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Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The Brunswick Twist is a great option for someone looking to take a step up from a plastic/spare ball. This ball combines the proven R-16 Reactive coverstock with the Twist Low Diff core. This combination allows for easy length while maintaining a strong and controllable backend reaction when up against drier lane conditions. The Twist line of bowling balls is great for any age or skill level.

Color: Multiple Color Options (Blue/Silver as shown)
Coverstock: R-16 Reactive
Core: Twist Low Diff (12-16#), Twit Bullet (9-11#), Twist Foam (8#)
Finish: 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish
Reaction: Easy length with a strong and controllable backend
Recommended Lane Condition: Light Oil
RG: 2.591 (15# ball)
Differential: 0.018 (15# ball)
Hook Potential: Low
Length: Long



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Re: Twist
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Length: 40 ft.

Volume: LIGHT

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):



Likes:Mildest reactive I have found

Dislikes:May actually be too mild for me at factory finish

 Been looking for something to let me play closer to the dry, and handle the burned up heads we see sometimes. Finally settled on a Brunswick Twist.

 This ball, drilled 5 X 3, is really tame. I DID NOT say dead, just really mild/tame in its oil handling ability. If you have oil, you likely will not use it much.

 At 5 X 3, pin up, I get about 1-2 inches of track flare. With the mild cover, and lower flare, it does not make up for release mistakes like lots of others do. You dump it off, top it too much, or get around it early, and your probably going to get more skid and less finish than your hoping for. Happened to me virtually every time I got it off my hand badly.

1. The ball is GORGEOUS. Got the blue/silver, and it is just beautiful.
2. The ball is consistent. Hit oil, it skids. Hit dry, it rolls over and finishes.

1. This is NOT your “normal” reactive ball. Really mild. Not for the masses IMHO.
2. Kind of a “throw back” type reaction, from back when you had to use the dry to create the reaction.
3. Probably too mild for most bowlers at its factory finish. Many will need to knock the polish off to get the consistent reaction and performance they’re seeking.

 All in all, very satisfied with the ball. Wasn’t expecting, or wanting, another “over performing” entry level ball. Was looking for a TRUE dry condition ball, and believe me, this is one.

 Heck, I was even shooting tenpins with it.    #Made_every_single_one!

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Re: Twist
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It's very good with what you are doing right now.