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Mike Aulby Signature MVP
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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The Mike Aulby Signature MVP design creates a ball with the strongest reactive ball reaction in the mid-price high performance category, with a straighter trajectory down the lane before making an aggressive move to the pocket. The specifications of the Mike Aulby Signature MVP are as follows: Color: Purple; Coverstock: PowrXtend Reactive; Surface Factory Finish: Polished Urethane; Part Number: 60-102857; Available weights: 10-16 lbs.; Hook Potential: 18.5-10.5; Typical Length: 4; Typical Backend: 11; RG Maximum: 2.609; RG Minimum: 2.563; RG Differential: 0.046; Average RG: 5.3; Track Flare Potential: 10.



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Re: Mike Aulby Signature MVP
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2002, 11:58:12 AM »
This was a donated ball at a center I was bowling at.  I recognized the name so I picked it up and threw it for about 4 frames.  Wasn't bad.  So asked the owner if I could buy it.  Alolright I buy it.  The span is huge.  So I take it back to my home center and start bowling with it. I adjusted my wrist position to compensate for the large span.  When I did this, this ball turned amazing.  No exaggeration.  This ball is awesome for skid snap reaction.  I usually stand in left gutter throw it out to 20 have it skid out to about the 5 baord and this ball comes screaming back.  It's in the shop being fitted for my hand as I write.  I don't know much about drilling, but the guy who runs my pro- shop said it was a very strange drilling.
I will be up in your face, I will win, and I will show you why I am what intimadation is.
I will be up in your face, I will win, and I will show you why I am what intimadation is.