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Classic Zone - Initial Impression
« on: July 06, 2004, 02:11:38 AM »
I like it! I've been waiting a long time for an Original Inferno with an assymetric core. This one is a good combination. Out of box 15-3, 3.3Top, 5" pin. CG to PSA distance was only around 2", so this one was laid out with the pin over the bridge (3/4" above), and the PSA about 1/2" right of the thumbhole. Weight hole about 2" below PAP to bring it back to +1/2. This one plays longer and sharper than my original Inferno. More energy left when I push it right a bit too far and it comes back. On shots where my original would run out of steam due to its tendency to use energy early, this one pushed down farther and comes back with more entry angle. Definitely a different look than either the Inferno or the other Zones. Looks like a winner to me! For comparison purposes in my Arsenal, it fits between my Original Infernos's and the Fire Quantum. I threw around 8 games with the ball, and the ball was playable the entire time with only a 1 board move to the right the last game to combat some carrydown caused by a couple of games I threw outside this balls line with some milder equipment.
The pin is dark. I have the pin marked with a small piece of white tape. The PSA locator on this ball is bright white - that is not a piece of tape.

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