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Author Topic: Drilling the Original Inferno  (Read 577 times)


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Drilling the Original Inferno
« on: February 25, 2006, 04:58:28 AM »

I have just picked up a new Original Inferno and am wondering about how to drill it.

I am a low track bowler with slower speed and low revs.  My present equipment is mostly drilled with the pin about 3 3/8" from the pap and to the right and below the ring finger.  My biggest hooking ball has the pin below and to the right of the ring finger and about 2" from the pap.  As near as I can tell, all have the cg near the center of the grip.

Since most of the lanes I bowl on have a fairly good amount of oil, I was thinking of using the 1-E drilling from the Brunswick chart.  However, I am wondering what kind of reaction I would have it the pin was nearer to the pap?

Any help would really be appreciated.