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C-(System) 4.5
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00
High Performance
- Coverstock: CFT (Chemical Friction Technology) v4.5
- Color: Black Pearl/Blue Pearl
- Hardness: 75-76
- Factory Finish: 500 Siaair Micro Pad Rough Buff Finish
- Weight Block: (14-16#) I-Block Symmetric Core
- RG max: 2.608
- RG min: 2.555
- RG diff: 0.053
- Average RG: 5.5 of 10
- Hook Potential: 160 (Scale 10-175)
- Length: 110 (Scale 25-235)
- Typical Breakpoint Shape: 95 Angular (Scale Smooth Arc 10-Angular 100)
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Oily
- Description: CFT v4.5 Coverstock - CFT v4.5 is the next progression in Chemical Friction Technology. The CFT v4.5 coverstock has a lower friction factor than CFT 3.5 which improves length through the heads and mid-lane without sacrificing the quick response and improved traction on the back-end.
I-Block Symmetric Core - The new I – Block Symmetric core was created by modifying the original asymmetric I – Block core (which has a symmetric base and an asymmetric flip block) to have an asymmetric base. By creating an asymmetric base with an asymmetric flip block on perpendicular axes the two asymmetries cancel each other out making the core shape symmetric. The core shape was also thinned and stretched to increase the RG min while maintaining the overall differential.
Ball Motion - With its Rough Buff finish, the C-(System) v4.5 will offer a lower friction factor with similar response time to friction alternative to the C-(System) 3.5. The new C-(System) v4.5 is best used on medium to oily lane conditions when you need to use a breakpoint further down the lane with a quick response motion to increase pin carry.
Reaction Setup - The C-(System) v4.5 can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for symmetric bowling balls.
Lightweight Engineering - The unique core shape of each Brunswick ball is used for weights from 14 to 16 pounds. This approach to lightweight ball engineering provides bowlers with consistent ball reaction characteristics across this weight range. The same drilling instructions can be used for 12- and 13-pound balls. This is because Brunswick uses a generic core shape with an RG differential that is close enough to the 14-16 pound shape.



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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2010, 08:30:32 PM »
Ball Name - C System 4.5

Bowler Specs
Right Handed
15 MPH
Out of the Box Surface
Axis 5 3/4 over, 3/16 up

Description - The C System 4.5 combines a symmetrical weight block with  Chemical Friction Technology to produces a quick response and improved back end reaction.

Drilling - Pin 5 inches and below the fingers with weight hole on VAL.

Reaction - This ball is just as clean thru the front as the 2.5 but definitely quicker off the spot.  FOR ME, if I played the gutter the ball stood up and rolled or if I played the whole lane, the ball consistently made it back to the pocket with authority.  If you run into a condition where the 2.5 is going by the break and 3.5 is checking up, this is the ball to pick up for sure.

Overall - The C System 4.5 will be a welcome addition to your C System Collection.

Thank you to Billy O, rep Brian Bever and all the good guys at Brunswick.
Roger Harley, Jr
IBPSIA Certified
USBC Certified Coach
Brunswick Advisory Staff

***The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Bowling & Billards Corporation***


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2010, 01:12:43 AM »
This ball is amazing. I think this ball is a great addition to anyone's arsenal. I drilled this ball pin above the ring finger with cg kicked at 45 degrees with a medium sized weight hole  in the middle. First threw this ball in practice a little and noticed that this ball like the 2.5 was extremely clean through the front part of the lane. For me this ball oily to medium or medium dry patterns. I am able to use this ball later in the league session and also on the fresh league shot which is pretty slick. I think this ball is just a wonderful piece to anyone's arsenal. Also just finished league up about 2 hours ago and shot 803 using the 4.5 and the new revolver.
Brunswick Regional Staff Member

K Lawson

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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2010, 03:20:20 AM »
The latest addition to the Chemical Friction Technology balls is the C System 4.5. The C System 4.5 cover has a lower friction factor than the 3.5 which allows it to generate more length through the heads and mid-lane without giving up the quick response and strong traction on the back-end. The 4.5 is powered by the new I–Block symmetric core which is a modification of the the original asymmetric I–Block core. Brunswick created an asymmetric base with an asymmetric flip block on perpendicular axis. The two asymmetrical pieces work together making the core shape symmetric. The core was thinned down and stretched to raise the min RG but maintain a strong differential.

I drilled my 4.5 with a dual angle of 55X5X35 so that I could create good length and a strong move to the pocket. What I got was awesome. This ball was clean through the front and mid part of the lane but had a very quick response at the end of the pattern. This ball allowed me to keep my moves minimal during the night and never lost its strong backend move.. I must say this piece has a great ball motion with plenty of pop down lane and tremendous carry. Congrats to Brunswick for another great ball.


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2010, 03:07:56 PM »
Ball specs before drilling:

15lbs. 3oz.
2" pin
2.5oz. top weight

Drilling pattern: 70 X 4.25 X 25 (left-handed)
This layout places the pin approx. 1" above and slightly left of my ring finger. Because of the shorter pin distance on this ball I had to drill the fingers extra deep to remove excess top weight. No X-hole was required.

I was very anxious to drill the 4.5 because I had been having some difficulties in the head area of the lanes during the last three events that I competed in. This ball promised a lower friction factor than the C-system 3.5 with a similar response time to friction downlane creating a more angular entry angle.
I went with a layout that would enhance the length factor of the ball. I did not want any loss of energy in the front part of the lanes and knowing the coverstock strength of the CFT line I felt like this would be a good match for me.
Wow! This ball is effortless through the heads. I have used it at three different centers now and am very impressed with the length, predictability and energy retention. First center I used it at was on  broken down synthetics (and I mean not oiled for days) house shot. On this condition the 3.5 would just want to roll and had nothing left on the back. The 2.5 was much better but lacked a little in carry. With the 4.5 I could play from 12 to 5 and the ball had plenty of entry angle and energy to carry all ten pins.
I then took the ball to the PA State tournament and encountered a heavier volume which forced me to move outside and straighten my angles. Playing down the boards between 3 and 5 the 4.5 was just a bit late off the end of the pattern. Ringing 7 pins were the result and a quick switch to the Anaconda was the perfect solution. By midway through game three as the shot broke down a bit I was back to the 4.5 and could keep my angles square.
The third center was on a fresh house shot, wood lanes with a very pronounced hook/hold area. The 4.5 was an absolute beast! A little left of the mark and the 4.5 just read the lane harder, a little right and no problem. Smooth, smooth, smooth...
I can't wait to bowl again and see what kind of numbers I can put up with this ball. Also would have loved to have the 4.5 at my last few events. This ball fills a definite need in the current lineup beautifully.
Again, if you are reluctant to roll Brunswick equipment based on yours or a fellow bowlers' past experiences, please do yourself a favor and give it another try. The quality, versatility and performance of the Brunswick line is outstanding. Thanks to the Brunswick team for offering a full arsenal to compete on any lane condition!


The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation

Lee Sandt
PBA Member
Brunswick Pro Shop Staff Member
Turbo Grips Staff Member
Kegel Certified Pro Shop Operator
USBC Certified Instructor
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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #5 on: June 20, 2010, 06:55:22 PM »
Ball Review: C System v4.5
Date: 06/20/10

Bowler Information:

Initial ball Speed: 16.5 - 17 mph
Tilt: 12 Degrees
Axis Rotation: 35 Degrees
Rev Rate: 300-350 RPMs

Coverstock - Chemical Friction Technology (CFT) v4.5
RG min - 2.555”
Differential - .053”
Core Type: Symmetrical

Drill Specs:
Pin to PAP - 5”
Degree From VAL: 40"
Vertical Pin Orientation: UP
Drill Angle - 70"

Box Rough Buff

The C System v4.5 is just what the doctor ordered for those Brunswick users looking for a ball to clear the front part of the lane.  In years past the bowling public has perceived brunswick balls to struggle getting down the lane, creating area on the friction, and carrying the rack when being thown away from the pocket.  This Pro Performance release is Brunswick's answer to these bowling situations and more!  Billy O and the R&D guys have a boneified homerun here.  This ball does everything our competitors balls are supposed to do well and combines it with the already documented C System length and pin carry.  On our 40 foot house shot the ball is long and super strong, allowing me to play almost any area with speed changes, hand adjustments and ball surface adjustments.  I threw this on our PBA experience Cheetah pattern, which was very tight on the corners for some reason, and I had several more boards of area when compared to the other bowlers around me in the bowling center.  I ended up shooting 671 the week after shooting 555 the week before because I couldn't open up the lane.  The C System is the cleanest rolling Brunswick ball I have ever thrown.  I did most of my testing with the rough buff surface but don't let that fool you, this ball is super adjustable.  If you need more grip, simply scuff with 2000 siaair and watch this ball come to life.  Watching this ball go down the lane it reminds me of one of those past balls of the year from our competitors and it is simply unstoppable. The C System v4.5 is the reaction Brunswick fans have been waiting for.  If you are looking for easy length, strong reaction, and predictable power on the breakdown look no further, the C System v4.5 is the answer!

Chris Garrett
Upstate Pro Shop
Greenville, SC - 1-866-490-9980

PBA Member
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Regional Staff

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.
Chris Garrett
Upstate Pro Shop
Greenville, SC  864-248-4737

Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Regional Staff


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #6 on: June 22, 2010, 12:56:40 PM »
Out of all the new releases the C-System 4.5 was the ball I was most excited
about.  And this ball did not disappoint me.  I used this ball for the first
time on a 41ft broken down scorpion-like pattern.  The ball clears the front
effortlessly and makes a sharp move down lane when it encounters friction.  This
ball enabled me to play 5th arrow easily without having to force the ball
through the front of the lane.  Other bowlers on the same pair were struggling
to get the ball through the front of the lane, but I had no problems.  I would
recommend this ball for medium, and broken down lane patterns.  Because the
C-System 4.5 is so clean through the front of the lane, the surface would
probably need to be altered to use on heavily oiled lanes.  If you are looking
for a ball to get clean through the front and make a strong move on the back,
the C-System 4.5 is the ball for you!!! Thanks Brunswick
Pin to PAP Distance 5"
CG to PAP  4 3/4"
Pin above Ring finger
Bowler Info:
Medium Revs, and Medium Ball Speed


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2010, 07:42:49 PM »
C System v4.5

Layout: 65x5x35, no hole

Ball Speed: ~20 mph

Rev Rate: 400

I was really excited about this ball once it was announced. I was a huge fan of the first two C-Systems, so I was anxious to try this one out. It did not disappoint at all. On a typical house shot on Brunswick Anvilane, this ball got great length and even better backends. Throwing it side by side with my pin up 2.5, this ball got an easy 2 to 3 feet more length, and had a lot better entry angle when playing a deeper inside line. It’s transition off the friction was much faster, but still predictable, maintaining that hard, yet smooth arc on the backend we get with the C-System line. For me, the v4.5 was 3 and 2 stronger than my 2.5 on this particular condition.

All in all, this is a great addition to the line, and personally, I’ve always had good success with symmetrical weight blocks, so I believe the new symmetrical version of the I-block core will be very “user-friendly” to the average bowler. So, if you are in the market for an all-around “useable” ball, the v4.5 is it!

Doug Morton
Xclusive Pro Shop - Anchorage, Alaska

Brunswick Pro Shop Staff

The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #8 on: June 24, 2010, 12:11:47 AM »
Everyone will love this ball! This ball is super clean and revs up a ton on the back end. I drilled mine with the pin under the ring finger and the cg kicked 45 degrees. No hole was needed. People with high ball speed may want to use a little surface to help the ball pick up since it's so clean through the front part of the lane.

Kennie Lane


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #9 on: June 27, 2010, 05:41:03 PM »
There is one word to describe this ball... WOW. This ball is very clean through the fronts and really responds to the friction.

Ball 1 was drilled 50x5x30. I wanted this one for when the lanes break down and I need that ball that just comes off the spot. That is what this ball will do without any problem. It is cleaner than both previous C Systems releases.

Ball 2 is drilled 50x5x80 with a P2 hole. I wanted this one for when I needed a ball to get through the fronts and read the midlane and have that pop still down lane. This drilling is about 4 and 2 stronger than the pin up drilling. The best part about this ball is it still clears the front really well.  Most of the time when I drill a ball with the pin real low it will not save energy for down lane but this one does.

When needing a ball that clears the fronts and comes off the spot this is the ball you are looking for. Players with higher ball speeds or lower rev rates may need to add surface to this ball. As with the previous C Systems this one takes surface changes very well.
Adam Baer
Brunswick Regional Staff
Vise Regional Staff
The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation
Adam Baer
Track Regional Staff
Vise Regional Staff


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #10 on: June 28, 2010, 12:21:13 AM »
Brunswick C-System v4.5

Right Hand
PAP: 5-1/2 over, 5/8 up
Speed: 15 mph
Rev Rate: 320 rpm
Axis Rotation: 50-60 degree
Axis Tilt: 30 degree

45* x 6 x 45*
Box Finish

This ball clear the heads really good at box finish and response really well down lane when it sees friction, to me the v4.5 is a bit longer than my 2.5 and the hook shape are pretty close to each other when starting the night on fresh, after a game and a half, moved in about 6/3 I can see the whole lane open up, not just left/right at the break point but also front to back.

I also changed the surface to 2000 Siaair Pad, it still clear the front with ease and it smooth out the reaction at the break point with a hard arc and have the lane open up left/right with ease.

Here is another winner from Brunswick, keep up the good work.

I can see a lot of play with this v4.5, it really compliment the 2.5 and 3.5.

Neil Lau
Brunswick Pro Shop Staff
VISE Staff Member
USBC Bronze Coach
IBPSIA Certified Technician
Owner of Super Bowl Pro Shop and Bowlers Junction, CA


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #11 on: July 05, 2010, 11:32:55 PM »
Ball: Brunswick C-(System) v4.5


Pin 5” from PAP, above ring finger
CG ¾” above and ¾” to right of grip center

Initial Surface Preparation:

Box finish


To give me an option for broken-down tournament conditions where I need to be able to count on recovery when I give the ball some room to the outside.  I’ve been using the Python on conditions like this, but I’ve found it to be touchy at times because of its sensitivity to oil.

Why this ball?

The C-(System) v4.5 is intended to have a lower overall friction factor than the C-(System) 3.5, with good length through the heads and midlane, but a fast response in back and a more dramatic change of direction than the C-(System) 2.5.


The C-(System) v4.5 came with a 3 ½” pin, so I went with my “favorite” symmetrical layout, with the pin 5” from PAP, above the fingers.

The first time I threw the v4.5 was on a fresher house condition with quite a bit of help in the middle and down the lane.  I aligned myself to get the ball to touch more of the dry, and I saw the strong move off of friction to which I’ve become accustomed with the CFT covers.  In fact, I had to cheat left with my feet to compensate for just how strong of a bounce I was getting from the dry boards.  Using this alignment, I had a good reaction with the v4.5, with the same great look at the pin deck that I have with the C-(S) 3.5.

When I threw the C-(System) v4.5 on a higher-friction lane surface with a house-type condition that was undergoing some transition, I saw the ball really begin to live up to its potential.  I had to open up my angles on this condition to avoid hitting the push down lane, but the C-(S) v4.5 never backed down from the challenge of recovering.  With the power came a price, though  playing that close to the lane with a ball so strong off friction resulted in me having to make frequent moves in order to keep the ball off of the headpin.  Eventually I did reach a point where I was far enough left so that I wasn’t hitting the house track area until further down the lane, and I didn’t have to move nearly as often.  From there, I was still getting a nice clean reaction in front and a strong move at the break, and I had little difficulty getting the corners out.

I know the question that I will be asked the most about this ball is how it compares to the C-(System) 2.5.  The overall hook is about the same, but the reaction shapes are noticeably different.  The 2.5 has the right combination of midlane read and strength in back to make a choppy condition play like a blended shot, but on a more favorable condition, I sometimes find it tricky to control the breakpoint.  The v4.5 doesn’t read the lane nearly as early, but for me, it has been even stronger than the 2.5 when it does hit the friction.

I could easily envision carrying all three CFT balls as part of a tournament arsenal.  The C-(System) 3.5 would be the first ball out of the bag for the fresh.  If the transition progresses in parallel lines, I could switch to the C-(S) v4.5, move left, and use the dry to get recovery.  If the condition transitions unevenly, I would go to the C-(S) 2.5.

NOTE:  The opinions expressed are solely those of the writer and not of Brunswick Corporation.

Ray Salas
Brunswick Amateur Staff

Dennis Rhodes

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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #12 on: July 13, 2010, 02:30:26 AM »
Bowler Stats:
Right Handed
Speed: 17-18 mph on Qubica
Revs: 350-375
Rotation: 60 Degrees
PAP: 5 and 3/8 straight over
Lane Surfaces:
House 1- 30 year old wood with guardian overlay
House 2- 35+year old wood

Ball Layout:
68 x 4 x 50 (pin next to the ring finger due to measurements based on pap)
Weight hole: placed down VAL to increase flare potential

Intended Purpose:
I wanted a ball that was clean through the heads and could really open up angles on the backend.  I enjoyed the C-System 2.5 and wanted a ball that would open up the lane later in a set (after the pattern started to blow up).  I hoped that this drilling would be clean enough to play deep inside, but still strong enough to turn the corner.

Carry – The hit of this ball is good, because it keeps the pins low (which doesn’t always happen for me when balls retain this much energy-they have a tendency to send pins up in the air).  The ball is extremely continuous and maintains axis rotation through the pins.

Likes – This ball can open up angles on the lane extremely well. The cover is very clean and the combination with the core saves a lot of energy to turn the corner on the backend. With simple hand adjustments, you can get a ball that opens up the lane to a ball that is great for going up the boards.  This ball is great for on most patterns, as long as you can find a decent amount of friction.  This ball makes it easy to read the end of the pattern due to how quickly it reacts to friction.

Dislikes –Due to the fact that this ball can go sideways on the backend, it can be a little addictive (even when it is not the right reaction to use).  With how clean the cover stock is, the ball can be a little skittish on oil if you are not careful. This can lead to some over-under in the reaction.
Overall: A good ball for tournament and league bowlers. It is useable on many different conditions by almost any style of release. Carry is above average. You need to find friction to use this ball.  Once you do, the ball is money!  This is a good ball for people with an arsenal and for people that only have one ball (due to its versatility).
Thanks for reading my review.
Dennis Rhodes

Brunswick Advisory Staff
Remember to accept my posts as my opinion, and not those of Brunswick.


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #13 on: July 14, 2010, 04:44:06 PM »
I found this ball to be impossible not to throw. I drilled the first one which had a 4-6 pin with the pin up which gives me a high pin but very controllable and predictable. The second one has a 1-2 pin so I had that one rico'd. Both balls are really good and my pin over is by far the cleanest ball through the front of the lane, it has great movement off the spot and I throw it more than any other ball.
Brunswick Staff Member
Turbo Staff Member

Rich Jerome Jr
Baltimore MD


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Re: C-(System) 4.5
« Reply #14 on: July 16, 2010, 03:03:01 PM »

Layout: 70x5.5x45
Surface: out of box

The new version of the CFT really allows the ball to get down the lane.  The 4.5 glides down the lane and recovers with a stronger backend motion than the previous C System balls not only because of the new cover.  The new symmetrical I Block core offers a higher RG (2.55) and a higher differential (.053).  The C System 4.5 is a great addition to an all ready amazing line of bowling balls.  With the addition of the 4.5, the C System line now has a skid flippy ball motion for medium to medium heavy oil patterns.  This ball is a must have in your bag.

Jason Belschner
Brunswick Advisory Staff