/ the pin under the ring finger cg stacked as all of my equipment i beleive the top weight was 2.5 oz but i cant remember i got it when it was first on the market
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: bowlerofallbrands on September 27, 2005, 04:30:09 PM
First off, I'm a stroker, not to many revs, and medium speed.  I bowl on a shot on new Brunswick synthetic lanes with about a 38 foot house pattern.  I had the shot covered with my classic Storm Trauma and my XXXTreme, but that paycheck from work had to go somewhere.  I didn't have a sport shot ball yet, and recently qualify for junior gold, I needed a ball to fill the void.  

I asked my proshop guy, and he strongly recommended the Inferno, but few of the online retailers still had them.  The ball was still on Brunswicks website, and stayed on for months after I re-decided on the Absolute, but I'm glad I got the Absolute.  

We laid it out for sport shot, and brought it down to 1200 grit, just to take the shine off.  I was bewildered at this balls power, as it out-hooked the Goliath, (a feat when it was new, but read my disappointing review there).  After some getting used to, the ball became a perfect fit for my game, and though has an interesting path to the pocket, it seems to angle out a lot more than anticipated, it carries very well.  As its not drilled for house shot, it finished a little early, so I don't use it much there, but its the first ball out on wooden lanes or sport shot.  Nice little ball, holds surface well, and carries well.  9 out of 10.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: handshake300 on October 06, 2005, 02:39:05 PM
Great ball,I shot 298 first game off the drill press. What else need be said? Go Brunswick!!
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: bowlman23 on November 01, 2005, 09:53:40 AM
I've had the absolute for about three months and love it.  Gets good mid-lane roll and has a nice strong arc on the backend.  Within the last two weeks with it, I've shot 793(including a 300), 813, 805, 724, 703.  It's so versatile that I can use it on most conditions.  It does get a little spotty on heavier oil, so you might want to break out the Ultimate Inferno for that.  Overall, great ball and a great line of bowling balls from Brunswick.  Got the smokin inferno on the way, so we'll see how that one does.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: tcbbowler900 on November 06, 2005, 09:51:34 AM
Ya right.  This ball is a piece of junk.  I have two of them and niether does a darn thing.  Yes, I bowl at a brunswick house and yes, the shot sucks.  They strip and oil in the morning then put a fill shot out before league.  Not many people are scoring.  I've tried everything I can think of with regards to sanding and polishing my absolute pieces of junk.  They still do nothing.  Yes, I do know what I am doing.  I have my own pro shop in my garage and have been in business for years.  Maybe someone has done something different that I haven't yet and can offer some advice.  I have an ultimate and it sucks too.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Bigmike on December 16, 2005, 08:44:49 PM
Please see my profile for my stats:

I laid this out 4 x 3 at a 60 degree angle with a hole on my VAL down from my axis. I left this box finish.

This is my ball I go to when I feel the condition will let me stretch the pocket a little wider. I always get recovery to the right. I also will throw this from deep inside going away from the pocket and wheeling it back. This ball changes direction when it encounters dry harder than anything I have in my bag right now.

I have also thrown this on a 42 foot sport shot and was able to close my angles down, but still felt the ball was moving hard off the breakpoint and just destroying pins when it got a good piece of the pocket. I do have to maintain my speed, this is not a good ball for me to throw if my speed is up and down. If I am having speed control problems, I bag this as it can put my into some wide open splits quickly.
Mike Craig-Columbus,OH
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: martin2005 on December 25, 2005, 10:56:25 AM
hey just got one of these i had to post a review on it good ball breaks really early got it drilled 2L on dry lanes it tends to roll out at the end but on oily lanes its fantastic another good ball from the inferno series

wrote this review for andy dingle
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: donnydeutch on February 09, 2006, 10:25:06 PM
i got this ball last spring , and i thought that it would be time for a decent review.  

specs in profile.

ball drilled with pin above ring finger, no weight hole.  

ball hooked a ton out of box, but it did lose its hook after a while.  wound up taking it out of my bag.  then I used a green abralon pad, and it started to work fine.  didnt hook like it did out of the box, but it wsa good enough until i got my strike zone for heavy oil

Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: wisz214 on February 10, 2006, 09:30:25 PM
Absolutely perfect ball for medium oil lanes. I shot my first score worthy of a ring with this ball (299). Smooth through the front with an extremely powerful backend.  It can be used on long heavy oil, but plan on seeing ALOT of tens due to the extra skid in the front.  I just picked up the Scorchin Inferno to compliment this ball in my bag so we will see what happens in my league sunday.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MelvinBrunsTrack on March 12, 2006, 05:18:58 PM
This is one of the best ball that I have by Brunswick.The way I have this ball is drilled max flare and hook.I just keep this ball clean.I do not put polish on it. I didn't like the reaction that I got.When the lane had broken down bad,I pull this out the bag.Standing on 27 and swinging out to the 5 board and came roaring right back in the pocket.I was shooting this the whole 3rd game and I could not believe how this ball come right back in the pocket almost hanging off the gutter.Third game 269 I have alot of games on this ball,it gotta have at least 50 or more and it hasn't lost a step.I give this ball 9 out of 10 or this condition I was bowlng on.I am going to get another one just to have and drill it up oh next year.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MIKE796 on March 21, 2006, 06:26:41 PM
I only average 215 to 220 and am not a cranker.  I only bowl once a week in the same house where the shot typically doesn't change and it usually plays around 12 to 15 with a 4 board swing.  I currently have all the inferno's and really like Brunswick equipment.  I don't understand RG's, CG's or pin placements, I tell my pro what I want the ball to do and he drills it accordingly.  I like the way all the inferno's hit but this Absolute, wow, I mean it may not hit as hard as the scorchin (that ball hits really hard) but the Absolute is so versatile and carries so well, it's unbelievable.  I have the pin right under the ring finger and the cg is like 1.5 inches below the pin and 1.5 inches to the left with no weight hole.  Not sure what that means but it is a great all around ball.  The scorchin has the pin under the ring finger but the cg is directly under the pin and about 3.5 inches below it, but it hooks to much to use after the first 6 frames and it has a side hole punched in it.

Just thought I would share.  Thanks.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: infernoman008 on March 23, 2006, 08:53:30 AM
this ball is vewrsatile but it hits like a marshmallow
i dont like it at all

anyone can strike but lets see them spare
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MunchkinBowler on April 01, 2006, 07:12:15 PM
Ball is drilled with the under and to the right of the ring finger, Brunswick drilling pattern 1E.  I'm a medium rev, low speed player.  Overall, this ball is extremely versitile.  I only bowl casually, and so the amount of oil on the lanes differs greatly.  When the lanes are freshly oiled with clean backends, this ball slides through the heads and comes off the dry like a rocket and carries just about anything.  When the lanes break down some the transition is far smoother and far more predictible. Most of the time, carrydown is not an issue, as the ball is strong enough to smoothly arc through it and still hits hard. If the lanes are dry, then this ball is way too strong; it just won't stay on the right side of the headpin.  The only real problem for me with this ball is when i'm playing too deep inside.  The ball will still get back to the pocket, but it'll leave 10 pins constantly. Overall though, great versitile ball.
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Post by: shadowbowler on April 02, 2006, 08:14:24 AM
i scored five perfect games with this ball, and i love it absolutely.
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Post by: Bardfard on July 04, 2006, 02:43:35 AM
This is by far one of the best balls i have ever owned. It hits like a truck and it is forgiving. I know it is a couple of years old, but i recommend buying ones of these bad boys before their gone.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: JG Bowler on July 13, 2006, 02:28:28 AM
This ball is the ball almost every one should get.... It hits like a big mack truck...

I stand about 27-28 and swing it about 15-16 so yea its the bomb
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Post by: sacbert on July 20, 2006, 02:42:26 PM

Hi All

I've always been a "Inferno" fan.. since the very first one.. now I've got just two of them.. the Smokin' and the Absolute... the AI is my favorite one for medium conditions, I love it in thougher (medium) conditions.

Pin over the ring finger
1500 finish w/shine

Good mid-lane read, and very contralable turn...

I've found (with the proper maintenance) that the Infernos have a very durable coverstock, more than average, and also it don't break as quick as ... others in the market.

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Post by: LeoAnalyn on July 28, 2006, 07:22:48 PM
I have this 15lb ball for about 5 months. I hardly used it coz I have other Inferno's ball I prepared to use like my Blazing and Intense. But this ball is a great hitting ball as everyone said it hits like a truck. I have it drilled 2E with extra hole. It goes long side role (high Rev) then snap a the end. It's fun to watched. So far the ball for still ave around 220 for me on the base on 4 weeks league but the last 3 feet hard hook must have a lot of trust on the ball. I still prepared Nice clean hook like the Blazing and Intense Inferno.

Overall very good ball!
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Post by: MARKER on July 31, 2006, 10:58:01 PM
Ball Specs  15lb-3 oz with 3-4 inch pin
Drilled like Brunswick 1L only 4inches from PAP (Pin above ring finger)

This is a great medium ball. Can also use on a fresh shot as long as it isn't put down too heavy.  This is the go to medium ball I was looking for. The ball is drilled to start up a little later and have backend, so it fits under my heavy oil ball which is a Columbia Action.  I can switch from Action right to Absolute and stay with it unitl lanes really dry out.  The great thing about Absolute Inferno is that it is such a versatile ball it does most things (ie most lane conditions) well.  When I use it on a true medium condition the results are impressive.  Ball goes long, with a nice smooth arcing but strong backend reaction.  Very predictable. As long as I loft the ball a little I get great pin action and it will still kick out 10 pin on drier lanes.  Great striking, great rolling, predictable ball, that has become my favorite in a short time.  My best line with this is right foot on 12-14 target 7-8.  Just a smooth rolling, strong reacting, great ball.  Highly recommend to anyone.

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Post by: inferno2112 on August 07, 2006, 08:33:47 PM
I know everyone says this ball is not for heavy oil but i have to dissagree. My absolute works great in heavy whether it be the way i throw it or the way its drilled it still works great. i have mine drilled  with the pin under the ring finger with the cg kicked out at 4 o clock with a weight hole.i got my absolute in the summer of 2005 and have not had to resurface it. i keep the surface sanded at a very smooth 1000 grit level. i hardly ever have to through it on house shots only when i run into a tourny with oil inside or even a flat shot thats flooded. i cann play inside with this ball or down and in if the oil calls for it. in my opinion its a better ball the the famouse ultimate inferno,but thats just my word. although i throw mine on heavy oil and it moves alot it has a very controllable breakpoint. great ball!
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Post by: morpheus on August 19, 2006, 06:56:57 PM
Starting specs:
2-3" Pin
3.5 oz Top

Drilled with the pin under the ring finger, no extra hole making it roughly a 4.5" Pin to PAP.  I have used this ball with several different surfaces including OOB and it never dissapoints.  Because of the low rg core and layout, the AI is great when I need to control the midlane and backends on medium patterns.  It's definitely not a big backend ball and it can handle some oil, but doesn't work well for me when the oil gets down lane.  This is my first Brunswick ball in quite some time and it's quickly found a place in my bag.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: MLBOWLER on August 22, 2006, 03:07:12 AM
JUst excellent°°!!
i drilled :
2L (medium oil)
Maximum hook potential for
Medium hook potential
for medium low RPM
Less mid-lane and more
backend than layout #2E.

Is a excellet ball for42 heavy oil long patterms.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: LeoAnalyn on August 25, 2006, 02:11:22 PM
Since my last review now I finally added this ball to my line up and it could also be my Primary ball on heavy oil or Sport shot. I brought this ball to the Pro shop to get it re-drill since I don't like it go long. But their advised is to just sanded instead. They are right! Now I have more control of the ball and more Predictable clean nice arc.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: tonykcgee on September 19, 2006, 06:55:10 PM
I CANNOT believe I never reviewed this ball.  LOVE IT!  So much this ball I love 5 I already drilled and 4 virgins pristine in boxes they rest still.

Of all the great balls I've owned throughout my 3 decades of bowling, I rank this ball THE BEST!

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Post by: Crackermacbwo on October 12, 2006, 05:02:32 PM
As of now, this is my favorite swing ball.  I've bowled more 700's with this than any other.  I have it drilled 4x4 with pin centered about 1" above fingers.  I keep it sanded to 600 smooth and it never dies.  I've had 200+ games on this one... I must be bowling on a wall everyday  

I have some competition for it coming... Storm Paradigm Domination and a Lane 1 Super Carbide Bomb... Wow, I'm not biased at all, am I???
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: godfathermd1991 on November 05, 2006, 03:05:45 PM
Best ball I ever bought hits hard and carries the best and never slows down.  I can hit high and this ball will carry every time.  I have this ball drilled for a big arch and this ball work on every oil pattern for me.
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: X_striker_X_300 on December 25, 2006, 05:20:26 AM
I love this ball.....i got it drilled pin under the bridge to hook early....I threw it on a light oil shot with the coverstock being lightly polished and man does it hit the pocket hard......even when u hit low pocket and should of left a ringin 10 pin that head pin is nokin it down across the how it transitions and when u throw a bad shot it dosent leave bad results (spitls)
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: Carson on January 07, 2007, 03:08:56 PM
I have had this ball since it first came out, and let me tell you it is one of the best balls I have ever thrown.  I have had 2 300's with it and many 750+ sets.  My best friend also bought this ball after seeing my success with it and bowled his first 300 with the Absolute.  What is funny about this is that we have identical hand spans and the drilling specifications for this ball were identical.  I definately reccomend this ball!!!  If anyone would like to see the drilling specs that I recieved for this ball let me know.  My e-mail is
Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: LuckyLefty on April 29, 2007, 12:45:37 PM
No surprises here!  Nearly everyones favorite ball...and join me to the list!

It is up there with the great ones I have used.

Drilled 4E(Hooking wet/drys(but ours is a long pattern!) pin under bridge 5 1/2 X 5 and cg under ring.   Pin out about 2 inches.

This is just a gem and one can tell that for virtually all mediums there is probably a drillpattern surface that will make this ball work.  UNLESS your situation calls for a sluggish backend!  Cause this ball gives you the opposite!
Move to the hole!

As a comparison I had a stronger drilled original inferno I called "just even".  It sort of usually moved sluggishly down the lane (maybe the drill pattern was too strong for local low volume conditions!) and then had even less left at the end(burnout?)!

My surface on this ball is 2000 abralon with Storm Reacta Shine.

This glazed up surface and weak pin position give me the penetration down the lane for even my very heavy roll and on this sometimes concrete surface in the midlanes.  THEN when it's time to move this ball moves as strong as any ball I have had with this type of weak pattern on our local always carrydown on the left!  Most days on this lefty killing condition it carries and this I believe is due to the Absolutes stronger reacting coverstock versus the Inferno.

I am convinced I could buy 4 of these (like Tonyckgee before me) and cover all mediums with different surfaces and drill patterns.


PS I rank this with some of the best bowling balls I've ever Crimson Sledgehammer, My X factor Deuce, and my Sonic X solid.
PPS had this same drilling on a Columbia Shock and had some good sets...but this ball makes it so much easier for me to push it to the breakpoint!

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Post by: DP3 on May 12, 2007, 01:17:42 PM
Player Profile:
PAP: 5 3/8ths right, 9 1/6ths up
Release Speed: 17.5 mph
RPMS: 315 on average
Axis Rotation: 45-55 degrees

What more can you say about hands down the best ball to come out from the Big B?

Mine is layed out with the pin 5" to the PAP and 1 1/2" above the midline.  For me it looks like this:


The Absolute is the Absolute epitomy of strength, consistancy, and versatility in the Brunswick line-up.  Balls like this come few and far in between where it is such a good matchup to just about any lane surface or lane pattern.  Anything medium and up and transitioning mediums, the Absolute Infeno is a rock.  Strong from the midlane to the pindeck defines the Absolute.  It's cleaner up front than the Original Inferno but is grabbier in the friction.  The Absolute rolls like it's "stuck to the lane", but in a good way.  The ball is really grabby in the midlane and strong in transition.  It's not too jumpy out of the friction, instead the Absolute will face up early when there isn't enough oil for the first 30 feet.  If there's one thing you can bet on, is the consistancy of the Absolute in its path to the pocket on many different conditions.  Not matter what surface or pattern I am on the motion of this ball stays the same.  Push...roll..tilt..strong arc.  The only variance from pattern to pattern is where the Absolute does it.  For me this is a great ball on wood surfaces with alot of head oil present.  On high friction synthetic surfaces the motion of the absolute appears stronger, but the control is still there.

In two or three years time, I think that the Absolute will be as sought after as the Original Inferno was(before the remakes).  There's not alot of balls out there that roll this true and that is this versatile.  I actually use mine and like it better with the rough buff compound removed and an application of Brunswick High Gloss factory finish polish.  This makes the Absolute a bit cleaner up front without the sometimes early burn of rough buff.  For alot of different styles, the Absolute will be your favorite ball on most medium to heavier house patterns and longer sport patterns.  This is also a great option on PBA patterns Scorpion, Viper, and Shark.  Higher speeds will be able to use it on all of the PBA Patterns with ease.
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Post by: crusher267658 on May 18, 2007, 07:41:19 PM
After throwing this ball for a week or two, I've decided to post a review about it. I had the ball drill with pin above ring finger, cg kicked out, and a hole drilled on the side

Ball has quite a bit of back end. It curves a bit mroe than I thought it would. All in all, this is a great ball. The ball hits hard too. It carries the light hits ok. I haven't left many ten pins with it yet. This ball looks awesome going down the lane. I got it used for $40 plus plugging and drilled which ended up to be around $90. It was well worth it. This has become my second favorite ball in my arsenal so far.

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Post by: noturcuzin on April 28, 2008, 11:42:45 AM
I have had this ball for about a year now. I got it from a friend, I traded my total inferno for it because the total wasn't working out for me. The ball is drilled to go long and snap on the backend. It's reaction is very similar to my Intense Inferno except it's a few boards stronger. Overall i'm glad I made this trade because I find the Absolute be to stronger than the total, at least for me. Absolute Inferno rating-10/10.
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Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: cjh2839 on May 24, 2008, 04:52:09 PM
this is the best ball from brunswick hands down. i have had it for 2 years and this ball is still money. gives me a greast reaction not too strong not too weak but on house shot when the lanes are broken down a lil this is the ball to go to. its the best ball from brunswick. 10/10 rating

Title: Re: Absolute Inferno
Post by: swanton23 on January 20, 2011, 08:55:33 AM




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):ths



Likes:monster back end run, hits like a mack truck. Have thrown 6 games with it, bought it used and did not need any work done with it. i threw it straight and it just hooked perfectly. im starting at the 1st-2nd arrow and letting the ball do the rest. i would recommend this ball to anybody. i dont have high revs or a powerful throw, just around 16-17mph and i do not know my revs. this ball does all the work itself and takes out the worry of what do with lane conditions. will work on any condition

Dislikes: none so far