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Title: Can it be imagined?!
Post by: LuckyLefty on July 16, 2003, 07:27:35 PM
I just recently pulled out the sexy slashing Demolition Zone.

Let a friend who has been struggling on our wet patterns with wetter backends throw it and compare to his Track equipment!

Looked like he grew a hand and about 4 more revs!  He couldn't believe the revving and backend!

Luckylefty here who has used the Revolution Rebel ECX weaker cover same core version of Time Zone and tore many a synthetic house up with it, hear's about time zone and Stronger Cover.

Now another soft handed lefty in our house who used to have a Demolition Zone couldn't really hook it much gets a Time Zone!  NOw he's got a hand!

Acoording to the driller who used to say the Demolition Zone was the best ball for medium ever for him, (and also the easiest to drill right!), the Time Zone is even bigger in the back!  (I knew that core was bad).

Now Luckylefty walks in pro shop and I go hey a leftover Demolition Zone!
Pro says oh no that is the Time Zone(looks the same except for Rebel Elliptical pin).

Could I handle all that action, can I Imagine all that backend!  Can you imagine all that backend.  If you never had a Demo or a Rebel ECX you missed something.  Is the combination too big?  Hmmm?


PS I've just purchased back my Rebel!  (It worked everywhere in my home area except my synthetic heads/wood backend  house)!

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Title: Re: Can it be imagined?!
Post by: LuckyLefty on July 21, 2003, 08:34:34 AM
I saw it and it's drilling sheet.

The drilling sheet looks different.

When I got the REBEL they stated a core orientation of 2:30 for a righty was their strongest for oil.

Now they are displaying basically the classic 3 3/8 stacked with a weighthole as the strongest???

The ones drilled in my house are in general being set up that way.

The ball is now more even than my REBEL and then that classic POWERKOIL18 solid, punch and drive at the back!  This baby bites at the breakpoint,

IT looks good!!


PPS Rebel drilled classic label leverage which at the time of Rebel was suppossed to be strongest.