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Author Topic: these are my options...oi/punisher.. nemesis/classic ..impulse/nemesis...impulse/punisher  (Read 604 times)


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like i said these are gonna be my options until march that i am gonna buy 2 more
so....original inferno and the punisher or nemesis and the zone classic or zone impulse and the nemesis or the impulse and the punisher
now i want one ball just a little agressive but just a little and another more versatile ...more to go long.
i am the guy who throws 498 rpm in 18 mph speed...but i dont have a clean release my release is what coaches call "lift and turn" like mark i am working on relaxing my wrist a little more so that my ball could go long
so wich balls do u recomend me...with which layouts and finishes????
thans a lot