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- Coverstock: Activator Solid
- Color: Black / Yellow
- Hardness: 76-78
- Factory Finish: 2,000 Siaair Micro Pad
- Weight Block: Rocket - Two-component Symmetrical Core (14-16# only, 12 and 13 # have a generic core)
- RG max: 2.539
- RG min: 2.496
- RG diff: 0.043
- Average RG: 3.5 of 10
- Hook Potential: 160 (Scale 10-175)
- Length: 100 (Scale 25-235)
- Typical Breakpoint Shape: 80 Angular (Scale Smooth Arc 10-Angular 100)
- Flare Potential: 0.043 High (Scale Low 0.00-High 0.060)
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Oily
- Description: The Diamondback is the first ball with Activator Solid coverstock available at the Advanced Performance price point. The original Activator coverstock used on the Diamondback is a proven formula that provides strong downlane recovery, longevity of ball reaction, and unprecedented durability with superior resistance to cracking. The Diamondback uses the proven Brunswick multi-sided Rocketô core system, providing a low RG core that when combined with the original Activator coverstock produces a ball reaction that is unmatched at the Advanced Performance price point. Clean through the front with an aggressive move at the breakpoint, the Diamondback gives amazing bang for the buck. There isnít another ball in this class thatís even close. With its 2,000 Siaair Micro Pad finish, the Diamondback will provide good length with a strong continuous backend reaction that matches up on medium to oily lane conditions for a wide range of bowling styles.



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Re: Diamondback
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The Activator Solid coverstock is a favorite of mine. I liked the way the Sidewinder rolled and when Brunswick combined the Rocket core with the Activator coverstock, I felt they may have a winner here.

I drilled mine up pretty strong 4" pin to PAP. Pin down under my ring finger. CG is kicked a bit and a weight hole (15) 2.5" deep at 4" right 1" down (1" inside my VAL).

What I was looking to create was a ball that would be very predictable on the lane. I wanted to create a new benchmark ball in the middle of my arsenal. Well, I achieved that and a bunch more.

The Activator cover is very good at reading the midlane and reacts well off the spot. The Diamondback makes a harder move of friction than the Ulitimate Inferno I once had drilled similar. The Rocket core revs very easily and the combination drives through the pin deck with ease.

What I have also found is the ball blends over/under quite well. The first game out of the bag was 297. The ball has been extremely solid and I have gained an instant trust with it. It's quickly becoming a go to ball for me. Don't overlook this piece it's going to be a classic.

Special thanks to Chuck Gardner at Brunswick!

Fran Varin
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Re: Diamondback
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Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes:The ease it gets down the lane and the hitting power!

Dislikes: Haven't used the ball enough yet to find any!      




 I wanted a different reaction with this ball and wanted to be able to use it more as the shot breaks down. I went with a 45deg X 5" X 60deg, which places the pin in my middle finger. The ball gets down the lane really easy and the break point shape is more of a strong arc. With this layout I can play closer to the friction without it reading early and the carry is better throwing it to the drier boards. When I played in the oil I had trouble with the corner pins, but I wanted this ball for when the shot opened up. It's not the first ball out of the ball, but I wanted it for the later blocks or third game. It's very smooth and controlled and reminds me of one of my all time favorite Brunswick balls, Nemesis!!! 

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Re: Diamondback
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Ball laid out 5" from PAP (pin below bridge)

The Diamondback is my go to ball providing me with the classic Brunswick roll reminiscent of the zones from years back.  I took my Diamondback up from 2000 (box finish) to 4000 abralon to give me a little more length so it may be used on a wider variety of conditions.  At 4000, this ball provides me with average length making it a good ball to use just inside the oil line on fresh medium-oily patterns.  Its strong coverstock and symmetric core give me a very even shape in the midlane.  The Diamondback is the most predictable ball that I own, never jumpy or squirty and constantly arcing its way to the pocket.

 In comparison to the Wild Card, the Diamondback clears the fronts a little cleaner with slightly more angularity at the breakpoint.  I also find that with a similar layout, that the Diamondback is able to retain more energy and make a more pronounced move downlane than the Revolver.  The Diamondback allows me to move in a few boards deeper than the Anaconda and better blends out the pattern when the Anaconda becomes a bit squirty on lanes with a little extra oil in the midlane. 


I find that the Diamondback is very responsive to changes in my hand position allowing me to play a variety of angles on a wide variety of lane conditions.  I highly recommend this control piece to anybody who wants a reliable, go to ball for medium and medium to oily lanes.   

Brandon Riley


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