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Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Plastic slips. The Groove grips. And grip is exactly what you need to improve your game. When you’re ready to step up from plastic, get in the Groove.

Want more hook? Move all the way up to Proactive coverstock technology. Compared to Reactive, Proactive coverstock technology increases hooking action in the oil by adding texturizing particles that create a tread-like surface that tractions through heavier amounts of oil, increasing friction and hooking action. Like Reactive coverstocks, Proactive coverstocks can be sanded or shined to create large differences in hook potential. Proactive coverstocks also respond less violently to dry lane surfaces than Reactive coverstocks, creating a smoother, more arcing ball reaction with more control.

Coverstock: The Plum Pearl features Brunswick’s popular Low-Load Proactive coverstock. First used on the Navy Quantum, this Proactive coverstock is the strongest ever used on a Groove class ball.

Core: The Plum Pearl uses Brunswick’s DISC (Differential Increasing Side Cylinders) core technology which provides:

The largest track flare potential of any ball in its class.

Consistent track flare potentials at all weights from 12-16 pounds.

Larger, more consistent pin-out distances at all weights from 12-16 pounds.

A more driller friendly design. The precise geometric placement of high density side cylinders maximizes the increase in Track Flare Potential while maintaining symmetry for easy drilling.



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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2003, 10:09:56 PM »
This is one of the best moves Brunswick has made. Putting a particle pearl in their Power Groove line. I had a power groove reactive and it hooked off the lane,
I had it drilled label. I got the Plum about a year later and it is a ton more
controllable. I drilled it the same way and it has an even roll which is nice
compared to the roll of the reactive. I used this ball on the Cream of the Crop
shot and shot two 300s. This ball is not a ball just for beginners. Great addition
to any arsenal.

-Shawn Ryan-


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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2004, 05:06:25 PM »
One review of this ball is terrible I cant belive no one else has got one of these! They are an absolute must have for all big B fans, and defiantly if u have some hand. This is the perfect ball to go to when your raging inferno's and warp zone's have started to jump early. This ball has great lenght and incredible back end, way more than brunswick claim it to have.
 Bottom line as u Americans would say it the most bang for ur buck u will ever get!


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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2004, 06:35:55 PM »
I don't write reviews often because i don't have time, and honestly most of the time a ball doesn't sit around very long.

But this ball is unique. A particle pearl with a low load particle. The particle smooths your reaction but the fact it's a light load means you still get some pop in the backends.

Ball hits very well. And for this ball to be lacking in most people's bag's is a shame. Real value here, folks! could possibley place this cover on a Smash/R core and get a really nice ball! Brunswick has combined the Quantum cores and re used some of the only very successful cores. Great sleeper for sure.

good buy for med oil lanes, and fresh house shots. and handles even some light carrydown. but the ball does turn. it doesn't over skid.
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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #4 on: April 25, 2004, 09:54:56 PM »
This is a 14# ball with the pin next to ring finger and the cg stacked beneath it. There is a small weight hole near PAP to keep the statics legal. I was really looking forward to this ball. I've tried the reactive power grooves and really liked them. They were a little abrupt off of the dry for me and I hoped the particle cover would smooth out the reaction a bit. I was disapointed. This ball is too long if there is head oil with clean backends. It really over unders on that condition. If the head oil is lacking, the ball grabs early and I can't keep the ball right. I could use this ball on lanes with head oil and weak backends, but the backends I face are usually squeaky clean. If you have head oil dry boards outside and clean backends and are looking for skid snap, this ball could work for you. That's too many ifs for me.
I think the powerkoil 17 on the reactive Power grooves matches up with this core much better than this pearl particle cover. Maybe for a different bowler this ball would rock, but it doesn't for me.

Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?


Why does everyone laugh when I bowl?



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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2004, 04:43:07 PM »
Got a Proactive Plum in March 2004, drilled for medium oil conditions. At that time I used to play at about 17,5 mph with low rev, right-handed. In the meantime I sold the ball, because I was disappointed with its overall performance - especially for the money I paid.

I am very ambiguous about this ball, it used to be my first fingertip ball. It seems very oil-sensitive to me, especially on longer patterns and broken-down lane conditions. I am regularly playing on synthetic lanes, one with a high-standard competition pattern and the other with "doctored" oil patterns for high scores. On both the Proactive Plum is a bit unpredictable, as it either hooks only slightly (though in an even arc) or wanders over half the lane, hitting the Brooklyn pocket. Well, the ball's impact in the pins is very good, though, so it makes up for this inaccuracy. But it is not satisfying and not a ball reaction I'd call "predictable" and "assuring".

I suppose that Brunswick's low load particle shell does not match up well with the high RG layout of the Power Groove series, at least with the polished Plum Pearl. It is almost impossible for me to create an angular hook with it. It slides in oil, missing its breakpoint and building no considerable grip. The Proactive Plum needs LOTS of revs to hook on oil at all, it is not a stroker ball. On a fresh 40' pattern it is almost like playing a simple polyester ball!

Now, would I recommend this ball? No.

I can, after long trials, only give it 4 or 5 out of 10, at best. To me it seems as if "Big B" searched through the darker parts of their labs and found some leftover ball components, put them together and sold them.
Originally, the coverstock (DTX-1) comes from the Navy Quantum - a ball with a medium RG and the Quantum mushroom core, suited for medium to dry conditions. I guess that this ball was pretty good for the job.
But instead of the Power Groove design, this coverstock should have better ended up with a Monster doorknob core, or even the modified mushroom core featured in the Bruiser/SlayR. I think that this would have made a MUCH better performing ball, and a valuable addition to the Monster line which ever missed a mild particle pearl ball. Why not, WHY?

I can not figure out who could seriously need this ball? Well, it is relatively cheap (or: "reasonably priced"), but VERY limited in its versatility. For a GOOD particle ball, invest a little more money into a low RG core ball with an influential core for stronger midlane roll. If you are looking for a good Brunswick rookie ball, take a Groove Reactive. It is cheaper and creates, on similar lane conditions, more hook for the money. The particle in the Plum Pearl is no benefit. If you are playing on medium oil or more, take the sanded Proactive Black Sparkle, but even then I think that a low RG ball would be a better choice.
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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2005, 08:47:28 PM »
I bought this 16lb Power Groove from Louie on this site. Great transaction.

This ball was total experiment. I have been bowling really bad on new ProAnvil lanes that I would describe as light or at most medium oil. I can't seem to get deep with strong ball and the outsides are just really jumpy. I was looking for a ball that rolled like a urethane ball did in the 80's.

The pin was really long on this ball 5 1/2". I ended up with the pin above the middle finger about 2" from track. Probably about 7" from PAP. cg near center. One might think that this ball won't hook but it does. Medium length and nice even smooth hook. I was fortunate enough to shoot 298/770 with this ball. I really like to get another one with a more aggressive drill and tweak the surface. I like how predictable it rolls. Good control ball.

Brandon Riley

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Re: Power Groove Proactive (Plum)
« Reply #7 on: July 13, 2005, 03:00:01 PM »
Picked this ball up closeout for $30 CAN.  Excellent deal! The ball is VERY READABLE with medium length and enormous recovery.  The backend reaction is very smooth and rolling, with tremendous hit!!
This is one of the best balls I have ever thrown and definitely the best proactive i've got my hands on.  Its just a shame that I can't find any more of them...anybody who finds one lying around in their pro shop should definitely drill one up.

Here is a picture of the ball as I am not too familiar with the drilling.
Brandon Riley
Brunswick Regional Staff