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Monster ScreamR
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »

Coverstock: N'Control PowerStock - Reactive

Color: Blue w / Violet Pearl

Hardness: 77-79

Core Dynamics:


  • RG Max: 2.546

  • RG Min: 2.514

  • RG Diff: 0.032

  • RG Avg: 3.8




  • Hook Potential: 80

  • Length: 140

  • BreakPoint Shape: 85


Available Weights: 12-16 Pounds

View the official Spec sheet including Drill Instructions


Bob Hanson

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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #31 on: September 24, 2002, 03:42:07 PM »
Add another one to the list of ScreamR fans.  I drilled this ball out to replace my Battle Zone Cannon that some on this board have heard me ramble on about.  The ScreamR came with a 2 inch pin that I put right on the grip line just below my bridge with a stacked cg.  This gave me roughly a 5 by 4.5, the same as I had on my cannon.  The characteristic of the cannon was early rev, midlane arc, and not too big a back end.  I used it to stay a little more direct on very dry conditions, and also to jam into the oil when I wanted to play very direct and not get the early move that would have come with a strong shelled ball.  I tried the ScreamR out using both techniques today.  I first went to about 8 board on a heavy wall shot and was able to play up the boards with little out angle.  Carry was exceptional, until I started pushing what little oil I had down the lane.  I got a little more push through the heads than with the cannon, but still got a small angular midlane move.  I then went to 11 board and did my best Ernie Schlegel imitation of jamming the ball right to the hole in heavier oil with end over end roll.  I carry 11 out of 12 playing this shot.  

A few observations about the ball.  Some people have said it was skid snap and others have said it was pretty controlled on the back.  I think if you have a release that gives you skid snap on many conditions you will find that the ScreamR will snap.  If you normally don't get a lot of back end pop you will find the ball to very controlled on the back.  This is not a ball to send wide unless you have lots of hand.  The low differential is not going to give you hit going coast to coast unless you are Robert Smith.  If you want a dry lane ball drill it for length and be happy playing a little more direct on the dirt.  If you want a more versatile ball, drill this ball stronger and you will probably find it to be fairly versatile on league shots where there is usually a dry area.  It was designed to be a ball that the heavier handed players could drill a little more aggressive without getting too much flare.  It definitely acts that way.  One other observation.  After throwing a bunch of strikes jamming it up 11, I took my SmashR and moved my feet 4 boards deeper, swing 11 and strung several with that ball.  It's always easier on a wall.


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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #32 on: October 05, 2002, 01:14:59 PM »

Here goes, after using and discussing the initial break in period on the Brunswick Forum.  

This 2 1/2 pin out ball is drilled 4.5 X 5.  Label really. No weighthole

Condition intended on is medium to lighter.  

This ball was put up against my previously reviewed and enjoyed Battle Zone Bullet.
My length and flip ball for the past two years many a high score.

What is interesting about these two balls are the different specs, the scream/r is lower rg, and lower differential and has a coverstock (pearl NControl Powerstock) that is a little skiddier in the dryer heads and a little less pure reaction off dry.  Yet what is surprising is that both balls when used on different conditions are often played on exactly the same part of the lane.  What is even more unique is that the balls will cover the same lines but with dramatically different flight plans to the pocket!

For example on a medium to medium heavier oiled league shot recently I put both balls up against each other.  At the beginning of practice both balls I started by standing on 25 angling my feet slightly and throwing at the arrows over 12-13.  The Scream/r because of its earlier revs only projected to about the 40 foot mark and as wide as 9 or 8 and then made a quick angular move to the hole.

The Battle Zone Bullet on the other hand projected straighter and on the same line about 5 feet farther and then all the way out to the 5 -6 board area.
It's large differential then allowed the ball to make it's big move and recover all the way to the hole!  However many balls had covered too many feet on the lane and did not have the Pop at the hole that the Scream/r did.

Then during league I used this ball because of the strong move while many others were using low load particles.  What was interesting was though really there was too much oil on this shot for this ball it was very workable and had so much energy at the 1-2 pocket that there were gasps from my opponents.
(I am only medium handed).  At one point after a six bagger early I put down do to some 7s.  Used a particle for a game and a half without much pop and then switched and closed the night with 7 out of 8 after making a straighter 2 and 1 move outside with my feet.

What is interesting also is if you tug this ball into a league crown it will still make a small flip move and maybe carry.

I now use this ball where I did use my great Battle Zone Bullet with less lane coverage and more consistency, maybe more hit as documented above.

I also compare this ball very favorable to the much loved and high scoring for me Pulse Pearl (blue) from Columbia.  To contrast these two.  The Pulse Pearl if swung out to the dry would come back and crush the hole if it found dry.
If it was pulled into the crown it would not move and would leave a washout.
Thru the fronts they are very similar, it is just at that greak point juncture that the monster proves it is better on most house type patterns(crown).

This Monster Beauty in comtrast to the Pulse Pearl will instead be able to move from outside or if pulled inside and still create impressive angle and energy to the hole.

This is truly a gem from not the dryest but up from that all the way into certain oilier than medium conditions.

Enjoy it and get it! It is a beautiful blend of cover and core for the lighter conditions!



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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #33 on: November 16, 2002, 07:08:02 AM »
Specs: 15.1, 3 oz top, 3" pin. 1 o'clock layout, CG in grip center, no weight hole.

I completely trust ScreamR's reaction. It is my ball of choice for tough lighter/medium conditions. I bought it for a short, light Christmas tree on older wood, but found it to work well up to a decent medium. When you have a shot where every frame is a battle, this is the blunt instrument of persuasion you want to use.

I've thrown two Brunswick pearls now and my impression is that they are optimal for the end-over-end player. N'control is an appropriate name for this coverstock. You get exactly what you give it in your release. Of course, this cuts both ways, which is why I think ScreamR is more for the experienced player, the guy with some consistency and a couple of releases in his bag of tricks.  Other than that, I don't perceive it as style-specific. There's something here for cranker, tweener and stroker alike and I've seen all of them use it with good success.  

Compared to Powerkoil 17, N'Control gets through the heads easier, is longer and has the potential for a bigger flip. If I hit it pretty good, Scream/R is actually bigger and more angular than my Ti Messenger Pearl. If I take something out of it, lay it on its side, it behaves more like a 3-piece.

It revs up quickly off your hand, but still gets a bit of length and is forgiving at the breakpoint. One of the main reasons I bought it was to retain energy, and it does a very good job of that. I like the low-diff, low-RG core in a mild cover in both concept and execution. It seems like a simple idea - wrap a lightbulb in pearl resin - but with anyone else's coverstocks, it'd just be squirty and weak. Lower RG pearls are definitely the way to go for me.

I've used it very successfully now for several weeks in two circumstances - playing deep inside on light oil and  feeding it into a drying track at a specific location, both breakpoint-sensitive tasks. Not sure why, but it really likes being played inside. When you have to get in around 4th, 5th arrow to find some oil, this is the ball you want.

It's hard to find much to criticize in ScreamR. You can nitpick that maybe it's not so hot on carrydown or not the biggest hitter in the world, but the bottom line is that it's effective and it keeps you in play.


Control - 9. A very good control pearl. Dependable reaction, very responsive to release changes and good forgiveness at the breakpoint.

Versatility - 9. By anyone's standards, good for everything from light to a decent medium, generally covering the normal range of league shots. I like it on pretty much anything you'd put a 3-piece on up to what you'd throw a Ti Messenger Pearl on.

Hit and carry - 8. Not a huge hitter, but plenty good enough.

ScreamR is a modern-day classic. This will be a ball that people scrounge for years after it is discontinued. Definitely worth buying one to drill now and one to put away.
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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #34 on: November 19, 2002, 10:31:05 PM »
This ball has a pin out 2-3. I drilled the ball with the pin over the bridge with the cg on center line of my grip. This is one of Brunswicks' best inventions. The ball gets great length and a nice smooth recovery in the backend. This is not the best ball to use to get a read on the lanes as it goes long no matter what. The ball hits hard but not too hard. And carries real well. this ball offers a lot of control and is very forgiving even on hard lane conditions. The ball is really not known for overreacting on dry parts of the lane. This is a great ball for anybody.


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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #35 on: December 18, 2002, 07:46:00 PM »
16 pounds
Top Weight: 3.6
Pin out: 2-3 inches
Factory Surface

Likes: Consistancy, Hitting Power, Backend, the list goes on an on
Dislikes: Heavy Oil

Sorry about the delay guys, I have had finals and just finished up the semester up. It has been a pretty busy end of the year.....
What an amazing bowling ball. I drill this one up 5 1/2" strong, with the pin above my fingers. I drilled this up for when the backends are toast during the later games of a tournament. And, this is what a bowling ball should be. The way it eases through the heads, and once it reads the dry on the backend goes that extra foot and makes a nice hard controlable arc towards the pocket. It reminds me of a Zone X low diff on steroids. Once it gets to the pocket, nothing is left standing, maybe a few 8 or 9 pins, but the ball is like a ton of bricks. The ScreamR fits nicely between my Ignitor and Zone X Low Diff. It goes just that tich further than the Ignitor and when the lanes fry out too much I go right to my low diff. This is one hell of a ball for all types of bowlers, if you are just starting out it has that controlable reaction that you are looking for. Plus, it has all and more of what the tournament players are looking for. Great ball Brunswick.


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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #36 on: January 02, 2003, 05:38:50 PM »
Ball Specifications - 15.3 LBS , 3-4' pin

Alright , now this is definitely a great ball to buy I drilled my ball with the pin above my ring finger a little offset to the right... and the CG slightly above my Center to grip , plus about an inch and a half offset to the right... keep in mind guys... my span is 5 and a half inches wide...

I gotta say... this ball hits like a truck... even in heavy oil , I can still throw this ball down the lane and it still comes back , it has a very nice and stable mid lane roll... combined with a nice arc at the backend.

This is a very controllable ball and i recommend it to beginners or high rev players who are planning to get a new ball.


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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #37 on: January 05, 2003, 07:38:46 PM »
All I can say is I will never spend money on any other line again as long as Brunswick puts these out.  I have been a Big "B" hater my whole life but the red alert changed that for a while, then the quantums and now these.  I have the Frenzy, which is an awesome ball so I tried the Scream.  HOLY COW!  Out of the box the ball is exactly what I wanted.  We drilled the pin in the ring for a pretty boring traditional drilling.  I wanted more length than I was getting with the Frenzy with a strong snap and I got it.  Out of the box in our City Tournament, which is a very tough shot traditionally, 243, 279, 201, 235.  All I can say is it goes long, turns hard and hits great!

If you are looking for a monster that has some potential to go in deep and go long but not lose the hit, this ball may be for you!


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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #38 on: January 06, 2003, 04:03:43 PM »
Had this ball for a while, but haven't had the chance to use it much because the house I bowl league at is usually pretty slick.  Ball is drilled with the pin under the middle finger, 2" shift with a small hole past the axis.  This has been a condition ball for me because of the weak drill, but I really like it on flatter patterns with some backend.  This ball gets down the lane well, but gives good midlane read and hitting power is excellent.  Cover is very versatile and provides excellent control.  Definately an arsenal ball for the tournament player.
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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #39 on: January 26, 2003, 10:30:23 PM »
15LB. 3IN. pin. Bought this Jewel used From AMS Pro Shop in North Kansas City MO. I used this ball last night on DRY lanes I mean D R Y! it was way to much ball but I stood my ground and gave it a shot. The lanes werent oiled for days as I was later told. I survied to say the least and the ball once place on the lanes would go about 8 feet then start to snap. stood all the way left flattened out my hand and through the spare ball shot and it was just arcing into the pocket. Today on fresh oil medium condition the ball was a well a...MONSTER! I would run it up the 2nd arrow and BOOM nothing but flat out Devastation! it got me 8 strikes in a row but I was taking a lesson and only in pratice mode. Some over under but I think its the bowler not the ball. 10 out of 10 way to go Brunswick!


Ryan Peebles

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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #40 on: January 30, 2003, 09:33:17 AM »
I purchased a second ScreamR this past week; my first review was 1/31/02.  I had this fifteen-pounder (1 1/2" pin-out, @ three-oz top weight) set up 4 1/4" X 4 1/4" with the pin under the ring finger.  My first ScreamR was 6 1/4" X 4 1/2", pin above middle finger, CG under ring.

My goal was to "recreate" my Zone X TE2 (a.k.a. Orange Pin, see my second review of the TE1 from early 2001).  In eight games of total use over a seven-day period (190-242; 189-217-238; 243-257-222), this ball is fantastic.  It rolls clean and arcs beautifully on medium oil with good backs.  The low-RG Rhino Pro Teal core with the Command Zone cover to complement makes the ScreamR one of the most predictable, forgiving, and economic balls on the market.  A great combination, and a great ball for a typical medium-oil league pattern.
Ryan Peebles
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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #41 on: March 27, 2003, 09:10:47 AM »

I've reviewed this ball before.

Couldn't really get a great look on my home lanes(too much head oil).
It always wanted to hit and looked great on the lanes and exciting, but I had breakpoint control problems.

2 inch pin out, drilled 4 1/4 X 5.  Basically label leverage for me.
Almost no side weight(which I don't often do).

Tried 3 ideas on my home house. 1000 grit dull, 600 grit polished, 1000 grit polished, (black magic on both).

To make a long story short, 1000 dull took away all backend, 600 grit black magic was too early and 1000 with Black magic was just about the right break point.

Back end was back to out of box condition but breakpoint about 4 to 5 feet earlier.

This ball was explosive and on a fresh pattern covers so many boards so fast it can really hit!

Ball still looks fast on the lanes and I probably had more reaction than anyone in the house.

By the 2nd game I had already moved to playing 16 to 8 at the break and let one slip away to the two board and still struck.

I took this ball in a tournament to an all synthetic house(my home house is synthetic to 30 and wood the rest).  Same thing just humungous runaway backend for me.

Is it the drilling or the ball.  For me the excitement is unbelievable to watch and the ooohs and aaahs in the background are nice.
After awhile while playing this deep this ball starting slashing in and leaving 8 pins and 6 8s for me, a little deeper and then 10s.

Lots of excitement, tremendous reaction and medium ok scores.

This ball will soon end up in someone else's hands.  Maybe someone more up the back who will find more control than I did.

Beautiful high testosterone reaction for me, moderate scoring.

In comparison other balls used on both patterns above that gave me a more smooth and controllable reaction, eraser, Rebel ECX.  Almost the excitement of the Demolition Zone just farther downlane!



It takes Courage to have Faith, and Faith to have Courage.

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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #42 on: April 10, 2003, 01:10:12 PM »
I have to change my 1st review of this ball not that i have so more bowling exp and a little more knowledge to my game

Length is good hooks more than my frenzy this ball is 15 lbs and drilled with the pin above the ring great compliment to my frenzy this ball does the trick on most conditions from light-med to med-heavy for me

hook this ball really moves and moves hard goes down the lane and snaps back to the pocket i love this ball and now i have figured out the control and times to put it away

control can be a bit snappy at times and for me if i put to much hand in it i leave alot of 3,6,10's and 3,6,9,10's from coming in heavy but for the most part it is very easy to control it is not speed sensitive but is very responsive to hand changes

hit-this ball is absolutly lovely i shot 287 3 weeks ago and everything is great with this ball just like the frenzy you have length, hit, control, and carry for under 100 bucks

personal opinion the monster line is the best on the market right now if you don't have one pick up any of them and you to will be a fan of brunswick
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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #43 on: August 19, 2003, 03:36:26 AM »
Picked this ball up at the Ace Mitchell tent sale, it has a 1" pin, and I drilled it with the pin and GC stacked under the bridge. I now have found my new dry lane ball. I was using a Hot Rod, but this ball has a much more controlled back end. This is another ball that has me believing in Brunswick again (Inferno, Danger Zone re-release)
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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #44 on: September 26, 2003, 01:12:11 PM »
I picked this ball up used on for about $45.  What I basically wanted was a ball I could use to test a new thumb pitch without fouling up my current equipment.  The ball is drilled for length with a good pop on the back end.  Check my profile for my bowling stats.  Pin on this ball is 1/4" southwest of my ring finger.

Before last night, I had never used this ball for more than a few games in practice, so pulling it out was a little risky at best.  Our lane man decided that he would give in to all the people moaning about the fact that the shot breaks down "too quickly".  As a result, he flooded the heads with 120 units in the center down 36' buffed to 41'.  90 units outside of that.  There was a definite out of bounds.  In game 1, I threw my Minotaur and a Track Hex looking for some back end but came up empty.  Net result was a 148.  In the 8th frame of that first game, I pulled out my ScreamR.  The first shot surprised me a little by going through the beak, but a little fine tuning really opened the lane up.

The ball did just what it was supposed to do: nice long skid through the heads before revving up in the midlane and taking a hard right at the breakpoint.  The ball has a very predictable reaction when well thrown, and it even surprised me a few times on some fairly poor shots.  Despite the dismal showing in the first game, I posted 234-227 for a 609.  I think with different layouts, this ball has a lot of good potential for varieties of lane conditions.  I didn't figure this would be my go-to ball in a flood, but it did the trick for me.

Rate the ball 9 out of 10 for predictability, versatility, and overall performance.  The ScreamR loses a little credit for its carry.  Not so much that the corner pins were a problem (though I did leave a few 7's last night), but sometimes the ball just turns so hard that it can blow by an 8 or 9 pin from time to time.

A good ball for the seasoned vet or the newbie looking for some turn.

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Re: Monster ScreamR
« Reply #45 on: October 19, 2003, 08:51:40 PM »
Got this one from Brunswick last season, late in the year. Wanted something that would get through the heads well, go down a ways and then turn and hit. I am a right handed power stroker who can swing it or go straight up the boards if need be.

My ScreamR is drilled with the pin just below the ring finger and the Cg kicked just to the right of my palm. To date I have used this ball mainly as a back up to a couple of balls that I am really comfortable with. That situation is changing, it is now my primary ball for my Monday league. I have gotten to love the reaction I get from this ball. It gets through the heads really clean, even when they are starting to dry out, goes down past midlane and then turns up and really smashes the pocket. The hit has been great, as it seems to carry a variety of hits well, especially light hits. I have to say that this ball even carries better than any ball that I have thrown when I need to move left to find some oil. A problem I usually have and can not overcome due to my high ball speed.

I am truly impressed with it and do consider it an excellent addition to my arsenal. I continue to use it and will post another review after I have more games on it. Currently my low game with this ball is 216. Great job by Brunswick.
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