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Power Groove Reactive
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Three Colors: Neon Green/Purple Pearl/Ice Blue

Coverstock: PowerKoil 17 Reactive

Hardness: 76-78

Factory Finish: Rubbing and Finishing compound double buff

RG: 2.704

Dif: .041

Hook: 14+

Length: 155

Breackpoint Shape: 75

View the official Spec sheet including Drill Instructions for the Neon Green/Purple Pearl

View the official Spec sheet including Drill Instructions for the Ice Blue



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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2002, 07:53:47 PM »
Let's Get to the Point for this one!

Brunswick has answered the Call! to put some power
and Excitement back into its Products!

The New Power Groove Series is Brunswicks entry into
the "Low End" price catagory but with one difference!

PERFORMANCE!!!!! And Performance is what you will get!

Those of you who get this ball will be surprized at the
Great Hitting Power and "Hook"! that this ball will
provide! We were excited to finally get our Reactive and
Pro-Active Power grooves on the lane.
(See our review for the Pro-Active Version)

We drilled this ball basic label, with a 2:00Pin placement
and the CG. in the palm. With a straight path to the test
lanes we were in play from the start on lanes that already
had some traffic on them, (Early Morning Seniors League).

The Power Groove was smooth and controlled! with what I
would call a "Friendly" Arc/Snap Hook!

I was more impressed with the Hitting Power!!
Most of the time you "Give Up" something in this catagory
but Not Here!!! The Addition of the (2) Power Cylinders in the
bottom of the ball provide for strong hook and hitting power!

Those of you who are of a higher average and skill level will find
that one of theses Power Grooves will make an Excellent "Dry/Lane"
condition ball!!! Or even when you are on one of those "Funky"
lane conditions where all the "High Powered" stuff is Over/Under,
make sure you have a "Power Groove" handy to get you threw!

Brunswick now has an entry to compete with the Ebonite Tornado's!

The two different color versions will give bowlers a choice and at
the same time it will be a great "Value" for the price point!

We will Highly recommend this new "Power Groove" Series to all bowlers!



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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2002, 01:59:20 AM »
Yes,As Bowlpro has commented on...The Brunswick Power Groove is a bit different comparing with other manufactures .Scouts,Flame & Bighit's,Tornado's and others.
What seperates this is the 2 bottom dynamic caps.Quite intriging that it comes from the big "B". They'll generally save this for there higher end products.
Good promotions Mr Tomaras,maybe now us proshop operators will again sell The big Brunswick.
To bowlpro,is there anything that you don't recommend to your "customers"?
I would love to have your steady diet for my used ball rack...


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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2002, 03:05:00 AM »
i drilled this ball with the pin below the bridge. this ball hits great and is the best ball made for the price. this is an amazing cover core combination. this is a great entry level ball. this ball has great length and recovery. the ball has amazing hit and carry for such an angled breakpoint. I would not recomend this ball as a cotrol ball but i deffinately recomend this ball to anybody who wants a great ball at a graet price.


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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #4 on: September 12, 2002, 06:31:27 AM »
First the ball is drilled with Brunswick layout 2L( Pin above The ring finger...

This ball goos very long before it makes a sharp turn to the left.
I stand around the second dot from the center & throw the ball between second & third arrow (from the right).

The Power Groove Reactive hits very hard and carries very VERY good...
If you get it in the pocket, you're almost sure to strike (except if you are very unlucky)...
Off-hits are also carried extremely well:
light hits give you lots of strikes
if you're straight on the one pin there is a good chance it won't leave you a split... (only had 1 so far)

Overall a very good ball for light & medium oil
I'm gonna try it on heavy oiled lanes soon, but don't expect too much on that condition, anything else will be ok....
Recommended to every bowler, worthy addition to the arsenal!!!


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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #5 on: September 19, 2002, 07:11:00 PM »
New season's resolution: More brevity, less BS.


Brunwick 4L layout, pin above the bridge, CG out about 1". Ending statics 1 1/8 top, 3/4 side, 1/4 finger. This gives me about 3" of flare and a nice continuous backend. This guy would be fine in any length layout (the Brunswick 'L' layouts).


I've thrown it for a month now in 3 very different houses and found it very useful. I consider it the best of the non-2-piece crop; I'd take it over a Scout or a Tornado any day. Actually, I look in the closet, and I'd trade you straight up for about half the 2-pieces in there.

Despite the high RG, it's a good length - long, but not nearly as long as either a Scout or a Too Hot. It's one of the earlier-rolling pearls I've used.

There are 3 really good things about it:

1) This coverstock gives me the best midlane read and the most forgiveness at the breakpoint of any pearl I've thrown. I've owned Superflex, Supertack and Curleyon pearls, and this is superior -  it is neither as squirty, violent or over/under as the others.

2) Hit is indistinguishable from the better 2-pieces. Moderately strong, not a big hooker, but a big hitter.

3) It's a perfect ball to use against Twisters, and exceptional on an extreme wet/dry on a lighter pattern. It doesn't get overly concerned when it first hits the dry.


I'd give it a solid 8.5.

Control: 8.5. The most controllable pearl resin I've thrown yet.

Versatility: 9. A good all-around ball for the light to light mediums. I can play a lot of different lines with it, do a lot with the backend behavior. Handles messy backends better than the other pearls I've used.

Hit and carry: 8.5. You'd swear it was a strong 2-piece. Plenty of ball for my two brickyards.

Quick update - I'm having some success playing it inside on a short, dry Christmas tree. The midlane strength gives me a good breakpoint, it hits great from 4th arrow and it doesn't burn up in the dry. Very comfortable ball to play on this condition, so much better than a Scout or Too Hot.
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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #6 on: December 17, 2002, 07:13:15 AM »
I picked this ball up last week, after running into so many "short oil" patterns that my Lane 1 equipment was way too aggressive.  Boy, was I shocked, and totally impressed!!  Got the ball drilled last Thursday morning, using pattern 2L from the Brunswick drilling sheet.  First time on the lanes Thursday night, shot 245 out the box!!  Ended up with a 667 series.  Ball rolled farther
down the lane with a lot less effort, and made a nice move to the pocket.  For the money, I did not expect this type of hitting power!!  This ball carries real well.  It is condition specific, and gets a little squirrley on fresh oil, but when they breakdown, or on second league shot, it's incredible!!


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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #7 on: July 08, 2003, 07:20:51 PM »
This ball is a , please don't laugh, 12 pounder. 2.5 inch pin and 3.3 ounces of top weight before drilling. The pin is a bit right of ring finger with cg in span. I got this ball to practice a no thumb release. This change has moved me from a lower rev guy with high speed to a very high rev rate with medium speed. I track right next to the fingers and about an inch away from the now useless thumbhole. I have no idea where that puts my new PAP.
The only thing I can really compare this ball to is plastic. I was expecting a relatively small difference between this low level reactive and plastic. Wrong! The Power Groove hooks easily 15 boards more than plastic. Hit is really silly good for the weight. I'm leaving solid nine pins with a 12 pound ball!!
The Powerkoil 17 cover on this ball is quite strong and will start as soon as it reads dry in box condition. I had it polished to a high gloss and it now gets a couple more feet of length.
If you supply some turn, I think this ball will really surprise you with its relatively high hook potential and good hit. Lesser handed players would probably be better off with a ball with more core.
My scores aren't up but I sure am having fun flinging the ball!

I tried this ball in 15 lbs. I got great reaction and hit, but the ball was too heavy (I went back to 14#) so I don't roll it. Very nice ball. Superior to many $200 balls out there.

Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?


Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?



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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #8 on: January 23, 2004, 02:35:34 AM »
I had this ball for a month now and it is the first one out of my bag now.  I had this drilled with the sheet L#2, thinking it was not going to be a big snapping ball.  Well I was somewhat wrong.  The first night I go and bowl on my friday night league, it's all for fun and i figured that it would be a good time to try it.  The lanes are the most unpredictable lanes in the world.  One week it will have some oil and the next will have none.  There was some oil that night nice 10 by 10 pattern.  It took me a game to get use to it but after that I started to play about the 15 board to the 5, a little slower than normal, heavy revs, and the ball just did not miss the pocket.  Ended with a 215 and a 211.  On the same league right now (lanes are bone dry) i boosted up the speed and still playing the same line and I'm getting even more action.  Then I bowled a tournament with a heavy oil, but flying backends.  It just snapped right and was in the pocket all day.  
This ball really is worth the 50 dollars.  You get great snap, but it is very controllable, you can cover boards and still play a flat line too.  It is a good ball and i recommend it to anyone if they are lookin for a dry to med ball.

The Bartender

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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #9 on: February 18, 2004, 06:38:44 PM »
This is the most surprising ball I've ever rolled.  I'm a 15-16mph, high rev bowler that likes to swing it.  My current arsenal includes a sanded Columbia Complete Chaos, a Lane #1 Cherry Bomb, and a polished Spirit II for the dry.  I got this ball from (which I highly recommend, btw) in Ice Blue 15# for 50 bucks.

First off, the color of the ball, and the pearl, is gorgeous.  I had it drilled label, with no weight hole.  I left the cover in box condition, and headed to my local budget house, to catch a lane after leagues were done.  Let me tell you, this ball helped my game a ton.

The conditions were a normal house shot, on fairly new wood lanes.  I moved right, and played a more up and in shot, instead of swinging it like my Complete Chaos.  The ball had INCREDIBLE hitting power, and a very nice, controllable hook.  I had more pin action with this ball than with anything I've ever used.  It just exploded the deck, and had enough carry to finish a Brooklyn hit with regularity.  Several times, I hit light, only to have a scout spin accross the deck, and finish off those pesky 10 pins.

This is now the first ball out of my back, and what I pick up if my Complete Chaos won't get down the lane.  IMHO, the best, cheapest ball there is.

Club Bowler

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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #10 on: March 04, 2004, 12:23:23 PM »
I am just getting back into bowling after about a 38 year hiatus.  I am only a sub in a 4-man mens league, but I get to bowl almost weekly.  I had been using house balls which didn't fit well. Consequently, I couldn't throw a hook and I actually hurt my hand because the ball(s) didn't fit properly. Any ball that is fit and drilled properly for your hand would be a big improvement over a house ball.

So I decided I needed to spring for my own ball and since I was making the investment, I wanted a ball that I could learn to hook.  After extensive internet research including this site, I decided to get a Brunswick Power Groove Reactive.  Incidentally, I decided against getting it on-line as I didn't think I would save considering that I would have had to pay delivery and for ball drilling anyway.  I also felt I would get better service from the pro shop that drilled my ball if I bought it from them.  Not only was the service great, but the operator took me out to the lanes and watched me bowl the equivalent of about two strings (the scoring system was turned off) and helped me with my new hook release, targeting, etc.  If my total cost was more than if I bought on line (and I doubt it), it was worth it.

But let me tell you about the Power Groove.  Before Power Groove, my average was 123 with no hook. I have thrown 6 games with the Power Groove with an average of 155, and I'm just learning to hook, which is easy with the Power Groove, especially on dry lanes. The amazing thing is that over the 6 games, I haven't had one split, not even a little one. The more experienced bowlers I play with have all commented on the great carry I get with the new ball. Incidentally, I had the ball drilled finger tip with layout #2 on the Brunswick chart.

I also considered the Columbia Scout Reactive and the Ebonite Tornado either of which would also be a good first hooking ball, so I understand, but I am delighted with the Power Groove Reactive.


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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #11 on: March 25, 2004, 04:36:44 PM »
I was looking for a good dry lane ball, but inexpensive, and this ball is the ticket. Mine is a 15# Ice Blue Pearl drilled over the label, I didn't want alot of hooking action with it so I went with a simple drilling. Our lanes get bone dry in our late league shift, and I needed something that would stay on the lane. This ball holds it's line and makes a nice turn to the pocket. The ball has alot more pin action than I thought it would, which is nice. Even on medium oil, it still works very good for me, put a little more hand on it and it's still easy to control. I give this an A+ in my book, I have a 137 average, and it's helping it climb every week. Way to go Brunswick!
Bear with me, I'm the highest shootin' lowest shooter, spare missin', lane strugglin' beginner I've ever met!!


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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #12 on: April 07, 2004, 05:50:57 PM »
I bought my power groove last week for a dry lane ball to replace my storm Big Hit. I love this ball but it isn't a dry lane ball. It hooks more than my silencer and my erase-it. It carries very well. I have had probaly 40 strikes since I got it and I have left 9 tin pins. That is pretty good for me knowing that nine times out of ten I leave a ten pin. Mine is drilled with the pin above and between the finger grips. I am a high rev medium speed bowler and if your like me then you should get one. My groove is the chrome and yellow one but I think it is the same as the one in the picture.

Gene J Kanak

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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #13 on: May 12, 2004, 01:49:58 PM »
I owned the Gold-Chrome PG bought NIB. Specs:

2-3" pin
Drilled pin above and between fingers
cg in line below fingers
Box finish

  I've seen this ball kill for others, but, with this drilling, this was a waste of space in my bag. I bought this ball to be a good dry-lane option, what I got was a ball that never did the same thing twice. I could play three shots up the first arrow with a nice, hard hitting move back to the hole, but the fourth, with the same release, revs, location, etc, would snap out of the building before the fifth skated 55 feet. I'm not saying that this is a bad ball, it was just a bad combo of drilling and reaction for me and what I was looking for. This was so over-under it was comical. It pained me to sell this one, as it was one of the most pleasing balls to the eyes that I have had in a long time, but, nevertheless, performance problems made me get rid of that one in less than two weeks. Good ball with the right drilling, but it sucked wind for me.
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Re: Power Groove Reactive
« Reply #14 on: May 18, 2004, 12:13:24 AM »
Just started bowling about 6 weeks ago.  When I started I could get around 150 tops straight bowling, probably averaged around 130 both with house balls.  I went to the pro shop and asked for a ball I could learn to hook with.  He recomended a power groove reactive.  I got a blue pearl one and had it finger tip drilled.  It took a bit to get used to the fingertip drill and so I decided to get finger grips. Since then I have bowled a 190 for my high game and average better than 160.  However, I've found that this ball hooks way too much in dry conditions, my best score was around 150.  I confirmed with the desk jockey that the lanes had not been oiled yet.  I think overall this is a great ball, though I don't have many to compare to.