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arsenal help
« on: July 10, 2008, 07:33:27 AM »
I just found out that the spans on my balls are too long. Now I've only gotten them fixed on 3, and instead of fixing my older equipment I thought I would get something new.

Right now I have: (all 15lbs)
Scorchin inferno drilled label, 3 3/8" to pap, surface at 2000g
Radical inferno drilled pin under ring 4" to pap. surface at 4000g
Turbo urethane spare ball

Twisted Fury Solid?
Twisted Fury
Fury Pearl TE? <---leaning toward this, only $100 shipped.
Ultra Zone?
Avalanche Pearl?
Power Groove? <---leaning toward this, only $50 shipped

What should I go with? So much to pick from.