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Total Inferno
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Octane Gription Coverstock
The Total Inferno is the second ball to take full advantage of Brunswick’s new Urethane casting machine. By fusing a new additive with new processing technology, Brunswick has created a version of Octane coverstock with more back-end grip.  

Reaction Characteristics - Absolute Inferno® on steroids
With increased grip in light oil and in the dry, Octane Gription coverstock gives the Total Inferno a length similar to other rough buffed Brunswick balls but with more response late in the mid-lane, on the back-ends and on the thickest of carrydown.  Improved grip has another advantage. The Total Inferno responds less to oil moving down the lane, minimizing reaction changes due to carrydown.  The increase in down lane hooking action delivers a ball with both high hook potential and high angularity on today’s lane conditions.

The Total Inferno uses the lowest RG core Brunswick has ever put in a bowling ball.  A fast revving, super-ultra-low-RG-core helps the Total Inferno deliver great mid-lane recovery.  Then, Octane Gription coverstock takes over and produces a stronger version of the move made famous by the Absolute Inferno;  angular but controllable, strong but continuous.  This strong down lane move delivers the highest hook potential Brunswick has achieved in a pearlized ball.  

•Out of the Box: With its Rough Buff finish, the Total Inferno will match up well on medium to oily lane conditions.
•When dulled:. Shiny surface finishes sometimes cause the ball to go too long before breaking.  To get your Total Inferno rolling sooner, dull the surface with a Scotch-brite™ grey pad, or similar abrasive, to increase hooking action.  To further increase hooking action, use a rougher abrasive to create an earlier reaction. Dulling your Total Inferno will increase its hooking action and its arc will become more even, creating a better match-up for oily lane conditions.  Dulling also helps to blend the over/under reactions seen on wet/dry lane conditions.  

To bring your Total Inferno back to its original factory finish, sand the surface to 220-grit then use Brunswick’s Factory Finish Rough Buff.

Octane Gription Reactive
Orange/Purple/Red Pearl
Hardness: 76-78
Glow Engraving
Factory Finish
Rough Buff
More Information
Core Dynamics
Symmetrical core
RG Max: 2.501”  
RG Min: 2.451”
RG Diff: 0.050”
RG Avg: 2.3 out of 10
Hook Potential 155
Length 90
Breakpoint Shape 85
Available Weights
12-16 Pounds



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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #31 on: April 04, 2007, 04:31:44 PM »
3.5" pin
4x4 drilling
16 lbs.

THS - synthetics

line: 18(at the arrows) out to 5(at the 40'mark)
revs: 350
avg: 215

OOB surface was a little too much and I wanted to be able to use it more often. I shined it up a little which allowed the ball to set up a little later down the lane.

Had it for 3 months and shot about 100 games with it.  the reaction has(as I expected) smoothed out a little but this ball is still agressive coming off of the oil.  

Got a couple of rings with it....(800 and 299).  shot some really good 700s.

Not real sensitive to small speed changes.

I believe this ball needs the revs and speed to work on a your normal medium house shot.  I know of a couple of people who have them and are all pleased with  them.  

I really haven't had any(I know I am going to regret saying this) pocket splits, solid 9 pins, solid 8 pins, or ringing 10s to speak of. (oh, you know the bowling gods are going to punish me for saying that!)

well, thats my two cents.

other equipment i have:
columbia 300 action(consistant, consistant, consistant)
hammer doom(waiting to take the place of the rule)
monster bruiser(awsome ball for the money)
track heat(still have not figured this one out)
track rule(my current boat anchor;-)

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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #32 on: April 07, 2007, 08:15:00 PM »
Ball:  Brunswick Total Inferno


Pin 5” from PAP, below ring finger
CG ¾” to right of grip center and ¾” below midline

Initial Surface Preparation:

Box finish, with two coats of Doc’s Magic Bowling Ball Elixir.


To fill the cavernous gap in the tournament bag between the Scorchin’ Inferno and the Red Zone.  More specifically, for use on heavier mediums where I need to open up the track.

Why this ball?

I’ve seen a number of bowlers use the Total with effectiveness on longer patterns where there is dry to the right, and I was impressed with its ability to recover strongly even when thrown with some head belly, as well as carry when played through the oil.  I was also amazed at how well it keeps pins low, and how many corners it kicks out just when it seemed that the ball had blown all of its energy.

I had heard that the Total was pushy through the front part of the lane, even in box finish, so I chose a pin-under layout.  I went with a 5” pin-to-PAP distance to try to keep it from flaring out too quickly.


The first time I threw the Total was in the first block of a tournament on lanes with synthetic heads and old wood in back.  The pattern was longer, but the fresh strip and oil made the dry parts of the lane more pronounced.  I was able to go at the condition with a tight swing, and the Total would recover strongly when I missed right, and hold in the oil when I got it left of target.  As the oil pushed down the lane, though, the Total started to bog a bit at the breakpoint.  However, I was able to get the reaction and the carry back by moving to the right and using a release with more forward roll.

I also used the Total at a center with AMF synthetics, on a flatter pattern with less free hook and free skid than the typical house shot.  On this condition, the Total seemed to labor a bit, and I had to be very careful with the speed.  When I made good shots, the Total did open up the back part of the lane.  However, like the Radical, the Total was very sensitive to transition, so I found myself moving my feet frequently over the course of the set.

Most recently, I used the Total at a different center with AMF synthetics, on a house pattern after a head run.  The Total was a bit skittish at the start because of how tight the front part of the lane was playing, but when the shot opened up, I could get my feet to the left and send the ball to the dry and it would recover and carry, or I could square up and fall back from inside and still get the corners out.


The Total has been advertised as an “Absolute on steroids.”  To me, though, the Total seems to me to be more like an updated version of the Ultimate Inferno, in that it seems to work best on fresher wet-dry patterns.  The Absolute has always been most effective for me on tougher patterns, while the Ultimates I’ve owned have needed help from the lane condition in order to be most effective.  However, the Total differs from the Absolute in the way it hits the pins.  Like the Radical, the Total does a better job of carrying corners on off hits than either of the Infernos with the Activator cover did.

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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #33 on: April 08, 2007, 08:01:29 PM »
Not much I can say about this ball other than it is very consistent and predictable as long as you keep your speed up when you are a high rev player.  If you get lazy with it, it WILL overreact leaving VERY ugly wide open splits.  I've had a few good games (280, 279, 269) with it and two or three 700 series.


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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #34 on: April 28, 2007, 05:18:46 PM »
i got mine shot 243 with it but it is very controllable but has a beasty backend and is drilled liek brunsnick's pin over middle cg kicked out no weight hole and i believe its a absolute on steroids


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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #35 on: June 08, 2007, 09:07:20 PM »
Brunswick Total Inferno
Weight: 15#
Pin: 2-2.5"
Top Weight: 2.5 oz

4 1/4" Pin Below the Ring Finger. CG kicked out 1.5" with Weight Hole 5" from mid-line.


First Impressions:
The Total Inferno gave me a big first impression because I was in need of something that could work in heavy oil and still have that angularity and this ball fit the bill.

General Thoughts:
The ball works great in the slick stuff and still has enough energy retention to give me an angular reaction shape on the backend. Once the heads start to burn up and carry down becomes problematic, it is time to put the Total Inferno back in the bag.

Comparison and Contrast:

Total Inferno vs. Smokin' Inferno

One being dull (Total) and one being polished (Smokin') is the key difference. The Total can handle a higher volume of oil while the Smokin' gives a clean read through the heads and gets more length. The similar characteristics these two have is the same angular reaction shape. As I said in the beginning, I was greatly impressed with how the Total handled the heavy oil and was continuous instead of losing all energy on the backend.

Final Conclusion:
If you are in need of a ball that can handle the slick stuff, look no further than the Total Inferno.
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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #36 on: February 27, 2008, 05:59:03 PM »
Bought the ball to add to my line up as well to have a more aggressive ball. I have 2 BVP Rampages, 1 OOBox,1 sanded, Storm Jolt Pearl, Power Groove and a 9-10 spare ball.

15.3lb drilled for my stroker style. Rt. Hander. I typically bowl House/sport shots, wood and synthetic lanes.  Avg 185, High game 278, 684 Series best. Roll 8-20gms a week Dec-Apr. Very little tourney experience.

I have been very impressed w how easy adjustments can be made. Strong pin carry, very low on splits. I typically roll down the trough 5th-10th board but thsi is the first ball I could get over to the 25th roll over to the 10th and come back to pocket and not leave the 7 or 10. Can't do that w either of my Rampages or the Jolt. I clean my balls after each time I bowl to keep oil build up to a minimum and it helps w consistentcy and I can typically find my spots within 4-6 frames. This ball likes Med oil but I was able to get it to read well even with broken down conditions w speed adjustments. Wasn't hard to figure it out as other balls have been and found it to be forgiving and get into pocket even if I missed by a board. I will or would buy another one.

Recently rolled my personal best 278 w this ball even though others went to less aggressive balls I stayed w this one and its read was good enough to drink free for the evening and win $$



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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #37 on: April 11, 2008, 03:20:13 AM »
I honestly don't know what to make of this ball just yet. I'm still working on it, but from what I've seen so far with it, I like what I see. I wouldn't recommend this ball to just anyone, though.

I'm a cranker, lots of revs, lots of speed, but I am the most versatile player I know, and I can stroke it up the boards as well. High track, within 1/8th inch of the thumb/fingerholes.

What I wanted with this ball:
Strong midlane read; aggressive move/face-up to the pocket; strong, continuous backend motion all the way through the pins.

How I laid this ball out to achieve this:
Pin under ring finger, CG kicked out 1.5-2", with a small weight hole to bring the ball back to legal, right on axis.

What I got:
Exactly what I bargained for, with one condition: Throw it hard, and put some juice on it. There is definitely a reason Sean Rash has seen success with this ball. It works when you throw a powerful, powerful shot. Great carry, great reaction, great hit, absolutely amazing. However, when I softened up, and made a move, I got an over/under reaction worse than I think I've ever seen, as well as solid 10s, 7s, and even a couple 7-10s flush in the pocket. The ball simply burned itself up in some instances...

Keep it in the oil, and be prepared to put something on it; grip it & rip it.
Once carrydown starts comin' around, it'd be wise to go to a different ball (Radical Inferno, maybe?)...this ball cuts through carrydown like a spoon through solid concrete. Don't be afraid to grab this ball at the bottom, but only if you have the speed to compensate.

Finally, DON'T TURN IT!!! I turned to ball twice, experimentally, to about a 70 degree axis turn, and both times resulted in nasty leaves (surprise washout and pocket 7-10).

Great ball for the powerplayer or someone who really needs a heavy oil ball. Not only huge volumes of oil, but long oil. Stay deep inside with this ball and keep it in the oil as long as possible, and it will probably serve you well. If you are a powerplayer (that means speed and revs, not just one or the other) you will probably be satisfied with this ball, though there are better ones out there. Buy it if you can find one cheap, don't pay a lotta money for one, because in all honesty, it's not really worth a whole lot of money (I paid 90 for mine, brand new.)

I will update after I get to throw on a couple different patterns and get a bit of a track burnt into the ball...
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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #38 on: October 10, 2008, 08:48:59 AM »
Pin 4" from axis above fingers, flare increasing X hole. 2000 abralon.

This ball is the HEAT!  Provided you have enought head oil to keep it from burning up, you can bring it back from no mans land.  The ball works very well on house conditions and longer sport conditions where you need recovery.

Don't be deceived by the naysayers ... if the ball is going in flat, then usually that means there is not enough oil in the heads.
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Re: Total Inferno
« Reply #39 on: October 14, 2010, 10:27:31 PM »
Great ball from brunswick! The perfect house shot ball IMO. Managed to find a new one and got it drilled, took it out for the first time on my Tuesday night league. Shot 222 right out of the gate! This ball is very smooth, stores all of its energy till the backend then makes a strong but controllable and smooth arc into the pocket. Would definitely recommend getting one. Thanks for reading. Pic of layout below.
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