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Author Topic: Maxxx Zone...first impressions  (Read 698 times)


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Maxxx Zone...first impressions
« on: January 26, 2009, 12:05:57 AM »
Got a chance to throw it for the first time last night. Went open bowling just to get a better feel of this ball and was very happy. The shot was a freshly oiled league shot. I average 200 in this house, and I didn't miss a beat with the Maxxx zone. I couldn't play up the boards with this ball like I normally would,but this was not neccessarily a bad thing. I had to move left and swing the ball a little more,something that has been missing from my game for a while now. Went 218-236-219 for 673. Ball hits very well and is extreeeemely smooth. Very happy thus far. Will update with more info when it occurs!