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Denim Quantum
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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The Blue Denim Quantum pushes the envelope of the Proactive family of coverstocks to provide a DTX-2 traction rating that translates into the most length obtained from a Proactive ball ever. This has been accomplished through the creation of a new Proactive coverstock: Proactive 2.0.

Not a minor tweak of current Proactive, Proactive 2.0 was created by going all the way back and building a new coverstock from scratch. Proactive 2.0 uses a new isocyanate and polyol combination to create a formulation that is unlike anything else ever offered. This can be seen both in the "stonewashed" appearance of the coverstock and in the dramatic difference in the rate of oil absorption of Proactive 2.0. When wiped with a thin film of lane oil, all current Proactive particle technology and reactive coverstocks have oil absorption rates in the 0 to 3 minute range. Proactive 2.0's unique formulation absorbs oil at least 10 times slower, extending the oil absorption time to 30 minutes or more. This slower rate of oil absorption has been achieved without sacrificing any of the strength or traction characteristics of the Proactive family of coverstocks. Proactive 2.0 also contains a fine tuned blend of the Proactive additive to give the coverstock a unique texture that provides great traction in the midlane and backend. The result is a ball that cleans the front part of the lane like a reactive ball and then kicks and drives on the backend with the strength characteristic of a Proactive ball.

The new Proactive 2.0 coverstock, coupled with the Quantum signature arrowhead shape core gives the perfect solution for stronger players that want to obtain the Proactive advantage (clean through the front with aggressive traction and a smooth, powerful backend move that tames over reactions) on medium to dry lane conditions. It also is the ball of choice for all players looking for a go-to ball for late league shifts or for whenever they are challenged by rapidly changing or broken down lane conditions. The reaction of the Blue Denim Quantum moves toward the characteristic skid-snap look of reactive balls while maintaining the traction characteristics of Proactive. The ball also continues the tradition established in the Quantum line of having a separate individual core mold for each weight, allowing true "Light-weight dynamic integrity" throughout the weight range.

The specifications are as follows: Color: Stonewashed Blue; Coverstock: Proactive 2.0; Finish: Cerium Oxide Trizact; Hook Potential: 20-12 (dull/shiny); Traction Characteristic: DTX-2; Typical Length: 5; Typical Backend: 11; RG Maximum: 2.609; RG Minimum: 2.582; RG Differential: 0.047; Average RG: 5.3. Hardness: 78-79.



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Re: Denim Quantum
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2000, 01:00:00 AM »
This new Quantum is really something.  The first Proactive ball we've had in our shop that handles vitually any condition, other than the desert dry.  The denim when drilled with a pin and c.g. 2" from the p.a.p. and a dull surface will preform on the heaviest of oil we have up here.  When drilled with a 5 or 6" pin and polished exhibits length we never thought possible from proactive.  I do have one recommendation however.  Mr. Murphy(in his review) mentions putting his denim into a polishing machine-good idea.  We have a motor and buffing wheel from an old luster king mounted on a work bench at our shop and it's ideal for polishing this type of shell. You have to love a ball that revs off your hand and still gets down the lane and that is something this Quantum does.  Pocket shots are seemingly automatic too, it hits extreemly hard.  Definitly one of the best around, maybe even worth the price?!

If you have any questions about this or any of our other reviews, contact us at

Chuck West

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Re: Denim Quantum
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2000, 02:00:00 AM »
The Blue Denim Quantum 2.0 is another awesome ball from Brunswick.  I shot my third 300 with it in a tournement in May.  Compared to the Contact Zone-Pro, the Quantum is much more smooth in its breakpoint and backend.  Now I do have both drilled differently.  The Quantum drilled label-leverage with about a 3 1/2" pin, and the Contact Zone is drilled with a 2" pin stacked-leverage.  The Contact has more backend, but rolls later and has less flare than the BD Quantum.  The Contact also has a tendancy to be more violent in its reaction at times coming off of dry boards where the Quantum tends to be more smooth and controlable.  Now this also could be becuase I have the Quantum drilled in a tamer pattern, but it is a very smooth ball as most Quantums of the past have been.  Eventhough I threw 24 strikes in a row recently in practice on a pair with my Contact Zone-Pro, I do feel the Blue Denim Quantum is the better ball of the two.  I have seen many negative reviews of the Contact Zone, but many more positive reviews of the Quantum.  But if you have the choice of the two to purchase I'd say go with the Blue Denim Quantum.  The Contact is a good ball, and it has grown on me recently, but the Blue Denim has been a great ball from the first throw.  Good luck!


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Re: Denim Quantum
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2002, 11:33:47 PM »
My info:

PAP 5/12 over
17-18 MPH
375-420 RPM

Ball Info:

The denim Quantum was my 1st experience with proactives.  I held out for a while because I was bowling well with what I had.  I purchased this ball in the summer, and after playing with the coverstock, I really like this ball.  When polished up to 3000, it really is skid/flippy.  It has massive back end like this.  When scotchbrited with red then grey, and then with 800 polish, it does still skate through the heads, but it still really has a ton of back end. This layout seems great for myself and the ball.  This ball does have the tendency to open up a lane, when nothing else in my bag does.


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Re: Denim Quantum
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2002, 08:03:29 PM »
Okie Dokie I'm back again.
Now I don't happen to own this ball, but i have used it several times because we have one on the racks at the bowling center I work at.  YAY it fits my hands perfect.  I have only used it two times, the first time i had my longest strike chain ever 14 in a row, but i wasn't bowling for score so no 1st 300 (ARGH!).  oh yeah and the second time was nearly as impressive 262 game 1 with back 10 and a 220 the next game with the front two for a nice solid 12 in a row.  I definitely need to put that ball in my bag because WOWZA it hits!  and it hooks like CRAZY!  On fresh oil soaked in the middle im playing standing 30 throwing it over 12 out to 5 and havin it RIIIIIIIIIP back into the pocket sending messengers all over the place even when all the pins are already down.  It's utterly insane and i feel sooooooooo bad for whoever ditched that ball cuz they must have been mentally unstable.

Justin Buford

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Re: Denim Quantum
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2002, 08:14:29 AM »
I have had my Denim Quantum for about 2 months now. By far it is my favorite Quantum. It surpassed my Jade at the top of that list. The backend reaction that I get is incrediable. It is a very versitile piece of equipment. Works great on dry to medium conditions. Add a little polish and it works just fine on scorched lanes.
Overall Not a bad ball at all.

Justin B.