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Zone Classic
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Zone Classic features an inner core shape which is new, but familiar. Start with the classic Danger Zone shape, then stretch it laterally to create asymmetry. Keep stretching until you create a highly significant built in Preferential Spin Axis (PSA). Add the PSA locator pin and you have the new Zone Classic core, an Ultra Low RG design combining the proven image of Zone with Brunswick’s patented PSA core technology.

Next add Activator Coverstock, the same coverstock used on the original Inferno, clean through the fronts, great mid-lane recovery, hard arcing backend, unprecedented durability. Factory finished with High Gloss Polish, the purple pearlized coverstock complements the Ultra Low RG Core to deliver an aggressive but forgiving ball reaction that matches up on medium-dry to medium-oily lane conditions.

Reaction Characteristics
Out of the Box: With its high-gloss finish, the Zone Classic will match up well on medium-dry to medium-oily lane conditions.

When dulled: The Zone Classic’s hooking action will increase and its arc will become more even which creates a better match-up for oily lane conditions and helps to smooth over/under reactions seen on wet/dry lane conditions.

Activator Reactive
Color: Purple Pearl
Hardness: 76-78
Glow Engraving
Factory Finish
High Gloss Polish
More Information

Core Dynamics
RG Max: 2.522
RG Int: 2.505
RG Min: 2.474
RG Diff: 0.048
RG Asy: 0.017
RG Avg: 2.9
Approx. Spin  
Time = 8.6 sec
Hook Potential 115
Length 110
Breakpoint Shape 85
Available Weights
12-16 Pounds



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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2004, 09:50:11 AM »
WOW! Never seen a ball carry the ten pin as much as this one

15lb Drilled 3 " pin, 4 5/8 span with pin under ring finger and cg kicked toward 5:00, the MB was not in line so it is under the thumb.
Top weight 3.2oz, small weight hole just below the midline on my axis line.

I consider myself medium rev, medium-a little moe than medium speed, 3/4 roller, playing on medium to heavy oil, 38ft 7 to 7 and 4 units on the outside.

Releasing it at 15 across 10 out to 5, hitting 5 at about 35-37ft, watching the ball go even longer to about 42-43ft and making a hard ARCING turn to the pocket.  I did not move my feet all night long.  The ball made it around the carry down with out a problem.

Not once did this ball jump off the outside.  It always made a hard arc and hit like a truck.  I did not leave a 10 pin until the 8th frame of the last game
279, 235(with 2 opens), 259 with 10 pin in the 8th & 10th.
Really good ball for wet/dry conditions! Also, our center (Port Jeff Bowl) had just gone synthetic in July, so they needed some scores.  They have been struggling with the oil pattern, but only I seemed to hit it last night.


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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #2 on: August 17, 2004, 12:31:20 AM »
Drilled - 5.5x3x3 (PINxCGxMB)
Pin above bridge, Cg kicked out, Xhole on Axis.
Coverstock - Box condition

Dont know why but I alwayz hate the reaction of the Activator coverstock out-of-the-box. At first this ball either stood up at the slightest hint of dry (usually early), or just plain didnt hook at all. It also likes the hook/stop reaction, so the more I got around it, the better it looked. The hit was ok, I'd rip the rack one shot, weak flat 10 on another VERY SIMILAR shot.

But I remembered, I had felt the same about the Pearl Inferno so I kept the Classic Zone until the coverstock brokedown. I am so glad I did. The coverstock is slightly dulled from simple lane wear. This calmed the over-reaction and helped it read the slicker parts of the lane. The reaction is still hook/stop, but its much more readable, more consistant, and the carry has increased 150%! No more random flat 10's.

The conditions have to be medium/heavy oil for this ball to be at its best. It handles carrydown fairly well cause it revs so hard midlane and the coverstock isnt as shiny as before. I hope this ball lasts as long as the Infernos do, its a great piece of equipment. Next time I drill a ball with the Activator coverstock, Im heading straight for the ball spinner!


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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2004, 12:22:32 AM »
Personal Specs 400 rev 17mph 45Degree Turn

Bowled 3 games with ZoneClassic and shot 659.  Has good length and arcs more then snaps, which is what i was looking for.  Was playing over 3rd arrow out to first arrow, and no problem hooking back into the pocket with pently of energy left.  Overall pretty happy, will repost after more games have been bowled.


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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2004, 05:13:46 PM »
Having not bowled for many years I recently got back into it and will be joining league this fall.  While on vacation in Las Vegas, I went to a couple casino lanes that were very different than what I was used to.  Definitely more oily conditions and I found that the ball I was using just slid down the alley, didn't break, and for sure didn't carry things the way I become accustomed.  I visited the pro shop and was turned onto the Zone Classic. It had been a giveaway at a pro-am and they were selling the 'leftovers' at a very reasonable $139 (including drilling).  Once the drilling and finishing was done, I took it back to the same lanes that my other ball wouldn't do squat on and OH MY GOD what a difference!!  Great break at the back end and VERY forgiving on light or heavy pocket hits.  Carries the 10 pin nicely.  For someone who is looking to upgrade their game without spending over $200, this is the ball you want.


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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #5 on: September 04, 2004, 01:34:06 AM »
I drilled this baby up with the pin over my ring finger (5 x 2, PSA is less than 1/2 inch to the right of my thumb). I wanted something to use when the lane started to open up. I went out and gave this a try at one of the places that I am bowling league this season. The desk guy informaed me that they had just put down the fresh since a mixed league was starting in the low end of the house tonight. I threw it side by side with a few others preferrably my Raging Inferno and my Nemesis. My Raging was it's usual hooking self, the Nemesis has a smooth even arcing reaction, but the Zone amazed me. I ended up 5-8 boards furthur left and was forcing the ball thru the front to the right to get it down the lane. I tried my Raging on this same line and it turned up and labored to get the corners out, but the Zone was blowing racks to kingdom come. I will give up some more opinions after I have a chance ot get on some real slick. The place where I was at made all 5 of my bowling balls look great, so I knew they couldn't be too tough.
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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #6 on: September 28, 2004, 02:17:43 AM »
i drilled this ball for medium oil and man do i love it . rolled 2nd 300 game the other night in league with it.
here's how its drill . the pin is just above my ring finger . the cg is in my hand and the bomb is down and right from my thumb    gets through the midlane great and when it hits the backend the zone comes out and it hooks a strong arc .another good brunswick of course witch one isn't
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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #7 on: October 29, 2004, 02:00:07 PM »
Pin above the ring finger, cg slightly kicked, mass bias about 2 in. right of thumb.  
This ball is awesome.  I got it to replace my inferno and after talking to Rick Benoit we figured because i love the activator cover so much it should do the trick.  Well it does.  It is a different type of roll, but i love it.  It seems to be very responsive to different axis tilt.  I love the fact that it rolls out just in time to blow the rack.  Haven't tweaked the cover or anything yet but I might give it a shine cause it's a pretty strong ball.

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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #8 on: November 28, 2004, 01:48:06 PM »
This is my first review, so bare with me.

I have had this ball for a week now, and have thrown it in 3 different houses.  All 3 nights should've been a 700 series, but as always, operator error.

Right handed bowler, ave revs, tweener with a good mix of power and hand.  The ball was left in box condition, is drilled 4.1/2" x 3.1/2", pap is 4.1/2" right and 1/4" up I believe.  Had the ball measured and drilled by Scott Smith at Fox Valley Bowling Superstore in Batavia, IL.
I throw several different lines, so I try to find the best one, during practice, that will allow for the most mistakes.
The 2 most common lines are; 1: stand about 20, release about 12 or 13, break point around 8 or 9;  2: stand about 25, release  about 18, break point around 8.

First house: THS dry on the outside, oil in the middle, wood lanes.
First set; 223, 202, 244 for a 669 series.

Second house:  Also THS, except the lanes are squirelly, also oil in the middle, and dry outside.  Wood lanes.
Second set; 267, 225, 203 for a 695 series.

Third house: Also not much different than a THS, except known for some carry down.  Wood lanes.
Third set; 233, 194, 231 for a 658 series.

I have been doing very well for the last 2.1/2 weeks, so I am not saying that the ball jumped my average by 100 pins or something, but it has helped me improve my game.

This ball did what I was told it was drilled for, strong arc, not skid flip.  It has good length, is very controllable, recovers well from mistakes; covers from the outside, and holds on the inside.  I am very excited that I have this ball in my arsenal now, it is my first Brunswick ball, but will not be my last.  I got the Classic to back up my Storm X-Factor which I have grown to love, but it is flippy compared to the Classic.  

I give this ball an A++ grade, and I can't wait to pick up my next Brunswick ball which will be the Ultimate for heavy oil, since I am lacking in that category.  I would recommend this ball to anyone, as long as it fits into your arsenal.  Great ball.

Thanks Brunswick!
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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #9 on: December 09, 2004, 02:34:57 PM »
Well i've had my classic for less than month and i got it used but the ball has been great for me. first set i used it for was 711(235-213-263). the pin is right and under ring with the cg straight down of it with the psa pin directly under my thumb. threw at first was just stumped how it was working but the changed my hand release threw it straight up the boards game was 227 so through the first 4 games avg over 230. i can play straight up or inside with it and score lovin it.


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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2004, 08:26:28 AM »
Drill Pattern: Pin - 5" (below fingers)
               MB  - 45 degrees

The Zone Classic is very clean in the first part of the lane.  The midlane reaction is strong for a pearlized ball, and can handle most league conditions very well.  This actaully rolls very similar to a Intense Inferno that we tested with this exact pattern on it.  The only difference was that the Zone was a little smoother off the breakpoint.  This ball will work best for players with higher rev rates or slower ball speeds.

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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #11 on: January 23, 2005, 11:35:14 AM »
WOW! My New Benchmark Ball!
Lane Conditions: Medium Oil
Typical Conditions: Variety of Shots
Type of Lane: Combination
What part of the lane did you play? Third Arrow
Did the ball track out? Normal
Weight of bowling ball: 15
Surface of bowling ball: Polished
Likes: Very Readable, and Versitaile.So much backend that it makes me sick
Dislikes: Too snappy on dry, but thats why its a medium benchmark ball

I got this ball because I was looking for a benchmark ball;something to be the first ball out of my bag, and it would read how the lanes were, and to dictate to me the ball I should choose. I went the Awesome Kegel Training Center out in Lake Wales,Fl, and I was discussing my equipment, and I had my Super Charge-Heavy, Razor Wire-Benchmark/Medium,Stinger 2-Piece Low-Flare Pearl-Light, Spare Ball and a Big Hit-Dry. I was interested in my Razor Wire because it was supposed to be a Medium Oil ball, but it skidded way too much, and the instuctor Stephen Padilla agreed(he had one) so we took out some catalog books and I happen to see a Zone Classic on the bowling rack as we were looking. So he said that Zone Classic would be like an Original Inferno, with a Danger Zone core.. SO i was like nice..He asked me if I wanted it, and I said YEA! So I took it home, and drilled it all up( BYMYSELF! I WAS SOO PROUD OF MYSELF!) Its very good at Reading lanes, and has great backend. Its sure to be another keeper.
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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #12 on: January 26, 2005, 11:59:51 PM »
Finally able to get a review on this ball as well:

15 1/2 pounds (plugged once)
3" pin
Top ??

Drilling 5 x 4 I believe (need to double check that one)
Surface- Track Magic Shine

Wasnt too keen on this ball at first, thumb didnt feel right. After a little bevel and tape, good to go. Ball is very clean through the front with a ton of backend. Triec the surface at 600 to get it to pick up earlier but seemed to hit fairly weak. After the shine placed on it (along with a weight hole to get rid of some side weight) ball is money.

House one:

Thursday Classic league, dont use it here unless the backends are flying. If my Depth charge is hooking too early then I will go to this ball and it will get through the burn spots easier and move hard on the back. Sparingly used here, but carry has been great with it so far. More condition specific in this case.

House two:

Friday mixed league, use it a little more here when playing outside, ball gets through the heads much better and still has the pop on the backend that is desired. If there is a hint of carrydown though, time to put it away though or else the ball goes too long before turning and its washout/bucket city.


Great for when they are fresh and/or a lot of backend, ball makes a big turn on the back and hit is massive, one of the nardest hitting balls I have ever thrown. But when carrydown sets in or on a longer pattern, ball goes too far. With the shine taken off, ball hooks earlier but hit is slightly reduced. Like it a lot, will be using it in upcoming tournaments for when they are fresh or for when the track drys up (even on the leftside). Great ball from Brunswick, still looking to get an Impulse Zone.

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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #13 on: February 14, 2005, 02:43:12 AM »
Wow i love this ball. i had an old urethane ball (old as heck) and i got this ball off ebay because i liked the good length and strong back-end it presented. All i can say is wow. I am consistently bowling 200 games now when before iw as averaging a measly 145. my average with this zone si around a 185 now and keeps improving. Even on lanes that have a lot of hook, this ball can be adjusted to whatever the condition is. I was gonna look for a heavy oil ball, but this does just as well on dry or oil!


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Re: Zone Classic
« Reply #14 on: February 28, 2005, 12:12:40 PM »
My friend (columbia4life aka t4l) is a proud owner of this ball and lets me use it sometimes, i love it and can throw a great line with it even with a ball that does not fit too well, my freind has bowled consistantly good with it so i plan to get it some time in the future and hopefully can post about my first hand experiences
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