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Impact Tour Edition 1
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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Coverstock: Reactive Urethane; Core: Two-Piece; Pin Color: Yellow; Length: 3; RG Maximum: 2.602; RG Minimum: 2.571; RG Differential: 0.033; Hardness: 75-77.


Chuck West

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Re: Impact Tour Edition 1
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 1999, 02:00:00 AM »
Again, I do not have the Impact Zone TE 1, but I do have the regular Impact Zone.  This ball is something different for the Zones.  This is a reaction that was seen when the reactives first came out.  This ball goes much longer than the other Zones, and makes a hard arc to the pins.  I have it drilled in a True Stacked-Leverage pattern.  The Impact holds up very well in the heads when they burn out, and has good mid-lane control.  I have heard this ball works better in the mid-lane than the new Control Zone.  The carry power of the Impact is one of the strongest of the Zones.  With me being a Straighty, this ball definitely hits much harder than I am used to seeing.  I think power players will love this Zone as well.  Seeing Jason Hurd earlier this year throw it on TV was impressive!  This is also the first Zone since the Red Zone to have a Medium-RG.  The Zones now are getting more versatile with the Impact Zone and Control Zone being more for Power Players and Straighties who want a different reaction than they are used to with the Zones, and the Proactive Zones geared for the Straighter player or the Power player who is in a ton of oil.


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Re: Impact Tour Edition 1
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 1999, 02:00:00 AM »
I also have only used the standard Impact ball.

Why this ball is not more promoted I don't know, on the

right conditions mostly medium it is awesome.

This ball has more backend than any ball that I've

used.  Ball speed must be firm and no short balls will

be tolerated.  Splits will result if any of the above errors

are made.  Light pocket hits and solid pocket hits will

carry with so much mix you can't believe it.  

Longer through the heads than most Brunswick balls

this ball will work on many conditions except heavy

early oil. My drilling: label leverage.  Pin 3 1/2"

CG near grip center.  I've seen many a tournament

won with this ball and then all of a sudden guys stop

using it and stop winning.  Most winners with this

ball throw 15.5 mph and faster which makes for a smooth

powerful arc instead of a vicious slash to the pocket.

This ball is a sleeper which will surprise if you have speed.

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Re: Impact Tour Edition 1
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2003, 10:20:00 PM »
This is for the regular Impact Zone. The ball is 14lbs and has a 3 inch pin. I picked up the ball used and it appears to have a hundred or so games on it. Pin is an inch right of ring finger and and cg is toward grip center. No weight hole. I bought the ball because it was cheap and I needed to try different balls and drills to see what works best with my new high rev rate style.
This has become by far my best ball on fresh shots. It gets very good length and then arcs hard once it hits the dry. Carry is excellent!
The key for me is the length the ball generates. I've had every other ball either hook too late and violently if the pin is over fingers or too early if I try any other drill. This ball doesn't start to hook until it has been out of the oil for a few feet. All my other stuff has been lower rg and just reads the dry too early and too strong unless there is carrydown.
This ball has me sold on higher rg stuff. I'm going to try a Spirit and an old red reactive Hammer to slot beneath this ball.

No more low rg stuff for me!

This is by far my best ball on longer patterns. It goes long and then doesn't over react like most balls do. Carry is awsome. I liked it so much I located another and keep it NIB for when this one finally dies.
Great ball!

Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?


Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?